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Transcription Tulsa Mortgage 

Steve: This is stevecurrington.com and The Steve N’ Tyler show episode number 61.
Narrator: Welcome to the Steve N’ Tyler show with stevecurrington.com and TylerWhyburn.com
Steve: Who negotiated the contract for you?
Tyler: A realtor Tulsa mortgage
Steve: That’s pretty smart. Good for you man.
Narrator: They’re talking about everything you need to know about mortgages, home loans, and more. Nobody knows mortgages like these two. Get ready because here’s Steve and Tyler.
Steve: Yo, Tyler?
Tyler: Yo.
Steve: What’s happening bro? Tulsa mortgage.
Tyler: Just hanging out talking about Tulsa mortgages.
Steve: Just hanging out talking about Tulsa mortgage. Today we are speaking about this; Won’t my loan officer help me find the right mortgage, Tyler?
Tyler: He should. Or she should. Sorry.
Steve: Can’t I just depend on he or her, my mortgage loan officer to just tell me what loan works for me?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: In fact, it has happened before and I have been a witness to it and I smack this person around a little bit, that a veteran who could easily qualify for a VA loan was being told to do a USDA loan.
Soundboard: [laughs]
Steve: I don’t really want to laugh but I have to laugh. Wait a minute, I’m a veteran and this guy was exempt from the funding fee because it wasn’t stable. Tyler is looking at me like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about.
Tyler: No, I know what you’re talking about.
Steve: I’m exempt from the funding fee. I don’t have to pay mortgage insurance ever because I’m exempt from it. But some knucklehead loan officer is going to put me into a USDA loan which I have to pay 2.75% at the time, now this is changing but 2.75% and monthly mortgage insurance, and I have to find a house that is in an eligible area, and I have to be below the income limits for the program. What? What did you say? What is that sound? What did you say?
Tyler: It’s Hot Rod.
Steve: I think I have too many sounds on my soundboard.
Tyler: [laughs]
Steve: I literally pushed the keyboard because I was like, “Did Nate get up? He better not be lying to me.” The dojo mojo. Listen, yes, your loan officer should help you pick the right loan program, okay, they should. But the fact of the matter is they may not and so, I think in my opinion Tyler, you need to make sure that you’re checking all the resources that are available to you to make sure that you’re getting the right loan. Nate’s coming to help me find the “What did you say?” the sound.
Steven: Hot Rod I got it. Hold on let’s start over, here we go, alright. You’re getting a USDA loan you’re paying upfront mortgage insurance when you can do a VA loan.
Rod: What?
Kevin: What you’re saying is weird.
Rod: Saying what weird?
Kevin: All of it.
Rod: Where do you get off?
Kevin: I just don’t get why you’re saying it that way.
Steve: Here’s the point, look, you’ve got to always protect yourself, you’ve got to always be knowledgeable. When you go in to buy a car you don’t just walk in and they sell you a Ford Escort and they tell you it’s got all the same benefits as a BMW right?
Tyler: [laughs]
Steve: You laugh about it but people don’t do that.
Tyler: The salesmen might.
Steve: Do they?
Tyler: I don’t know.
Steve: The salesman might but you wouldn’t believe it. Maybe somebody would.
Tyler: That would be ridiculous.
Steve: It would be ridiculous they’re like, “Well, I know it is the Ford label on it but it’s really a BMW M-5, 580 horsepower. Thing goes zero to 60 in 20 seconds or 30.”
Steve: “It’s the slowest fast car you’ve ever driven.” and you’re like, “Oh man, sing me up. I think I’ll pay double.” No, you wouldn’t. It’s the same thing with a mortgage. We talk about all the bad information that’s online but if you listen to this podcast you came to the right place in my opinion because I may or may not ever do a mortgage for you and I’ve got no alternative motives, I’m just trying to tell you to check things out, right?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Do your research. Just figure it out because your loan officer sure is going to– you know that there’s laws in place now that prevent loan officers or discourage loan officers from directing people to a certain loan program because Tyler, does it change your income on a loan if you do a conventional versus an FHA versus USDA versus VA?
Tyler: Zero dollars.
Steve: You make the same amount of money no matter what loan they do?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: What reason would you have to put a guy into a USDA loan instead of a VA loan when they’re veteran and they can qualify for a VA loan?
Tyler: Absolutely none whatsoever.
Steve: There’ll be no reason, it would just be ignorance. What industry do you work in if you’re listening right now and you’re wanting to get a Tulsa mortgage maybe? You’re listening and you’re in some industry whatever it doesn’t matter, you’re in [unintelligible 00:05:32] doesn’t matter. Is there incompetence in your industry where you work? Yes there is. There’s incompetence everywhere. If you are with an incompetent loan officer which there’s a good chance that you can get one because there’s– unfortunately, we’re still riding out the knuckle heads out of our industry right Tyler?
If you get a knucklehead, you’re going to know, you got the instinct you’re like, “Something ain’t right.” If it looks like a duck and it quacks– you know that whole thing? If it smells like a fish, I don’t know. If you’re thinking that your loan officer is incompetent and they don’t know what they’re talking about, they probably are.
Tyler: Yes, happens a lot.
Steve: I guess that’s epic because I just dropped a bomb on it.
Steve: We need to record a breakaway. We need like a, “Break up the monotony of our podcasting.” You know what I mean?
Soundboard: And now more for the man who is–
Steve: Hey there, Nate, there’s a clay ego sounds on here. This is for all the podcast people out there.
Soundboard: And now, more for the man who is more pale than Kevin McHale.
Steve: That’s awesome. That’s in the clay ego sounds. People get bored listening to mortgage I think. You’re like, “My loan officer sucks thanks for telling me. Talk about something else.” [laughs] But really, that’s what this is about it’s just you don’t want to depend on somebody else to just cover your back constantly. Look, even me, I’m going to do what’s right for people but everybody’s situation is different. I don’t live in your house, I’m not going to make the mortgage payment for 15 or 30 years whatever term you choose, you are. You’re going to have to make sure that it’s the right deal for you.
Steve: You got to get old school folks. Take care of your own stuff. I don’t even know where this is from?
Tyler: From the movie. You’ve never seen the movie Old School.
Steve: Maybe. That’s Snoop Doggity Dog.
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: We’ll date ourselves here in the podcast on when this is so you guys will know. But this is the day that Tupac was shot. Shot and killed?
Tyler: Shot, he didn’t die today Tulsa mortgage.
Steve: It was when he got shot five times?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Oh, I wonder why he didn’t die?
Steve: I know why he didn’t die, Nate. But Tupac was shot, was that like 1997? 96, 95?
Tyler: Somewhere around there, Yes.
Steve: Tyler was in seventh grade. Will that be about right? Tulsa mortgage.
Tyler: I think so.
Steve: Seventh or eighth grade, we’ll have to look that up. We’re going to go and look it up.
Tyler: 96.
Steve: 1996.
Steve: This is a blast right here buddy. Tyler, we’re talking about home loans today. Talking about this and this is the question. The question is, Won’t my loan officer help me find the right mortgage? What’s the answer? Maybe, if he doesn’t suck or she, if they’re not terrible then they may be willing to help you find the right loan program. But just make sure that you’re doing your own research. Get online, look at loan programs, look at your own finances, you’ve got to be educated going in because sometimes people will direct you away from programs that are great for you. Like we talked about, the veteran that should have got a VA loan that somebody was telling him to get the USDA loan, and thank God we stepped in and we’re like, “Wait, back the truck up. I mean, what? You’re going to do– huh? Why?” It doesn’t even make any sense. I don’t know, I don’t even know if I can have an analogy to– it’s like, I don’t know. It would be like, I need brain surgery so they’re going to go ahead and do heart surgery first because they think that’s going to help my brain. It’s stupid. It’s ignorance.
Tyler: Well, it seems like lately we actually have a lot of people with pretty high credit scores, getting FHA loans.
Steve: This is true.
Tyler: FHA is not negative in any way, it’s just geared towards maybe a little credit score or lower down payment, things of that nature, and people kind of view it that way. We’ve had a lot of people with really high credit scores getting FHA loans.
Steve: Yes. Just because you have great credit, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do an FHA loan.
Tyler: No. It just depends on your situation.
Steve: It depends on what you want to do. Strategically — we’ve talked about this before in our other Tulsa mortgage podcasts which there is — We’ve said we’re on 61 one now. I think we’re going to have to have a big party when we hit 100. That’s not going to be very long. Think about it. We’re at 61. I wonder when we’ll be at 6100 podcasts. Can you imagine? I can’t even imagine. We’re going to have to have a big party, obviously, when that happens. But, here’s the thing, we’ve talked about this before, everybody’s situation is different. When you’re picking a loan program, when you’re picking a whatever, get information and then what I say, I say this all the time, trust and verify. If you read something on the online, it doesn’t mean that it’s real, it doesn’t mean that it happened. Tupac did get shot. It happened. That did happen. That’s on the internet. Stevecurrington.com is the best Tulsa mortgage lender in the world. Wait a minute. Stevecurrington.com is the best mortgage lender in the world, that does Tulsa mortgage, and a lot of other places. But, those are true things you can find on the internet. I do have both of my biceps tattooed with my website. That is true. You can find that on the internet. There’s pictures of it. That’s truth. Those are true things. Tyler does sit in the podcast a lot and just look at me like I’m an idiot. That’s true. I don’t know if you can find that on the internet or not. You might be able to. But a lot of stuff that you find on the internet is not accurate. Trust and verify. Go look it up, call your loan officer, “Is this true?” If it’s something that your loan office is like, “No, no,no,no,no. That’s not true”, and you’re like, “I don’t know. It seemed like it was from a pretty reputable source. I read it on Fox News, the only news station” Then go find another resource to verify it, because there’s a chance that your loan officer is an idiot [laughter sound effect]. Trust me. I’ve hired a few. And fired them. Right?
Tyler: True story. Yes.
Steve: Not everybody is cut out for this business, you now Billy? [sound effect] “Oh, Billy”. Make sure that you’re getting the resources that you need to get the information that you need, and then verify it. That’s all. Because your loan officer should help you find the right mortgage, but it is not guaranteed that that’s going to happen. Then what you can do is pause the podcast right after I play the song, record this and then, if you look up something online, if you find information about the right loan program for you, and you call your loan officer, and he says he disagrees with you, you just play them the sound [sound effect], and then just don’t even say anything. Right, Tyler?
Tyler: Yes Tulsa mortgage.
Steve: Just don’t say anything. He’ll just be like, “Is it true that stevecurrington.com is not the best lender in the world?” And he was, “No. I’m the best lender in the world” [sound effect]. Then, “What was that sound?” That was stevecurrington.com telling you that yes, you’re wrong. Tulsa mortgage “Won’t my loan officer help me find the right mortgage?” Maybe. Do your research. I’m stevecurrington.com. I’m here with Tyler Weiber. You can find us at podcast.stevecurrington.com, stevecurrington.live. Obviously you’re listening to us, so maybe you found us on iTunes. We’re your Tulsa mortgage lenders that don’t quit. That’s right. [music]