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Transcription Tulsa Mortgage

Steve: This is stevecurrington.com and the Steve N’ Tyler show, episode number 54.
Narrator: Welcome to the Steve N Tyler show with stevecurrington.com and TylerWhyburn.com
Steve: Who negotiated the contract for you?
Tyler: A realtor.
Steve: You’re pretty smart. Good for you man.
Narrator: They’re talking about everything you need to know about mortgages, home loans and more. Nobody knows mortgages like these two. Get ready, because here’s Steve and Tyler.
Steve: Tyler, we need to come up with a Tyler Whyburn intro to the Steve N’ Tyler show. I always start at the beginning, but I want you to start and be like, “yo, yo, yo, it’s Tyler Whyburn, tylerwhyburn.com. Talking about my credit score are good, but my wife stink what do I do?”
Tyler: Get a new wife.
Steve: That happens often actually, 50% of marriages end in divorce, so it could happen. I wonder if that’s a reason for divorce Tyler, I wonder if you can say, “well judge I tell you what, I love her, she’s beautiful, she makes my heart go pitter-patter, but by God, her credit sucks, and I can’t be married to someone with such crappy credit. So I’m getting me a new one, I’m trading her in.” Probably not a good reason to-
Tyler: I don’t know.
Steve: Maybe some credit counseling for your wife, instead of divorcing her Tyler, would that be okay? If Stephanie’s listening, we’re not talking about you Stephanie, we’re talking about– Tyler is a guy, hypothetically on a podcast, a Tulsa mortgage guy, who is not reality, who might– may be married to a wife who has crappy credit.
Tyler: Right, and I might have a broken arm.
Steve: I broke his arm in a previous podcast, he’s now cast up. He claims to be asleep when it happened. That’s what we’re going to talk about today, what happens if I have great credit scores and my spouse has low credit score, and I don’t know if you heard the big boom, but I thought it would be cool to toss my water bottle across the studio to see if it would make like a loud boom, and I actually hit a light. Don’t tell Clay Clark, and the Thrive15 studios, that I have broken his light. Doctor Z will be in here later. He’ll be mad at me for breaking stuff. What do you think Tyler?
Tyler: Don’t break stuff.
Steve: Don’t throw water bottle across the room in the studio. I’m going to [music] break it down. This is my new favorite sound on the sound board. Just dance like a white boy, that was fun, oh yes. All right, credit scoring works like a credit– what did that say? I wrote– did you write this or did I write this?
Tyler: I wouldn’t even read the content because when I looked at it I just wanted to bang my head on the desk. The silence is Steve deciding if he wants to read from the content.
Steve: This is the worst thing ever. Okay listen, we’ve talked about this previously in– we try to– look, there’s a lot of stuff talk about when it comes to a mortgage, okay. Finding content and things that you talk about, we scour the web, books, everything so that we can bring good content for you on stuff that maybe seems simple to us, that we already know but you as a consumer, as a first time buyer, or maybe a 15th-time buyer, some of them just needs to know. We’re gathering information, that we did this morning before we started the podcast on what happens to credit scores– my spouse has low credit scores, what happens? And listen, I’ve talked about this before, I’m just going to try to be super nice, but I’m going to (music) break it down for you. Be careful what you read on the internet, because it’s crap.
Listen to what this say, “Credit scoring works like a credit report,” what? Hey Nate, credit scoring works like a credit report, that’s stupid. I hate to say that, but I don’t even know what that means. Someone wrote this, somebody literally sat down and wrote this and published it, and if you’re a consumer and you read this and you think, “Oh this is legit,” it isn’t. Let me read more, “conventional loans use the middle credit score from the person who makes less money,” huh? “Other loans use the credit scores of the primary breadwinner. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t average the score together or add them up or use the highest score.” (sounds effects) Be careful what you read on the internet.
Tyler: That ain’t right, that ain’t right.
Steve: Exactly.
Instead of reading that should just play Let it Whip for four minutes and thirty eight seconds, because this will get you in a good mood when you have a podcast in the morning Tyler.
Tyler: You’ll probably get more knowledge from this song, that what we just read.
Steve: You get more from this song than you get from — oh this is good. (singing) “I got a low credit score, but my wife has a good one.” Okay, that was fun. Oh my gosh, be careful what you read from the internet people, because we did gather some data for you in our research, 35 seconds before Tyler arrived late for our podcast, by the way. I’ve been getting him — he text me after we started the podcast and said, he was here, after he was sitting here across from me.
Tyler: Well traffic was just insane, at 6:00am.
Steve: Look, we’re Tulsa mortgage guys, we think that we know a few things, okay? We know that we know a few things, and here’s the deal, let me tell you what I know, let me tell you what I’m certain of. I’m certain of the fact that you can find all kinds of information out on the internet, that is not accurate.
Tyler: No.
Steve: I’m certain of it. “But I read it on the internet.com, it was on the online,”
Tyler: On the interweb
Steve: “It was on the interweb.” You know what I found out today Tyler?
Tyler: What’s that?
Steve: I posted this to my Facebook, and I don’t know if you noticed it, but yesterday was the 25 year anniversary of the internet. Now you’ll know when we’re taping this, but 25 years of the internet. And you know what else what else was mind-blowing? Al Gore did not invent the internet. This whole time, I thought Al Gore invented the internet and credit scores, and Tulsa mortgage. But he didn’t, apparently Al Gore didn’t invent the internet, no. I really like that Let it Whip (music). All right, I’m just trying to break up the monotony because we just read some stuff that was such crap. Tyler and I are sitting here dealing with it mentally, we don’t know what to do. I can’t even believe I copied and pasted it that onto a piece of paper.
Tyler: No.
Steve: I mean to tell you– listen, convince your loans, do not use the middle score of the person who makes less money. Other loans do not use a different credit score, all loans use the same thing. They use the middle score, they throw out the high score, they throw out the low score. Now what is similar, somewhat true– I can kind of see maybe the twist there, is if Tyler and I are married, because I love him and I would never break his arm, and I make a lot of money and he makes half what I do– maybe this isn’t like really reality, I think Tyler makes more than me, he seems happier– Anyway, let’s say one spouse makes 200 grand, the other spouse makes a 100 grand. We’re going to take the lower of the two scores of the two applicants that are on a loan. So if you, Tyler, have a 715 and your spouse, stevecurrington.com, has a 680, what credit score are we going to use? Tulsa mortgage
Tyler: 680
Steve: Does it matter what income I make?
Tyler: No.
Steve: Okay, what if I make 10 times what you make?
Tyler: It doesn’t matter.
Steve: What if you don’t even have a job?
Tyler: It doesn’t matter.
Steve: What if I fire you right now, you don’t have a job, but you have a 715 credit score?
Tyler: You get on the loan, you can take the middle score of everybody. Each individual middle score and then decide which one’s lower.
Steve: Two, three, whoever many borrowers on the loan, we got to use the lowest credit score, the lowest mid-score between whoever is on the application. No other loan, there is not a mortgage loan, there is not a Tulsa mortgage you can get. I’ll use the only line that I’m going to use from this bad information we got on the internet is this, “Contrary to popular belief,” whoever wrote this doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and apparently they wrote a whole book on mortgage. We got this information from this, and we’ve gotten– in reading this book, and trying to gather information from it, we got a lot of information from this book. Lots of which is not correct, at all. Let’s drop that bomb , it’s totally not right. That’s why when you come to us, we break it down. Tyler tell people don’t trip okay? Call stevecurrington.com, call tylerwhuburn.com, go to getkoalified.com get a very cool, we did a test, yesterday, you weren’t there, I was there, this is a little bit off topic but I wanted to share with the listeners. We have koalas okay, you get qualified at total any concepts so we have these koalas there you might remember like when you were a kid yes, there’s a quality and they have the hands and you can put them on stuff, so you can clip them on a pen, you may be clip them on a car, you may be clip them on a Lamborghini, you may be clip them on a fast car. So last night there’s this little car show in Tulsa, right on Tuesdays, and so a bunch of guys got together with this really fast cars, and so we have 3000 koalas. Remember that Tyler we were 3000 so we have literally coming out of our ears, so what I did, is just like how I do things is,I’m not going to go to a car show and not advertise so I took all my koalas with me. I mean I literally brought like an army of koalas, and I just started throwing koalas in the air, they were landing on cars, they were landing on the ground. Well people started taking the koalas and started putting them on their cars. So then, I thought this is really good test– this is a reason this is important because this tells you how resilient total any concept is because you can judge our resiliency, by the resiliency of our koalas. Do you agree?
Tyler: Yes, just telling it true.
Steve: What are you smirking there for? He’s smirking about Tulsa mortgage. I’m being serious. Now, one koala was on a Lamborghini, one koala was on a Bentley and one koala was on an R8 actually two koalas were on an R8, one was on a Dodge Viper, on the front splatter on the front piece of the Dodge Viper, Tyler right? We get on the highway, and somebody may or may not have gone 150, with the koala on the car, they lived. Those koalas are still on those cars, couple of may be on the license plate, one was on the rear wing, they made it. Those koalas survived, just like total any constant, so are our koalas are so resilient, that they are resilient like you are, the listener, who just listened to that for three minutes-
Steve: to that story. What do you think Tyler? He’s smirking at me like I’m an idiot and I do not know about tulsa mortgage.  I am, so here’s the point, we don’t have average scores, if your spouse has a lower credit score on the Tulsa mortgage, they’re either going to not be on a tulsa mortgage loan, that happens a lot. We can’t put the spouses on the loan, or you’re going to pay a higher credit, you’re going to pay a higher interest rate based on your spouse’s lower score, or your terms are going to be based on your spouse’s lower score, has nothing to do with who makes more money, has nothing to do with what order you put people on the Tulsa mortgage application. If I can’t put you on the loan, if I can’t use your credit for your loan, I can’t use your income, so if you have a spouse that makes a whole bunch of money, what we should qualify for more? Well, if I can’t put on the loan they’re not obligated to make payments, I can’t use their income, so that’s just how it works. Today we talked about I have a credit score, my spouse has lower current score, what happens? That’s what happens. We’re going to use the lower the two, it’s just how the world works and I hope that is some good information for you. We have lots of more information on our website, getkoalified.com, you can also go to stevecurrington.com, tylerwhuburn.com you go to any dot com, and you can get a Tulsa mortgage. We are the cool kids, you want to call us, go to getkoalified.com. That’s all we have for today, stevecurrington.com is out. Boom!