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Transcription Tulsa Mortgage 

Steve: This is in the Steve N’ Tyler Show, Episode No. 56.

[background music]

Announcer: Welcome to the Steve N’ Tyler Show, it’s and

Steve: Who negotiated the contract for you?

Tyler: A realtor

Steve: That is very smart, well good for you man.

Announcer: They’re talking about everything you need to know about Tulsa mortgage, home loans and more. Nobody knows mortgages like these two. Get ready, because, here’s Steve N’ Tyler.

Steve: Tyler.

Tyler: Yes.

Steve: Hi.

Tyler: Hi.

Steve: Hey, it’s, check it out. Our episode today. Early in the morning, everyone should first try for a conventional loan. That’s what the book says. [laughs] Oh my Gosh, where do people get their information? Tyler, where do people get their information?

Tyler: I’ve no idea. I don’t.

Steve: Yes, I don’t know either.

Tyler: It wasn’t from a Tulsa Mortgage lender.

Male Speaker 1: What?

Male Speaker 2: You’re saying it weird.

Male Speaker 1: Saying what weird?

Male Speaker 2: All of it.

Steve: What did you say?

Male Speaker 1: Where do you get off?

Male Speaker 2: I just don’t get what you’re saying either way.

Male Speaker 1: Why I’m saying what, what way?

Male Speaker 2: Forget it.

Steve: I will forget it. [laughs] I will. I will forget it. Here’s the deal. Everyone should get a mortgage that fits them. That’s what they should do.

Tyler: Amen.

Steve: Everyone should not first try for anything. Everyone should first; that’s what they should do. Everyone should first call a Tulsa Mortgage lender, the loans that they want to talk about. Everyone should first get with someone that they trust. Okay? Everyone should first not just try for a conventional loan. That’s stupid.

Tyler: Yes.

Steve: Okay, that’s just dumb.

Tyler: Shall I laugh?

Steve: Yes, because I yelled stupid. When I yell stupid, it gets loud. In my opinion, it’s not smart to just try to force yourself into– what is this?

Male Speaker: Thrivers co–

Steve: Hey, I’m playing with the sounds here people.

[background music]

This is juicy brother. Listen, I think that we should start doing our podcast with just background music like this. We can keep talking. Nate, I don’t know how this sounds on the thing but if we can just talk about what type of loan you need to get, well, we’ve got a little beat in the background. With the beat, all right. Let me holler at you. I’m You tell some mortgage lender, what I’m telling you right now is you need to get a mortgage that fits your personality.

You need to get a conventional loan, maybe you need to get a FHA loan, may be you need a USDA loan. Well, you don’t know, unless you talk to [laughs]

I’m just trying to liven things up, Tyler. But seriously, we can’t talk about this enough. Everyone should talk to a lender who’s going to give them their options.

Tyler: Yes.

Steve: Conventional FHA, VA, USDA. Hey, those people that will convince you not to do a VA loan, when you are a veteran. This is happening right now. We have a buyer right now, that’s doing VA that this other loan officer was trying to put him into a USDA loan. Do you know whom I’m talking about?

Tyler: Yes.

Steve: Was putting him into a USDA loan, because he wanted to buy 100% whatever. I don’t know why you had that motivation, you don’t get paid more, did you, USDA than a VA? You know what it was? It was just ignorance. Wasn’t it?

Tyler: Yes.

Steve: They just didn’t know anything about VA loans. They didn’t know how to get it done. Thought they were harder. It’s taken a veteran who is exempt from a funding fee, by the way, who doesn’t even have to pay mortgage insurance, doesn’t even have to pay it because he’s a disabled Vet and they’re telling him to do USDA. On VA he would have paid 2.15, or he would have paid zero; the normal funding if he’s 2.15. Instead, he was going to go USDA, and he’s got only 2.75% of his loan. If he’s got 20,000 on his house, he was going to pay 2750 bucks times 25,500 bucks was what it would have cost him to do USDA.

Tyler: Then he’s going to have monthly mortgage insurance.

Steve: He was going to have monthly mortgage insurance at 0.5 a month at this rate. Because he didn’t know, because he went to a lender, a Tulsa Mortgage guy, who was an idiot clearly, because why would you take a veteran that clearly qualifies for a VA, only to try and put him in a USDA loan.

Okay, USDA, buy a house that’s in a qualifying area, restriction number one, USDA- Be within the income limit. Restriction number two, VA- Are you a veteran? Yes, restriction number one.


Steve: If you qualify for a USDA loan, you’re going to qualify for a VA loan. I can guarantee it, and I’ll guarantee it. That sounded like Mike, that car dealer in town. Do you remember that? Do you know what I’m talking about?

Tyler: Was it Danny Pack?

Steve: No.

Tyler: Then what?

Tulsa Mortgage | What is Next | Guaranteed Rate

Steve: Primo brother. Come on brother, come on. I want to do like Clay. “Come on bro. You know I’m Sanbra, like Henry Pena Bro. He likes it. I guarantee it.” I think that’s what he said anyway. Anyway, drop that bomb. Listen.

Get what the Tulsa Mortgage lender that is going to– there is something happening on the roof right now. Tyler, are you okay brother?

Tyler: I’m good.

Steve: Okay, give her the Tulsa Mortgage lender that’s going to give you all your options and put you into the right product. Hey, if you’re out there listening right now, and you’re a veteran, let me tell you something. You should probably be looking to do a VA loan. Let me tell you something else, common misconception. I’ve already used my VA. You’ve already used your VA. What does that mean?

Tyler: Cool.

Steve: What does that mean? What’s that one?

Male Speaker 1: What did you say?

Male Speaker 2: Weird.

Male Speaker 1: Say what weird?”

Male Speaker 2: Where do you get off?

Steve: You can use it multiple times.

Tyler: Yes.

Steve: Right. You can use it multiple times, down trip. When we’re talking about today, everyone should first try for a conventional loan. There’s lots of information out there, that’s total lucky. Here’s what the book says, “In most cases, you should try for conventional loan first. There are more conventional loans and conventional lenders than any other type, which serves to keep the cost of these loans to have. That’s if everyone works exactly the same. But the difference is in loans for people with good credit lines, special circumstances. Special circumstances may mean not having any down payment money. Social circumstances may mean having a co-signer on the loan. Special circumstances may mean having difficult to prove income.” Did you make this all in red?

Tyler: No. Yes, yes, that part. We’re going to past that part.

Steve: You marked it in red because it’s talking about– and I’m glad that you did that Tyler because it gives us an opportunity to talk about. Sometimes we see stuff out there online that we find what we get backup information that is complete crap. Tyler put it in red in our outline here, because he said, “This is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever found.”


Steve: It’s not even worthy of deleting. It needs to be put in red and never [unintelligible 00:08:02] [laughs].

It comes down to, we talked about this. Probably we can talk about it till we are blue in the face. Here’s what it comes down to. Tyler, you need to get with someone who’s going to advice you of what’s available out there in the market and not just shove you into one loan. There’s nothing that is true about saying that someone needs to first try for a conventional loan, before anything else.

Tyler: All right.

Steve: It’s all dependent on your circumstances. People say, “Well, how do I know if I qualify?” You need to talk to a lender and find out. Okay? Period. You need to talk to a lender and find out what you qualify for, what’s available to you, instead of just making assumptions on what you think you might qualify for. Don’t make assumptions.

[background music]

Steve: Tyler you know what happens when you make assumptions? You need assume, I don’t have to repeat. What do you think Tyler?

Tyler: Yes, yes, I know. [laughs]

Steve: Just be careful about assuming things, because you know what happens when you assume. You make something out of you and me.

I am This is The Steve N’ Tyler Show. You can find us at Podcast at

What you told some mortgage lender got to, if you want to get qualified. We don’t do gimmicks or totally any concepts. We’re just all about getting you qualified for your home loan. That is the episode for today. I hope you enjoyed it. We’ll see you next time.