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Transcription | Tulsa Mortgage  | Guaranteed Rate

Steve: This is Tulsa mortgage guru and in The Steve ‘N Tyler Show Tulsa mortgage episode number 57.
Narrator: Welcome to The Steve ‘N Tyler Show with and Tyler Whyburn Tulsa mortgage lenders.
Steve: Who negotiated a contract for you?
Tyler: A realtor.
Steven: Oh, you’re pretty smart. Well, good for you man.
Narrator: They are talking about everything you need to know about Tulsa mortgage, home loans and more. Nobody knows mortgages like these two. Get ready, because here’s Steve and Tyler.
Steven: Yo yo.
Tyler: Yo.
Steven: Tyler, wake up bro, wake up bro.
Tyler: I’m here, I’m good.
Steven: It’s a beautiful morning by the way. Welcome to the show everyone, who’s out there listening in podcast land. I hope you know that we’ve spent hours preparing this podcast. This, right here, is going to blow your mind. This, right here, is, “How do I manage to find the loan that’s right for me?” Tyler? What’s the answer to that?
Tyler: One phone call.
[Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama playing]
Tyler: Nice.
Steven: Turn it up, you make one phone call folks, you call Steve and Tyler, yes. Hey, we’re your Tulsa mortgage lender, you don’t need to call anybody else. You want to find the right loan, call We’re America. We are America, Tyler. Hey, imagine playing this and staring across the thing at Tyler while he just looks at you like you’re some kind of crazy person. Every show I find some new sound that I’m just excited about.
I’m just excited yes, yes. All right, seriously though, we’re beating the horse that is dead. Here’s the dead horse; is finding the right loan program. So let’s talk about this, all right Tyler. I’m the person on the phone, you’re the mortgage banker, ready?
Tyler: Got it.
Steven: Do a little roleplay. Hi, my name is and I got your number from the online, because Clay Clark has made you top in Google. I looked for Tulsa mortgage and you came up. Can you help me with the loan, I’m a first-time buyer?
Tyler: I can definitely help you with your loan.
Steven: Cool, what do I need to do?
Tyler: We’re going to have to pull credit.
Steven: Pull my credit, what does that mean?
Tyler: [It] Means we’re going to pull your credit. I don’t know, it’s free.
Steven: Hey, people ask me that, brother.
Tyler: It’s pretty straight forward.
Steven: All right, go back into character. Oh, okay well, okay brother, so how do I apply?
Tyler: Wow, you’re a different person.
Steven: I know, too much.
Tyler: Changed it up on me. We do it online, we do it over the phone, we get some general information from you; name, birthday, social, where you live, where you work, pull your credit and then, we will go from there, really.
Steven: What loan do I need? I mean, I don’t have any money to put down.
Tyler: Okay, that’s fine.
Steven: Do you have any programs that don’t require a down payment?
Tyler: I have a couple of them, yes.
Steven: How do I know if I qualify for one of those?
Tyler: Well, are you a veteran?
Steven: No.
Tyler: No, not a veteran, okay.
Steven: Why? What does that matter?
Tyler: Well if you’re a veteran, you can get a VA loan with a 100% financing.
Steven: Interesting.
Tyler: Yes, but you’re not, so-
Steven: I’m not.
Tyler: -Can’t do that.
Steven: Love those terms though.
Tyler: Yes, where do you want to buy a house?
Steven: I don’t know, I live out here in Bixby Oklahoma. I think I want to be south of Bixby, down there in Okmulgee.
Tyler: Okay.
Steven: Begs. I want some land, I want 2,500 square feet and 20 acres and a 3,000 square-foot house, but I only want to spend like a 100,000.
Tyler: Well, assuming your credit score qualifies, assuming that your income meets a certain requirement per family size, yes. Do you have a bunch of kids?
Steven: Oh yes, I’ve got six.
Tyler: Oh, okay.
Steven: And then my wife, she don’t work. She’s tough though.
Tyler: How much money you make a year?
Steven: I make about 17.82 an hour.
Tyler: Okay, you could do a rule development loan.
Steven: Oh, rule development, is that the R&D loan?
Tyler: That’s the R&D, the meat loan we used to call it. USDA rule development loan, 100% financing, that will work.
Steven: So you just, in three minutes, identified somebody who doesn’t know what they want and put them into USDA loan? And if we continue the role play, I don’t know if anybody has seen Planes Trains and Automobiles, but I was leading into a really good quote from that, Tyler. You know I’ve got six kids. Have you ever seen Planes Trains and Automobiles?
Tyler: No.
Steven: Has anyone out there in podcast land seen Planes Trains and Automobiles? A resounding yes, so they have to get a– the bus breaks down, they lit Mr. Fly, now they rented a car, the car burn down, now they have to get a ride with this guy, that is a tow truck driver and they have all their luggage and he said,” the wife’s going to grab the luggage” and he goes, “No, we’ll get that.” and she’s pregnant. They’ve got three little ones that are right there and he goes, “She can get it. Her first baby come out side ways, she didn’t screaming or nothin’.” Do you remember that? So anyway, I don’t know why that was relevant, but something funny for you. So listen, you want a lender, there’s another way that this can go. Here’s how it goes.
Hey, I got your number online Tyler and I need to get a loan. I’ve heard that conventional loans is the best and I want to — I’m going to put 20% down and I think that’s what’s best for me. Your lender then says, “Okay”, and they take your application, they pre-approve you for 20% down, you go down the road, you buy a house, you put all this money down, you buy a $200,000 house, you put $40,000 down.
You sit on your back patio one day, you’re having a beer with your buddy and your buddy says, “man I just got a low rate under 4% on a 30 year fixed loan and I only put 5% percent down and then you’re like, “Excuse me, say what? What did you say? What?” Yes, I put 5% down now and I got a really– “How did you do that?” Well you’re paying mortgage insurance? No, I’m not paying, I paid it once. I mean I paid it single with my Tulsa Mortgage lender. My credit score’s 780. What? How did you do that? I talked to and he got me a single premium up front.
I had really good credit, so it only cost me 1%. I don’t pay monthly  Tulsa mortgage insurance. I saved my other 15%, put in the bank. Its drawn 10% interest in this investment that I got and I only had put 5% down; and then guess what? Now you’re ticked.
Tyler: Right.
Steven: Now you’re ticked, because you talked to a Tulsa mortgage lender who just gave you what you wanted. It’s walking into a doctor, be like, “I broke my leg, I want that brace right there.” Okay; and your doctor just gives you the freaking brace. It’s not the right one for you, doesn’t even fit your leg. Now you’ve got a stub leg, you can’t walk right for the rest of your life, because he just fit with something that wasn’t good for you. That’s the point, it is, how you managed to find the right loan for yourself is super easy.
Its talk to somebody who knows what they’re talking about and somebody that can actually not be afraid to advise you on what’s available to you, everything that’s available to you, right Tyler?
Tyler: Yes.
Steven: What else? What am I missing on that? Tell me more, there aren’t many zero downloads are there?
Tyler: No there really aren’t, only a couple.
Steven: So, you got USDA, which is 100%, you got FHA, it’s three and a half percent down, you’ve got a conventional with a minimum of 5% down, VA with no down payment. What else? That’s all your options folks. Look, there’s some speciality Tulsa mortgage products out there, there’s some bond programs; not a huge fan of those and basically they’re going to give you some money for your down payment, but you’re going to pay for it in rate, [Gospel music playing] because there ain’t nothing free in this world.
Tyler: Nothing is free.
Steven: Somewhere, somebody’s got to pay for everything. So, when you’re looking for the right lender, just make sure that you do some research on your lender. Find out who they are, look at their Google reviews, look at their online reviews from any site and just make sure that you’re with somebody that someone else has said something nice about. I can go, let’s do that. I can go to Google right now and just let’s look up a random lender.
Let’s go to Google and put in Tulsa mortgage and let’s see what comes up. If you get a Tulsa mortgage, the first thing that comes up is Guaranteed Rate Tulsa. They have a pretty good rating, they have 50 reviews. Oh, let’s just go to them and see what people say. You can look at reviews of what people said, let’s see. 50 Google reviews, that’s a pretty good number right? Let’s see what someone said.
“Awesome experience, professional and very polite, I wasn’t able to proceed getting a home loan, because my credit, but when my credit gets better, i’ll definitely be giving Guaranteed Rate a call. Do you guys do any credit repair counseling, any chance, let me know.” So another client, “We love this company, Steve was fantastic to work with. Very much on the ball through the whole process. The loan process for a home loan can be pretty painful. Steve and his team-” Tyler. “-Made it pretty much painless. Thank you all very much, job well done. A special thank you to our realtor Kelly Williams.” and let’s see one more Tulsa mortgage review.  Some guy gave us five stars, he wasn’t happy with us, thank you for the five stars. “I love Steve, he makes the process simple and easy. I recommend him to everyone I know, Steve has a plethora-” Someone used plethora in a review.
Listen, I’m just going through reviews on our own site because I’m not going to read somebody else’s. But you can go find– “I’ve used Steve for both my original purchase and my REFI. When we bought the house we wanted to quick close it. Steve told us he could do it in 21 days and he did it. Then we looked about refinancing a couple times and he did it. He made it fun despite the stress associated. I highly recommend him.” You can find somebody online, you can find their information, and you can find customers that already dealt with him. You guys know how to find reviews, go find reviews on people.
Tyler: Yes. Find a Tulsa mortgage lender that’s confident, that’s reputable.
Steven: -That has some legitimate information from legitimate customers. I was reading reviews the other day on amazon, and this is interesting, because I was buying tempered glass or whatever, for an iPhone, that I broke, because I do that once every three months. This is a five-star rating review, it’s like a page, and it’s a lot. At the bottom it says, “I gave this review, I bought this product and received a reduced price– or received it for free for my honest review. But trust me, this is my honest review.” I’m like, “No.”
You want to get someone who’s got legitimate reviews that aren’t paid, okay? Like Lynda Phelps whom I love, I did like five loans for her, wonderful person. Actually when we started Currington Tulsa Mortgage back in 2009 she was the first loan I ever closed. Did I ever tell you that?
Tyler: Yes.
Steven: “Steve Currington is a fantastic group associates. They are the only ones to go to when you want to buy a home or refinance. I’ve done both and both times they were fun, fast, and accurate at all times being patient with my questions and concerns. I’m a true novice, you can relax, knowing you’re in trustworthy hands. I love these people.” We love you too, Lynda, you’re amazing. She said I did two loans for her, I don’t think she remembers her tulsa mortgage lender.
Tyler: I think she is related to Michael Phelps.
Steven: Oh, she might– I need to ask her that for sure. Listen, here’s the point. If you are going to talk to a lender, you want to talk to lender who is going to give you honest feedback on what’s available out there so that you can get the right loan that’s for you. If you’re not a veteran you’re not going to be a loan, but there’s other no-down payment loans like USDA. You can do loans with little or no money down, and you just got to ask. Because if you don’t ask you’re not going to find out who the best Tulsa mortgage company is.
I’m I’m here with and we are Guaranteed Rate, your Tulsa mortgage lender. Go to you can find all of our podcasts at That’s our episode for today, see you.