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Tulsa, OK 918-528-8804

10131 South Yale Avenue Suite A - Tulsa, OK 74137

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Tulsa Mortgages | Outstanding Service

This content was written for Guaranteed Rate

Outstanding. It was one word a customer used to describe Guaranteed Rate’ service. We go over and above to make sure you are completely happy every step of the way. This customer was thrilled to have great lenders. We believe you will too, when you give us a call. As these customers were also excited they could contact us either night or day. Do you desire the same type of service? Then you’ll love our customer service! You’ll love meeting with our team as we are passionate abour your success and helping you turn your dreams in to a reality. To find Tulsa Mortgages look no farther than us. Give us a call today at (918) 254-5626 or visit

Our partners have been featured on several media outlets. You’ll find that we have quite a reputation for delivering good Tulsa mortgages. You’ll learn that we are Oklahoma’s high is reviewed mortgage company. We encourage you to simply go check out our Google reviews as we have over 300 Google reviews and we are a five-star company. We pride herself on getting the job done and truly looking after everyone that comes to us. We go over and above to make sure the you find a great deal and the lock you win and a great price. You’ll be so glad that you pick up the phone to give us a call because you will not the like another number. You’ll for like someone that connected with the right people and people that truly care.

Not only do we do Tulsa mortgages, we also help with debt consolidation. We all know that that can be overwhelming at this not managed properly. And even when you are managing properly, sometimes you just need a break. We are the perfect place to help you apply for a debt consolidation loan. Let us help make all those multiple payments that you have into one single payments. Simply by reducing it to a single payment can make a huge difference on the quality of your mind and just what you have to juggle from month-to-month. Let us work with you and get you the best deal possible. Simply give us a call today and we can help make the offer available to you.

On our website, you will find out about all services that we offer. We try to make it super easy and deafly convenient for you to just find that we can offer for you and help you reach your goals. Where the you’re looking to move into a new house before the summer or you’re looking to purchase a big boat or even a car, we want to be that perfect place that you can find whatever you need. You’ll enjoy our staff as we are definitely are friendly and we are available anytime of the day. Any questions that you have, we can answer for you.

So take a giant step and give us a call today because we are where you will find Tulsa mortgages. You will not be disappointed when you to pick up the phone. Give us a call today at (918) 254-5626 or visit

Tulsa Mortgages | Apply Today!

This content was written for Guaranteed Rate

Did you receive a no from another lender and simply feel discouraged about whether or not you can find a home lender? Don’t give up! And don’t stop looking because we certainly can help. There have been many hopeless situations where we have been able to give people hope. We have a reputation of getting the job done and helping those when they need it most. Give us a call today at (918) 254-5626 or visit to find Tulsa mortgages. We really want to help make your dream come true and we want you just apply today and let us see what we really can do.

This definitely is a big step. The step of getting your new home. You have worked hard to save up money and you simply just need a good lender to help you make this purchase. Don’t feel like this is the end, simply give us a call and we can help you through this process. We know that you have been dreaming about a new home and you are super excited about making this big purchase. Let us help you walk you through this process and make it one that you’ll never forget. You’ll find our customer service is off the charts. We are available morning or day and you can just contact us with any questions that you have. Will return your calls and we will get answers to you right away.

We have a reputation for getting the job done. You’ll find that our partners have been featured on media outlets. This is good to know because we have again, reputation for delivering great services and for helping people find the best rates when it comes to home lending. We know that when you’re searching for that perfect home, you take your time and you thought of the decision and you’ve looked over the pros and cons and now you’re ready to take a giant step. Let us help make that process super easy for you. Give us a call today at our phone number.

We are ready to serve you. You also find that we offer loans for purchases. Maybe you have a huge purchase that you need for your business and you need a lender. We will be glad to help you with that purchase. We understand that open a business is a new and exciting adventure. Maybe you just need new equipment or if you open a restaurant you just need to invest in a good kitchen. Either way, you’ll be so glad that you pick up the phone to give us a call. We know how important it is to help you reach your goals and you truly can serve people with the products or services that you have.

So take a giant step and give us a call today at Guaranteed Rate. You’ll find that we are eager to help and we truly are passionate about helping you when it comes to home lending. Don’t let this pass by. Again, we have over 300+ Google reviews we have quite the reputation for getting the job done and we certainly want to help you. So give us a call today at the (918) 254-5626 or visit