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What is a Native American loan? | Oklahoma written on residential

If itís an abandoned surrenders possession of or is Victor from non-residential property and leave goods her fork furnishings your fixtures or anything else it might be personal property on the premises of the non-residential property then the landlord may take possession of the personal property within 10 days after the tenant leaves said personal property or serve notice of 15 days after what is a Native American loan? Notices mailed whichever is latest and of the personal property has no ascertainable or parent value to the mouth landlord may dispose of the personal property in Reesville commercial manner and excess case the landlord has the option of applying with the provisions of subsection B of the section.

So what this means is is that if a tenant is staying in your house and you donít really know what to do because they have left a whole bunch of crap there than what you need to do is you have to wait either 15 days after mail you a what is a Native American loan? Notice to tell them to get the stuff out or wait 10 days were getting the stuff out before you can either probably dispose of it or keep it for yourself or seller to do whatever you want to or because then becomes the landlords property which makes it really easy.

I talked today about the real estate math problems in the first one is going to talk about is the value of the property if the value of property is $91,000 today. The original cost of the property after has lots 35% is you the last seven years is set we have a good so we’re trying to find out $91,000 is 35% of what it. Alas 5% per year with the first thing I do is I tried multiplying nitrites subtracting 100-35 because that is going to bring us to what the current value of the property is in of the current value of the property is 65% of the original cost than what I want to do. I’m going to go ahead and reverse
engineer the soccer to start times is no that is not correct now and 89 time six sent is not correct either a right.

so if 91,000 and check my back is are going on. The students order to verify them doing this right and it is it is correct to see what you do is you take hundred percent of the process place value so by dividing it by 6590 1001 65 know 91,005 065% equals hundred 40,000 Celeste right was the price per foot for a 100 foot lot by 825 lot if it sold for hundred $25,000 so the price per foot so we want to do is will and multiply hundred feet times 125 feet to get the area of it and then we divide that 25,000, but it by the area which was 12,500 equals $10 per foot say. And if I’m correct means is going to be nope. I got the palm so the price per foot the

At the end of the day there’s only one thing that can help you with the things that you wanted to gets when you’re trying to find and try to answer the question what is a Native American loan? The only you need answers going to be right here. Steve does we can help you, but anybody else can pick up the phone, encoded or go to to learn more or you can go to: or coldest TLC phone number: 918-254-5626.

what is a Native American loan? | Correcting the issue

Don’t go anywhere else if you’re looking for what is a Native American loan? Because we can help you camp. You’re right 125◊100 that can the correct it doesn’t ask with the front foot is her front foot steps contribute to help her front foot is what I’m going to do then is going to take the price of what was a price per front foot so the front foot is hundred feet so all we do is hundred 25,000 x 100 goes because it is talking about the front foot not the entire area parents moving on to the next question. If the bank makes 90% loan on a house valued at $88,500 how much additional cash is required than payment the buyers are paid $4500 in earnest money so what I need to do is need for one. How much you find

out how much $4500 is two $88,500 so what do is going to traditional cash is required. That means that 88,500 for the that is 5%) so if he has 5% already. Then, what you need to do is what is Native American loan? Figure out that doesn’t make any sense what the doctor well. If a bank makes 90% loan on a house out of this much here to try and find out how much additional cash required for if we arty paid $4500. I think what I have to do is I have to get how much you have this number is of

this and then because Roma covering 90%, what you and I that might be true. Yeah okay and then so notes are under the .09 is 90% yes no .09 network you just do as our % actors do that so times 90% 75,600 that so much alone, what is a Native American loan? Is being covered so that like the number-option. I don’t understand 80% is pretty good to go because we have to make and 80 in order to move forward and sell like you will will what how I do as I make affiliations my head like this is just like this or this is yeah yeah just like the market analysis thing I can done that before. That’s just like when I did here consider doing that is now doing this and so it is can connected to a memory. I guess like here’s an example. Have you heard Mike at the in testicle thing and because her dad I what I did was a big and happy to help you out

look okay intestate and test all without testicle you can have an air and without an end. If you intestate you can have a will and I tell you that is to you to return to you what I am doing wrong here so you can send yes yes don’t waste anymore time when I look over that I do you will and I think it’ll be a combination of everything because if you just do one your see the same questions over and over and and were never the answer but if you just remember the answer, then you’re not.

really understanding what you yeah right as you exactly you. You will so much will yeah I was the out if you want to study men I can help you study you focus you really lost the back of and get back on track you like that, what the of a sense of the word seeing I understand things better when I teach it. You will note that the in the sign you want to know if I can understand we can get started and I can explain with else understands another wagon don’t percent is thought. But then again that goes back to acquire have memories and attach this to so that’s why I’m able to figure this out because BID if you want to consider it. That was up with the steel see phone number get started with on to to becoming a cold and letting us help you out. You can also cause at 918-254-5626 to learn more.