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Tulsa Mortgage : ┬áPodcast 7 – Part 2

Tulsa Mortgage Other like to Limit Concepts Tulsa Mortgage Company That Secret That Can Do That Right Tyler and so Whenever You Aren’t Sure We Just Go Ahead and Set so We Even Especially When We Have a Borderline File Was Talk about That It Storytime Him Him Him Him or by the Way You Have To Watch Live on Facebook to See Me Dance like a Little Because I Dance Whenever It Storytime so We’ve Got a Another with Our Focus on the Last Podcast That We Got Another VA Loan That We Just Were Unsure about Is Very Limited on Credit the Sky Good Job What He Saw Just like What 12 Years You Want on 12 Years Is His Decorations Are Low in His Credit Scores Are Low That Right You and It’s a VA Wants Us a Little Stickier When They Are the Dystopic Your Guys in the VA Unfortunately Just a Little Harder Even If You’re a Veteran and You Need Your Qualified It Can Be a Little Tough so We Just Didn’t Want of Work about It so Smooth and Mentoring about to His Agreed-Upon Approval and a Call and Set High-Fiber Farmhouse Actually Just

Tulsa Mortgage Talked and Today and He’s Yearning Offer I Got outside or Maybe He’s Our Accounts of You If That Mean I Think Maybe We Told Him on Thursday for and What an Exciting Thing to Be a Little Tulsa Money to Call and Say Hey Your Approved like We’ve Looked at Your Income We Look at Your Credit We Looked at Everything and You Do This This This and This Year the Conditions That We Need to Find House with Order Appraisal of Get Title It Still at Stuff and Then Once We Do We Close All the Headache in the Grass and the Only Got a Is Gone Because We Underwrote Your Loan Ahead of Time so Know That You Can Do That It Is a Possibility It Is What Vendors Can Do and That’s Why We Say the Biggest Asked Him Is Don’t Mess around Talk to Lender They Can Get You Approved Special If You’re Unsure about Why Stress Why Worry What for Was Asleep While Mr. Allen Talk to Lender the Can Get You

Tulsa Mortgage Done Ahead of Time so You Never Have To Worry about Whether You Call but All You Do Is Is Then Operate in the Parameters of the Approval by Tyler so How Operate in the Parameters of My Approval Well You Know up the Price of the House Extremely like Some People Done in the past You so I Caught I Qualify You for 175 VA and You Bring Me a Contract for 220 That Might Be a Problem You so You Probably Ought a like Call Me Anytime Call Your Lender at a Time and Not Getting a Mortgage Necessarily You’re Not Approved If Any of Those Parameters Change so Get with a Lender That Can Provide You That Fully Full-Blown Approval on Alone but at the Same Time Make Sure Once You Get the Approval That You Operate in the Parameters of the Approval and You Don’t Deviate from Them Anyway Deal You I Pretty Good Reason to Think so Him and That’s a Sound Makes after I Do Get You Put

in Fact Every Approval We Call the Customer and We Play Him in the Me Dance, Takeda, Pentagon, Text, Much As It Is a Very Talk about What I Don’t It with At Least Do a Shock upon You Can Even Say Shaka Got Does before My Time and We’re Saying. We’re All of You Get on That A Lot Tell You to Say Shaka Got on the Host the Show Use a Shotgun Shaka, Focusing Exercised Authority Is so Let’s Let’s Recap It’s Your Turn Recap Tyler Know How Much You Can Buy Know How Much You Can Buy Because Your Pre-Qualified Your Prequalified You Want to Know How Much You by Anyone Number to Know What Loan Program Is Best for You That’s Right Know What Loan Programs out There and Then Was the Number 10 Paul Don’t Do by Goodness in Your Ear If You Do This Do Not Look at Homes before Your Prequalified That’s Right Because You’re Going to Calendar off I Got a like Figure out Waiting Get

You Qualified That House and Set a Telling You What You Should Qualify for and Then Everything Gets Just Old Little Bit Sticky and Your Realtors Realtors We Ticked Because You Should Houses Forever That Were Out Of Your Maybe Not Forever but They Could Have Been Home with the Kids Insulation You Houses You Don’t Qualify for so Know How Much You Can Buy by Talking to Lender up Front so That You Don’t Are Looking at Homes before You Know You Qualify for and Know What Loan Program Is Best for You Everybody Listen Lenders There Some Lenders They Do This of His at That They Say Is You Call Me up Hey I Want to Get a Conventional Loan Amount but and They Do Say Okay and They Give You Conventional Loan and You Put 20% down and That’s That’s Just What Happens and Then Six Months down the Road You Chill on Your Back Porch with Your Body Having a Brewski or Glass of Wine

Tulsa Mortgage and Your Buddy Says Did I Just Got a Really Low Interest Rate and Now It’s a 5% down and Then You like the How That Happened What Would It Mean That You Do That Whether Conventional Almond You Have To Put 5% down What I Put Wanted Athetoid Percent I Don’t Know so Malingered Said so You Need to Know What Loan Programs Best for You Including What’s Available to You to Does A Lot Of Help at Our Responsibility All of Us Lenders out There to Make Sure That People Know What Is Available to Them Not Just Give Them What They Want When They Walk in the Door Rhino Just Get Here You Go You Said You Wanted a Conventional 20% out so Make Sure That Your Investigating What Program Is Best for You What Down Payment Is Best for You so That You’re Not Sit on Your Back Patio Jealous Because Your Friend Got the Same Rate with Less Money to so the Same so Recap and Know

What You Which You Can Buy What Programs Best and by Goodness Don’t You Ever Walk into a House without a Your Price Range Because You Did Talk to Lender and That’s Our Show for Today Guys Don’t Forget to Call Steve Curry the Steven Tyler Show Tyler Wyvern and We Were Also It Get Steve Current Type We Did Tulsa Mortgage Loans We Do Tulsa Mortgages Home Loans in Tulsa and As Well As Other States like Mortgage in Columbia Missouri Colorado Springs Alamosa Where New Mexico Were Everywhere Guys Were Everywhere to Make Sure and Check Us out Go to Get If You Want to Find out More Information That Is Our Your Podcast for Today We Are out Here