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Tulsa Mortgage :  Podcast 9 РPart 2

Tulsa Mortgage They Don’t Have a Car Payment but We Know It’s There so, Just Tell the Truth so We Can Figure It out with Suffer Mystic Statistic in a Old to Do It Goes to like Hallelujah Right There You Whole Thing to Have; Is a Ability of Basic in Here That When I Said He Heard Singing Hallelujah Because the Music in the Background Is about That Means Kevin about Sweet Salt Salty but Here’s the Deal Here’s the Statistic Informational for You How People Think That an Online Application Is Safe and Secure Tyler Were Scared Louis Watching from California Says Hello and He Should Know That They Are Safe Were Required to You We Can Pull Credit without Your Written Permission Anymore While It’s Never Been the Case but A Lot Of People Do so We Have To Get Written Permission Which We Get to Our Website Right Tyler You to Do Everything Find Their Website so We Had to Have Written Permission You Enjoy, Going There You Do Your Application to Secure Application You Can Do It While You’re Eating Peanuts You Can’t Talk on a Podcast What You’re Eating Peanuts We Were to Decide That Something That Can Happen Is Reps Skirt Easily Than In Them It’s Right There A Lot Safer Than These to Be so There Are Guys Everything’s Security Mean You Can’t Have My Site It’s Been Tested so Don’t Be Afraid to Go in There Doing All

My Navigation It’s You or Because This Tulsa Lindner This Tulsa Mortgage Guy Who Gets You Prove Even If You Do Not Laplacian so We Also Aim Storytime Tyrannical Story Storytime Storytimes Are Working the Their Ghost Is Getting the Same Story Have Taken Second to Build a Thunderstorm and You You Actually Said This Happened like Two Weeks Ago He Murmured out Kevin Carrington Said to Me a Story Getting Here’s the Story Attic and Application of the Phone from a Lady and She Says Yeah My Husband Makes $10,000 Month Are Okay Cool and Extent of the Hundred and $20,000 Year to the Metabolic End of Tyler Can You Do That, Having Your Head by You I Just Did 10√ó12 the Center 20 so I Put That in His Income Because at This Point I Have No Way to Verify It I’m Just Going off of What She Has Provided so I Ask How to Get Paid Oh Yeah to Salary Just What He Makes He Probably Makes More Than That, I Will That Sounds Right like One Time in My Career Someone Just Flat-Out Made up Their Income That’s Not Likely That They Would Just Tell Me the Income What It Is about No Very Likely Why Because I’m a Find out Right Exactly so Let’s Fast-Forward a Couple Days Couple Three Days Couple Four Days I Start Gathering All of Their Income Documents and Guess What I Find Tyler Take One Guess How Much Money He Makes per Hour 15 I’ll Tell You Tonight in Our Event in Dollars an Hour Does Anybody Know What $10 an Hour Equals Times 2080 Hours a Year Here I’ll Do It for Your Mic Trusty Little Calculator This Is How I Cackling This Woman’s Income I Take $10 an Hour Times 2080 Hours in a Year That’s 20,800 Bucks That’s How Much Money Makes the Guess What This Was the It’s a You Are Saying We’re Saying Clear All of He

Tulsa Mortgage Gets a Bunch of Overtime Yells a Gets a Bunch of Bonus He Also Gets This Thing They Call Perdiem He Gets Paid Because He Has the Travel for Work and Their Including All of That Pay into His Income Are Wrong Was the Wrong Button You Brought This up on the Wrong Button and That’s a No-No Bro That’s a No-No Top so Now Now You Got Me in the Little Bit of Predicament Here Stick’s Got a Problem That I Recall You and Tell You to Stop Being a Knucklehead and Tell Me about the Real Pay Who We Just Lost Facebook Live Pro Plus Facebook Life Battery Is down on the Phone IPhone Is Dead IPhone Is Dead so If We Lost on Facebook and a You’re Probably Not Listening I Don’t Know Who I’m Talking to Health and Talk to Know If You Go Back and Listen to Have To Have Your Case Will Guide Put on a That Facebook to Arreola You Get Back up This Is Is Twofold People Because We Just Go Back Live on Facebook and We Are Back Okay so after I Had the Chest and Chastisement Is Told Look at Her for Using out It It Didn’t End Well for the Former Quotes from the from Earlier the Notable Quotable Was That Would Start That It’s Bad so Make Sure That You’re Not Starting Something That’s Going to End Bad by Telling Your Lender That You in Fact Make I Don’t Know $2000 a Month When You Only Make It Big in the New Star Trek to Climb a Level Because of the Site Owner like and I’ll Get a Raise or No 11 Changes Everything at a New Contract on It Just Are Than Work You Got a like Started Bad It’s an End Bad and It’s Unfortunate but Every Once in A While I Can Get You and Don’t Be Mad at Me Body Because You Didn’t Tell the Truth Home from the Beginning and Nothing but the Truth and Immunogen Enough They Can Handle the Truth on Enough They Can Handle Storytime Because That’s What Happens When You Had When You Do Storytimes Is That That Happens so Just Just Saying People Understand You Might Want to Not Lie When You Thought It Should Forfeit Excited Just Lot like Lie You Know Because It’s More like You Don’t Understand the

Process but Your Two like You Don’t One of What Your Lender Know You Don’t Understand and Then Things Get Messed up so I Don’t Make Make People Think That the Information Overload You Import a Threat Give Us All the Info so They Were to Recap the Identify Information As What’s in Your 1003 Your Your Name and Number and Social Target Stuff Your Income Your Point Your Liabilities of That Yellow and Then Our Action Step Tyler Is Make Sure the 1003 Is As Accurate Oh Action Step Okay so Make Sure That the Original Information That You Provide to Your Lender in Your Application Is True and Correct and No Information Is False Coming You and Falsify Your Name and Your Social You Want to Win As Bobby Eventually Got Bob What a

Tulsa Mortgage Gorgeous If Your Name Is Richard You What You’re Really When You What Immediate Shortage Sure Version of That Would You Should Just Richard S Your Name Guys so Be Honest with Your Lender Get All the Information up Front That’s What This Podcast Is about Just Make Sure That You Give All the Information up Front and Things Will Go Well for You I Guarantee It That’s in Our Podcast Look for Us on TLC Get of the Entire Steve Entire It All Goes around the Same Place but If You Need to Get Qualify for Tulsa Mortgage or a Colonial Mortgage or Any Type of Mortgage Maybe around Colorado Mortgage Then Give Us a Call or Go to My Website for This Facebook Users Can See the Text You and My Be Reversed I Don’t Know but That’s Our Show for Today Thanks for Watching and We Appreciate You Guys Adios