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What is a Native American loan? | Make sure to write

If you want your lender in your broker to be on the same page, what you need to do is calls up broker share house of the listing broker sales associate receive so we’ve got the first number is going to be the entire number so we have the sale price of the home and take that and were multiplied by the total commission something to do 6% to bring us little over 19,000 $19,444 be exact. When you’re trying to find out what is a Native American love than what you need to do is call today and let us work out the problems for you.

That is total commission now then divide that by two because us with an equally and so were looking for the listing brokers number and if what they are doing for what I understand they’re doing this one take this you want to find percent of this so going to do times 30% which is $2916 -1 going to go with the dear I have the best solutions and you’re going to love everything that TLC can do because if you’re wanting to get what is a Native American loan? You need to come on by.

Don’t be skipped pick up the phone calls up when you’re trying to find out what is Native American loan? And you don’t want to worry about being skipped a number somewhere be a nine is a gift shop pays rent $600 per month +2.5% of gross annual sales in excess of $80,000 so the shop is paying $600 was any money a percentage of any money over $2000 over the Abilene country went average monthly rent last year. Everything that we do here TLC is going be the very best you need to pick up the phone a call us.

If the sales were over $75,000, so, so were doing $600 times 12 know yes $600 times 12 brings us to Sony $200 in undeserved space at their and then were going to do is winter time to find that my subtract those two numbers. There were gonna do 2.5% times $25,000 equals six or 25 so that is going to bring us to $7825. There were gonna divide the you can be blown away with everything we can do and what were going to be able to find you is the best solutions possible. You can be very happy one is also done

When you’re trying to find out what a Native American loan? Is an unique also today number by 12 to get $652.08. So that is going to be D went to check the street answers the answer saying to see I’m getting anywhere near it. The be a dude I am right on the money here. I’m starting to get this. I’m starting to understand this commission. I got this you talk about percentages you talk about the listing broker sales numbers the number that you need to call is going to be 918-254-5626 or you can go online to stevecurrington.com to get started.

What is a Native American loan? | The end of the day.

Don’t waste a more time for calling us today that I make when it’s our time am I I got to see I’m going to be able to get this so move on here. We’re trying to find the number and a lot with a frontage of 75’6″ in depth of the hundred and 40’9″ got so I got it to 75.5 75.5 times wait 40.75 10,626 are going to go ahead and what is a Native American loan? Is an answer we can answer in your gonna love everything we can do.

If you want to make sure that you’re getting the best say. When you’re trying to find out what is a Native American loan? say it’s a if a large apartment houses being valued using the income approach was being valued at the money. The income approach is when you take the amount of money that it brings in each month because it’s commercial property and you value of the house based on that times a year. TLC is going to be able to answer these questions for you. You know. Got worry about the things that come with the to pick up the phone and call sub.

Each unit rents for a little under $800 month and that amount is consistent with the rental units in the area around it. For the past five years yearly expenses of the property have averaged little over $80,000 and the building has maintained a consistent vacancy rate of 5% of potential investors only interested if the Rate is at least get started today with TLC letting it were gonna be happy to help you out and get you going in the right direction so don’t waste another minute for calling us today.

There so many percentages that are out there and you make sure that you’re getting the best percentage 9.5%, what is the properties likely value using these variables. Okay so we have first number we have to figure out is how much is bringing in each year so that the average of 5% and so we need to do 28◊77775 to 128◊5 and that is going to be. That is a month to and then were and multiply that by 12 that comes to itself that is a much and then the past five years, but that were not done. It is that we need a multiply by 95% to bring the price down to 247 380. You need a call TLC wanting to get the what is a Native American loan? Answered.

There were gonna subtract that number from the number one to take right that 80,000 number because we want to see how much is making every year. Now it is
grossing or notice setting hundred $64,920 buy in my estimates and if that is correct, but I now 28 times in 5% is 26 times number multiply that times 12 reach me completely different number and so we want to do the Reader that so that minus. Pick up the phone a call TLC letting it get started with the very best of 918-254-5626 or go online to stevecurrington.com to learn more.