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Tulsa Mortgage :  Podcast 7 – Part 1

This is episode seven of the Tyler show here we go is.com is listed as that’s me Steve going to.com I’m here with Taiwan will talk about Tulsa mortgage Columbia mortgage Tulsa mortgages Columbia mortgages of your coral Springs mortgage) mortgages Alamosa mortgages: Alamosa Colorado to write anywhere in New Mexico to Farmington New Mexico to be exactly correct that you know that we also enough pueblo Colorado pueblo mortgage and were all over the place and we are also live on Facebook and Kevin says no side effects I think if I hook in sound you can hear us let’s test it again the real quick like I’m a try and see if we can get any sound for you guys that are on the Facebook watching okay let’s see him we’re saying. We’re all can you

guess here saying what’s weird to the pickup their Kevin Carrington and deliverance it worked before it seems like but do not soak they were talking about Tulsa mortgage right were talking about a bunch of stuff but I think our topic for today Tyler is one of the benefits of getting pretty cold qualified get qualified.com echoing what are the benefits so to talk about the three points while she had enforcer without lowering the part about how much can you buy so you know how much you can buy need to know what one program can be best and please please please don’t starlet homes until you know what you qualify for yet it’s a really good point color know how much you can buy ahead of time know what loan program is best for you and don’t start looking at homes before you know what you qualify for otherwise you can get this to him on a wiki of evidence eczema Bloor airhorn your because that seems like a fun thing to do to someone who makes my job harder and makes more pain for themselves so let’s let’s talk about knowing how much you can buy so I we talked at an earlier podcast about didn’t qualify so please jump in and learn and listen to that because it talks about what color

Tulsa Mortgage documents we collect in the coming but I think the biggest point your Tyler is just the informed buyer be an informed consumer you know do some research get with the lender make sure that you know what you can but we just had some of the Christ has become you that that said they wanted of they went looked at a house on Saturday and they wanted to get approved to buy this house and they didn’t know my point to what loan program is best they broke rule number three witches they started look at homes before they know what they qualify for and they they found a home that they

Tulsa Mortgage love that most likely doesn’t meet the program guidelines with the long-awaited they’re going to buy a single wide mobile home we can do mobile home so that we do what so that’s just an example you got to know how much you can buy you know what loan program is best for you and what you qualify for the program wise and don’t start don’t go into a house and look at it before you know if you qualify for because here’s the thing is that here’s a quotable the notice I am and him and I you and doesn’t your media culture.com so people often look at houses that are out of their price range before they talk to the lender how often does that happen to so often everyday and it’s unfortunate and Kevin get your credit score from a lender so bullet or

Tulsa Mortgage your annual report are, getsthe coming on that so but listen if if you here’s that here’s the scenario great this is called a letdown scenario years ready for the M scenario is what is I go with the real trauma Saturday go looking hundred 50,000 our houses their amazing I love them there great I love hundred thousand houses and I go talk to my lender and they say the other three & down or they say your payment is 1400 bucks and you only qualify for 1100 so than what they do Tyler set in press and then they go looking hundred 20,000 houses because that’s what qualify him for and then what happens than on the topic the house 804,000 our houses are great houses unless you been looking at 150,000 houses then they, look not as good so if you start out at the high-end of something you don’t qualify for and I have to bring you back down to, that’s right, that’s right you’re not into shock, container and now you’re saying that government I really like that hundred thousand house Tyler that happen recently gas operators like this weekend you and what was wrong divorce at their site and we want except people so don’t make a sad talk to talk to some talk to a lender before you walk into a house your

Tulsa Mortgage lender will be so happy the be so happy that you did that so your realtor what yet I’m not at the same realtor know yet your lender in your your realtor will be like ecstatic because waste the time for the show you how to your qualify for second you soak so anyway that `there was people often look at houses around the pressure for the make sure you ask your lender before and the most jump on the some statistics Tyler know if it feels like there’s like the transformers are here unlike all my goodness where where where are the transformers they seem to be in the studio with us I love the studio recording studio in a studio your next official listen to this fresh in your garage for all you know are the garage were in some guy grudges for sure but here’s the stat kind of stat did an income like a but did you know really did you know that you can actually get a full-blown loan approval before you find out how did you know that while you some nonexpert everyday will what is that mean I get a full-blown and approval allowing her house how can I get an approval phenomena house we going to send everything through the underwriting process just like we would what you aspect up A Song like Hey

Guys I Know a Qualify for $150,000 House and I Know I’m Doing FHA but I Have Found a House yet but, Nervous and I Will Formerly Really Qualified to Have You Guys Checked Everything Do Are You Sure Is My Income Right Is My Credit Okay so You Can Help Me so That I Don’t Have I’m Not Stressing Right How We Go and Do Everything so You and Get All the Income Documents of All the Documents Organized for Anyways and Resemblance and Everything under a That’s Right and How Long Does It Take Companies – so the Question Is Why Would You Do That Why Wouldn’t You Go to Lender and Say Hey Lender My Creditable Shaking My Debt Ratios Little High These Things to Know by Qualified Do I Qualify Are Not and There’s Lots of Lenders at Well Maybe Not Lots but There’s Couple Hundred