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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 9 – Part 1

Episode number nine of the Steven Tyler show on Steve Carrington.com here we go a.com and is is is that’s right it Steve Carrington.com and we are neither wyvern payout talking meant I didn’t even finish my intro the Tyler the Stephen dilution look to other on the Steve is even sadder show it will receive were Steven Tyler mortgage Tulsa mortgage Bill Cara three mortgage almost mortgage Columbia Missouri moral mortgage everywhere what about Farmington mortgage Farmington New Mexico mortgage would you think about Columbia mortgage Columbia Missouri does anybody know that is it’s about five hours and 15 is until something a much death we are everywhere talk about today while… The 1003 today people don’t notice have three as number the loan application with the loan application and it was evident thing we get a boom bomb a while I was come aloud Tyler was close to you mean by that being annoying when I had buttons to have okay so the 1003 it is the loan application it is what every lender takes when you apply for a home loan they take a loan application is what they do and so there’s like when we determine earlier their something like nine or 10 or 12 sections of the loan Abkhazian of the tenets rerolling a highlight for them okay there’s you to be your identifying information who you are where you live you your social your date of birth phone number email address that counting casinos big now is when the 2000 sixteenths income employment and then liabilities so what candidates do you have right Tyler what candidates do you have a cut in Gambia have a current job you have what kind of peanuts do you have in your mouth’s hand we’re saying we’re charges use the summer because of their Trinity peanuts are now he takes the Tulsa Mortgage

Tulsa Mortgage Leadbelly’s nuts in the studio and these two zips and we have decided that were to eat them all wall were doing a podcast is going to IOU. I’m sorry I do you know when you like to go in the fridge at the that your employer and 70s lunches and their but you’re so hungry I mean I’ve never done this but you’re so hungry that the you have to eat so you still some food….Do you right now so we have we of cheese its we have something so Tyler can maybe chime in on income which is at second part they would what’s our overarching all it is a notable quotable to him him a that’s right with start been in the data so good Tyler powerful said again what starts bad incident who said that is understood where you can either I’ve heard from Steve Carrington.com PR I heard from someone else but I gave credit last time so I think it’s my material mouth so what’s the second part of that quote their turn will make sure that all information is correct in the beginning so that problems of having later because it’s painful yet you don’t want pain what is pain sound like the pain pain sound like him and him and that was 67 the pain not only six seconds I can imagine it being that that’s crazy hurt absent Carrington on here for Michigan’s and why because I’m cool like that big brother so deal with it so

Tulsa Mortgage Tyler what starts bad is bad so make sure all the information is correct on the front in so you can avoid the pain so we talked about this previously and since asking why did someone give me a mic well Sam they haven’t learned the lesson yet okay that’s why they learn less so here’s the deal if it looked you look at Linda look at it Linda listen listen Linda listen to be considered give me the wrong social would you when you buy from a time would you do that would you achieve your lender the wrong social maybe have better credit waiting would you give him the wrong income have you ever had somebody that gave you the wrong income multiple people how to they do that you think it’s like this malicious thing they’re doing or you think they just think you’ll figured out or what what is with the deal actually never know what people are motivated is enough but I don’t maybe they think they make more than they do maybe they really do make more than they say I don’t maybe let on maybe maybe the deal is Tyler that people don’t think you’re in the find out right and what is the answer that we find you what was it was find out everything so guys gals homey’s out there Tyler tell be honest upfront give us everything just tell us the stuff and tell us true like don’t tell me you make 10,000 bucks a month when you don’t don’t tell me that you make 15 bucks an hour if you only make 13 that you think maybe your boss might give eraser about six months at least 15 because I mitigate your pay stub which is part of your income and it’s going to tell me what other everything

Tulsa Mortgage I would you make it up to the T hey Tyler disallow on Facebook and the Kevin Carrington said that’s the hoverboards killer so he has at the Facebook can find or Utah enough review to be yet but there is a maybe a video of Tyler smashing my hover board underneath his truck Tyler Jeremy to you he says that I driven him to smashing my morbid I don’t know that that’s true Apologized You If I Just Realize That You Have Apologized Enough to Apologize I’m Thinking about It May Not Say What This Guy This Is This Guy This Guy Five so When It Comes to That Identify Information Your Income Your Employment Your Liabilities Your Defense with an Example Tyler of a of the Debt Somebody but Didn’t Didn’t Tell Us about like Has To Do with Maybe a Child How We You so If You Pay Child Support at Dominican on the Watch so That’s Right at the Liability We Need to Know about It If You Don’t Tell Us about Child Support You Notice Storytime Is Are You Notice Telling Stories Were to Ask What You’re Going to Stories Hello Doc Summerall Coming in from Facebook Power User so Deal Sell Your Lender Stories Don’t Do That Tulsa Truth True Stories like a Resource to 300 to 300 so It Is Interest for the Tyler Smash My Hover Board and He’s Not Apologizing for so Noble Figure so Child Support If You Have Child Sporting You Pay It If I Find You What Happens When I Find out While We Can We Had Account against Military What Happens Is on Mad Because I like Work This

Tulsa Mortgage Whole Thing up and Everything’s Perfect and Then It’s like Doom and I like One a Soundboard Sound Right Now That’s like Dimmable and What Is That I Do like a Beginning a Boom below Bhumibol a Half a Louis the Free to Says Apologize Tyler Thing of These Thing about Folks from an Inhabitant of Category to Visit a Cut Your Achilles Your Legal Forget That Is Terrible and the Market Is Listen from the Bone Structure Hey Would You Kindly Bring Us like a Burger and a Shaped Takes a Chocolate Shake Missing Fingers until I Record a Podcast, Europe Brahms Book Were Sitting Here Trying to Figure out How to Eat Peanuts and We Stole Wall Were Talking Ended and She’s It Doesn’t Work As a Dozen Works of Art so Enough about That Were Find out about the Debts so Just Tell Us If You Got You Know People like Solar Car They Buy New and That the Car Is Not Reported to Credit and They Try to Act like Louis Says That Was a Nice Tyler They Track like