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what is a Native American loan? | Getting you help

If you plan on getting a what is an era of what is a native American loan? Plan on coming up tonight. There are going to you know a lot of you so you is you yeah you, what is the you what to do tomorrow. I don’t know. I don’t think I need to them again. Yeah, yeah, Sam’s got it regionals moving her cheek in a cry for you and so I don’t think is beneficial for me to meet up with them again, but a thing of and I think sometimes think you should cause

Call today and let us get started with your what is a Native American loan? in a way they understand, but then again, sometimes I don’t sell you will you will you because if I don’t understand myself then we can learn together and it will help me sleep and gets a toy for that you will know what which one Ron Swanson on to some nurse the less I don’t know his name. I don’t know is that so what they’re saying is you take hundred percent of the value messing temps and dumping they got 403 take it 8500 and we do 10% of that sometimes you want to call sub today and were gonna be able to help you out.

you try to find how much is left to pay on and then they arty have $4500, which makes academics more sense now someone to go ahead and set answers is here because what you do is you take find the phone out minus find the amount not covered by loan then subtract the down payment and that is going to be the answer for. If you’re trying to get the answer to what is a Native American loan? Then you need to call sub today.

We can answer that question. The next one is one of the sellers pay for their house if they sold it for $290,672, which gave them 12% of the profit over the original cost. We need to do is we need to get the we need to find out what 12% of the original cost was if 290,000 to 90,672. What’s up be nice that be nice now running around my engineers, what I need to do is a need to find the going to take. I think I don’t have the time to times 12% get that number of this is

At the end of the day were gonna be the best thing sources don’t waste anymore time for pick up the phone and calling us up a special you’re trying to figure out what is a Native American loan? And you want to call sub the TLC at 918-254-5626 or go online to to learn more 12% more than the original cost think what I need to do is that I need to do. Get that can be right because not even an answer and so wait a second. I think going to do 298,600 7200-12 is 88◊88% 262,000 that’s not even eight are either what what answer is

What is a Native American loan? | Answering the problems

going to do what you think all wait your turn to all of you substantially misrepresented yourself misrepresented yourself unilateral contract. I don’t know you know universal contract is. I know men would be, unilateral contracts. I know we saw that word but I don’t know what that word means and then here’s the other problem I have is that this is going to be something that you’re going to love when you partner with us answer is, what is the what is a Native American loan?

These have terms that aren’t even in the glossary. If you want to mess with somebody who knows all the answers and you call sub book has terms is not even in the glossary. Yes I regular unilateral contract. This is a single-sided contract yet will you need someone yet so what like a your lotto contract. For example would be when you list no unilateral single-sided would be like if the I think it’s when the seller decides on his house and they’re saying that I I’m going to say I’m paying you percent commission.

When you’re trying to find out what is a Native American loan? And you don’t really know all you have to do is call today I can remember it was in the lineup I get figured out what you think are guarding you’re married, who really all your kids are not roommates the kids like dogs there just their thinking. Thanks and a center of fighting the will. Were going to help you get to the best results and show you what you need to do so pick up the phone and call TLC to get started.

what we have for you is the best were gonna be able to get you started Yes yes both of them. I’m getting out of this conversation for gloss and rental we’re trying to find out what the salespeople are home today and if there way to get 12% over the original cost of the home. It’s so simple, what you see it so you take the sellers amount of 298,672◊112%. Now you wouldn’t right so but I don’t don’t I don’t remember what he is in his name is yet but some that we sojourn through this out here so what it is to the amount that they sold the home. Get us today if you’re trying to find out what is a Native American loan?

For an eye a multiplied it by hundred and 12% and that’s wrong answer. So tried flying try dividing it and I got which is the correct answer, so
you take the so will be an estimate of value for building up were building the brings in $11,202 each year and showing a rate of return that 9%. So if were going to be wanting $11,250 every year and you have a rate of return 9% you take the amount of spring in every year and multiplied by 9%. Maybe should we can help you out and get you started so pick up the phone and call us up at 918-254-5626 talk to us today and let us help you out. Going to the right direction or you can go online to to learn more.