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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 8 – Part 1

Episode number eight in the Steven Tyler show is a and is is is is that’s right it’s detouring entire wyvern for the Steven Tyler show we are talking about Tulsa mortgage Columbia mortgage were talking about what colors brings mortgage pueblo Colorado mortgage quote low mortgage Alamosa mortgage we got Farmington mortgage in New Mexico and Tulsa does a Tulsa mortgage it’s a mortgage everywhere brother everywhere was apprehended a Tyler Singer hanging out in different podcasting about the blow this out go live on Facebook your second and I will get some viewer interaction as we start this next episode we talk about today today we are talking about the key people in the typical loan approval us right so who are the people that get involved in the long process

Gus were to talk specifically about that there’s a there’s a keyword there a key word in its key so the key people in the loan approval the loan approval up on process before from will talk about the key people there in the loan process of the loan approval and will talk about some of the people are all because I think be very interesting for people that don’t know to see and understand how many people are involved how many I mean it’s a lot to not the key part of getting approved the just the the number of bodies that have involved you want close 20 think it is any think the numbers like 15 1012 some it a lot and really is there’s a lot of into the pot stop but we are to work together you bought a house before what was it like it was a lot of people there is a lot of people your there’s a lot of people people more people people that that the status solicit if we don’t start our show a little transformer I just don’t feel right that’s it like out even though ultimates primus around the corner thing I’m certain of it somewhere I’m certain of so key people who are the loan officer at its meeting on the number one key person I think I that the process in one key person in loan approval is your favorite loan officer, my favorite singer we’re saying. We what we want what is to Who Try to Think about It Cannot Think about My Saving Announcers Me but You’re Sitting Here the Number One Monitoring the World in Your Great If I Had a Comment and Say We’re All in the Desert Is the You Get All Not Immediately Saying Secret Is the Best Tulsa Mortgage

Tulsa Mortgage Guy Ever I Think It’s Tyler Could You Learn That You Learn from Favorite Will You Learn from Her Seat. Okay so Anyway on to the Next One Is 11 in the Specifically Who’s the Other People in the Process the Processor Will Who’s the Processor It’s Amy Bell Got Plug in a Frame Now She’s Watching Going to Limit We Need You and That Who Else Is a the Underwriter and Listen Were Lying to You Guys All We Do Is Go Get the Customer Get the Initial Stuff Get It to the Processor and What Is the Processor Guitar Work on Our They Got a like Order Appraisals a Yellow Retitling of Our Insurance They Got to Make Sure Every Single Piece of Paper and File Section They Clean up Our Mistake Do You the Product If You Don’t If You Believe Your Loan Officer out There and You’re Listening to This Podcasting You Believe That You Are like the One That Is Doing It Then You Better Look Back and Figure out That You Have a Team of People Because You without That They Were People the Largest I Get Close and It Starts with the Processor Guitar Only Do They Are a Godsend. He One of Some of the Things That Are like Soluble, for It at the Processor from Looking for Your Processor Who’s the Willing to Do We Need Go-Getters Preprocessors Yes They Take Initiative and Get a View on the Work with Us That’s a Tough Our

Tulsa Mortgage PAL with Different Personalities and Loan Officers Are Crazy You so What Are Officer Travel of What We Do A Lot Of Fun and Return Make It Fun Go to the Processor Two-Runover Overboard You Are Likely to Write Hoverboards and We Drive Trucks over Her Face If It Be Sure to Check out on Facebook and We Can Find Current to Mortgage Your Find Work Tyler Wyvern Smashed My Hoverboards with His Big Red Truck He Thinks He Has a Big Truck but He Doesn’t Yakked and We Got Chris over Here He Says Were Still Talking yet We Are We Are Still Live on Facebook I Mean Where We Can Hear about to Two Hours Tyler Almost 2 Hours and We Been Kraken so Sorry with Thanks for Those of You There out There Watching Enough Facebook Land Because We Are Definitely Live so Anyway We Got the Processor Who’s a Workhorse You Buster but He Does Everything for Us Who I Mean You Got Have a Good Processor a Good Processor Is Good of Make Sure That the Ball Goes over the Finish Line or Is in Himself a Specific Cargoes of the Newsletter Right and Then the Other When He Mentioned His Underwriter Talk about under We… Or before How an Underwater Player Play Key Role in Dryer Gets Us through I Was They Play Key Role Because They Make Sure Everything Again on Works for More Than Put All You Willing to Put Altogether but They Take What’s Altogether Checking As Guidelines and Get Yesterday and Make Sure Things Add up Is with the Right to Make Sure All the Way It’s like This Story Time I Think We Underwriter Only One Time Steve It’s like Reading a Book and If You Leave out Chapter to Chapter 4 or Chapter 246 or Chapter 7 Understand What’s Going on I Can’t Read the Story I Can’t Read the Book without All the Try Figure out Your Watch to a TV Series and You Got in on You like the Third Episode You like What We Would Have To Happen Last Week They Were They Talk about Will the Reason

Tulsa Mortgage That Is Scheduled at the Part of the Are so When You Submitted on Itineraries of the Story You Know the Whole Story Whole Story Nothing but the Story so under Is Really like It When You Put the Pieces Together Was a Call Not Want Designer Happened Us down like This Call One Time That Happened in 2006 and Never Never Is Happening and Now You Know Perfect so Sometimes Some Ugliness That up Rob Rob in the Mortgage Business out There for Us Is As Well Said You Want Make Sure That You Tell the Story You Tell the Story Right Because Otherwise You’re Just Going to Accuse Confuse the Crap Out Of the Real the Culture the Underwriter a Year Want to Do That You Don’t Want the Underwriter to: Say What the Heck Because Once You’ve Done That Once That’s Happened You, Lose Little Credibility You Can’t Unseasoned Mean It’s Hey What’s My This Is a Look at Due to Quotes Today a I You an Just Occurred and I’m a Quote for You What Starts Bad in Bed so Don’t Start Bad with the Underwriter and Things

Tulsa Mortgage Were in Bad You Want in Good with Actually Getting Approved for the Low Not into Bad Because You Didn’t Prepare from Beginning so to Start Good but We Talked Out Of a Previous Podcast of I Were Talk Later about the Your Loan U to Three in and the with That’s Why Got That Court Won’t Have To Throw It into Another Podcast so It Starts That Is Bad and That His Mother Noble a I’m Not Enough of an Artist It Seems like It’s Fitting Tyler You Give Me the Notable Quotable That We Cut Polluted to the Beginning Here That We Need People Understand People Do Not Realize How Many Hands at the Tops or File to Get a Clear to Close for A Lot Of People It’s like What’s What’s Was Hammered to This Report so First You Have Maybe You’re Underwriter I’m Sorry That’s Backwards the First You Have Maybe Your Loan Sticker Title Then Who Maybe Maybe You Have a Alone Assistant Who Is Maybe Alone Partner Is Helping Gather Documents Case in Our Tubes Then You Have Maybe up a Set up Person Who What Orders Transcripts Orders Efficient Employment the Second Thing Right We Called like Alone Cornet Loan Coordinator Maybe Paycheck and Got on Facebook County We We Have a Loan Coordinator and Then We Have Oh My Gosh She’s Given Us All Kinds Allows and Laughing Thanks Jeff so Then You Have Awkward and Our Three Year the Processor Power for It Which I Skipped over a Couple the Other Couple