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Transcription Tulsa Mortgage 

Steve Currington: This is stevecurrington.com and the Steven N’ Tyler Show Episode number 52.
Commercial: Welcome to the Steven N’ Tyler Show, with stevecurrington.com and TylerWhyburn.com
Steve: Who negotiated the contract for you?
Tyler Wiberg: A realtor.
Steve: Well, you’re very smart, good for you man.
Commercial: They’re talking about everything you need to know about Tulsa mortgage, home loans, and more. Nobody knows mortgages like these two, get ready because here’s Steve and Tyler.
Steve: Yo, yo Tyler what up?
Tyler: Yo.
Steve: Hey man, early morning today, huh?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: How was your evening last night?
Tyler: Long, very long that’s all.
Steve: Yes, so what do we talk about today? We’re talking about — I’ll tell you, let me tell you, I’ll tell you. I’m the Tulsa mortgage guy. If there’s like a bunch of mistakes on my credit I’ll — by the way I’m going to be very kind in saying that.
Let’s assume that there are mistakes, and let’s say a mistake is, I didn’t pay something on time. Let’s say, right Tyler? Let’s say a mistake is maybe I have a medical collection on my card. How do I get mistakes on my credit corrected, and how do I know which one to correct?
Because, look I literally wish I had a dollar for every single time someone called and said, “Hey, I’ve never bought a house before, because my credit’s been messed up, but I got like $10,000 from my grandma when she passed away, and I just paid off all my debts.
My credit should be perfect now, [dramatic sound], what do you say to that Tyler?
Tyler: Let’s just pull it and see.
Steve: Let’s just pull your card and see, because I am not convinced that your credit score is any better than it was before you had paid all that stuff off.
Tyler: No.
Steve: I wish you had called me after grandma passed away. We could have done some planning, I could have told you what to do. How do I know which ones to correct? That’s the big question. You need to talk to somebody who is a Tulsa mortgage expert, or a credit expert like Steven and Tyler, or stevecurrington.com or tylerwiberg.com.
Tyler we should buy Steven — do we owe — I don’t know, I’m going to keep that in my pocket right there. Tyler that’s where I’m going with that — and I guess this is — someone if you’re out there listening right now, you’re not getting our domain, okay?
That’s the point but listen, how do I know which ones to correct? Well you got to talk to the expert and figure that out. Do not take money and go pay off crap, okay? Don’t go pay off, because it’s not going to help.
If you have a moral obligation to pay something, if they’re garnishing your check, suing you, you probably have to pay it, that’s probably a good idea. If you’re paying it, Tyler, because you think it’s going to improve your credit score, then what should you do?
Tyler: Just ask before you do it.
Steve: Just ask before you do it.
Tyler: Don’t just do it.
Steve: Don’t just do it. We talked about this on our previous podcast about a guy that mysteriously his dad wanted to pay his car off for him during the loan process, but like he can’t do it in three weeks, but let’s do it now and I would need to give you this money now.
I’m like no, “Talk to your lender.” If you talk to your lender guess what happens? Your lender can help you avoid some problems. Let me be more specific about that, talk to stevecurrington.com.
Let’s say you’re already with another lender, and he’s advising you whatever, just call me. I’ll tell you if they’re telling you stuff right, then I’ll give you a better deal and steal you from them [laughs]. Anyway, how do I know which ones to correct?
The only way that you know is by getting with someone that knows what they’re talking about. All I am suggesting right now is that, in this early morning of podcasting is that, you be very careful about what you do with your credit, what you pay off, and how you pay it off and all that stuff.
Because if you don’t, if you’re not careful about that, if you try to be like a wild, wild west cowboy, and go pay off stuff, you’re going to end up hurting yourself more than you end up helping yourself, Tyler.
Tyler: Every time.
Steve: Every time, every time, okay? Let me break it down.
Steve: Don’t pay off debt without talking to your lender.
Steve: Nate knows what I’m talking about in the studio here [laughs]. Listen, here is the point, how do I know which ones to correct? Look, people think that they can just pay off debt, they can throw into dispute, they can do something like that just to fix things.
You wouldn’t — we’ve talked about this before to, I have this analogy so use the same ones, but you wouldn’t — let’s say Tyler I broke your arm right now.
We got to a little UFC, maybe you watched UFC this weekend, maybe you saw a little beating up of guys, and let’s say we throw it down right here in the studio floor, and I get you in an arm bar and I just break your arm, snap. Do you just fix that on your own?
Tyler: Well, first you wouldn’t break my arm, and second–.
Steve: Whoa, hold up, you need to get some firm log now, Tyler I’ll break your arm easy. Hey, don’t underestimate stevecurrington.com okay? I might only detail some Tulsa mortgage, but I can break your arm in arm bar.
Tyler: Okay, so hypothetically–.
Steve: Okay so let’s back up then. Let’s assume you break my arm.
Tyler: Okay yes, now we’re talking.
Steve: Now we’re talking. Hey, Nate, Tyler is going to break my arm now, so anyway go ahead.
Tyler: Hypothetically, I was passed out and you broke my arm.
Steve: If I was passed out and while being passed out you stepped my arm off with a chainsaw or something.
Tyler: Yes, exactly, you got me when I wasn’t looking. I’m not going to fix it myself, period, not going to happen.
Steve: You’re going to call VP; you’re going to call your doctor. You’re going to call Dr. VP and say, “Doc I have broken my elbow, I’ve broken my elbow, I need a doctor.”
You’re not going to be like, “Oh man I can pass this up, I got this I’m going to save, man you know how much money I saved doing surgery on my own arm?” No.
Tyler: No.
Steve: Dude, here’s the thing, see that situation right there, of course it’s your arm so it’s probably a little bit more dramatic than your credit report, but it really isn’t in my opinion. Because people mess their credit up like that, and then for years it’s like this black cloud hanging over them.
It’s this huge black nasty; it’s the giant pink elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Their friends are like, “How come you and Cindy haven’t bought a house?”
They’re like, “We just like renting, we just enjoy it, and having no backyard and our kids having – the man downstairs, love it.”
Tyler: Liar.
Steve: Right, but you know what I’m saying though? It’s like this black cloud over you that’s like, I can’t buy a house because — lots of people that — and no one is judging that, it’s just you mess it up, and yes it’s not the same as breaking your arm, but really at least when you break your arm, you put it in a cast and like, I don’t know maybe a month, two months, six months whatever it is later, your arm heals, right? It just does. You jack your credit up today, it isn’t just going to heal itself in six months.
Tyler: No.
Steve: No, in six years you’re still going to be dealing with that stupid collection, or whatever it is that’s on there, the thing that you tried to fix on your own and messed it up.
Tyler: You can’t keep doing everything that you’ve been doing, that’s a–
Steve: I have the perfect solution. The next time you think you’re going to go fix your credit on your own, just break your own arm instead, that’s what it’s going to be. Break your own arm because that will heal in six months and your credit won’t, that’s what I figured it out.
I’m going to write a book, I already wrote a book, I’m going to write another book. I’m going to write three books on, want to fix your credit, break your arm instead, by stevecurrington.com, that’s right. That’s how you say.
Steve: That’s how you break it down Tyler. What do you think about that? Tyler got a little smirk on his face this morning, I think I woke him up, I think I woke him up. The point is, literally you can do things to your credit that’s worse than a bone break.
A bone break is going to fix, it’s going to heal, right? Your credit isn’t going to heal, it won’t heal on it’s own. Time will go by and it will get better. It’d be like it’s like a scar, that’s how I’ll tell you.
If you would have, maybe Tyler where they cut into your arm after I broke it, while you’re asleep of course, you would have a scar on your arm maybe, where they did surgery.
Tyler: There’s really pretty quotes that people put on Facebook, and Instagram, and stuff. You get like a nice picture and you get a quote on it, should be like time heals all wounds but not credit scores.
Steve: Yes, a meme.
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Yes, you could do a meme. Time heals all wounds except for credit scores, you have to wordsmith that. We definitely need to wordsmith it for sure, but yet it’s true though that you’re exactly right. Here’s what happens. You mess up your credit, it’s messed up, that’s the deal. If you think it’s just going to fix itself over the next two years. I guess technically as those things age, maybe they don’t hurt you us bad, but they’re still hanging out there.
Tyler: Well if you keep doing what you’ve been doing to get a Tulsa mortgage.
Steve: Don’t keep doing what you’ve been doing. If you want to buy that house or that Lamborghini Huracan, or maybe that Bentley. And maybe you’re not even using your credit for a house. You’re not going to get it by trying to fix your credit on your own. Just not happening. It ain’t happening.
Anyway the point is, again the firm logic we say is that you need to get with your lender and make sure that anything that is needing correcting on your credit report, that you handle it with a Tulsa mortgage loan officer that knows what they’re doing. Don’t dispute old stuff that might be a mistake.
Don’t just pay off old collections that are on there. Just don’t do anything that you think is just going to fix your credit scores, because it’s not. Trust me. I got a guy right now texting to me, saying he wants it literally, that’s what I said, Lamborghini Huracan.
He wants to buy Lamborghini Huracan, well baby get your cards straight bro. Don’t go paying off stuff, don’t go trying to fix your credit on your own. Another thing that’s important to remember is the rescoring which we talked about in a previous podcast.
If you wanted let’s say your lender is going to fix your credit unity rescore. That’s extended to the lending community. It’s not something that you can do. It’s not a consumer service, Tyler, that you can go, “I’m going to go get my credit rescored.” You accept that a Tulsa mortgage lender that does that.
That’s the other thing is, before you try to like reinvent the wheel and figure this stuff out on your own, you need talk to a Tulsa mortgage lender who can get you the correct information, and by the way who has the ability to go actually fix it, because you can’t on your own. You can, it’s just hard.
I’ve had people that have said, “Man, I’ve been working my credit for about three years.” I’m like, “Okay, what have you been doing for three years?” Like I had a baby, and now she is three years old, and I’m still working on my credit. What are you doing for three years?
Tyler: Why don’t you give me three minutes and then three days?
Steve: Yes, you know what the truth is though, you haven’t been working on jack for three years. You’ve been trying to recover from everything you messed up three years ago [laughs]. That’s what it is. I had a late payment three years ago and now I’ve been recovered from it.
That’s the thing it’s not like stop that pain. It’s like that’s what my analogy about the broken arm is. It’s like if you just let your arm heal on its own, I guess it maybe it will eventually heal, but it’s probably not going to be right.
Tyler: No.
Steve: And then go to the doctor three years later and be like, “I’ve been working on my arm all by myself for the last three years.” And he’s going to be like, “You should give me five minutes I’d have put a cast on that.” Anyway, that’s the point.
Tyler: Or your finger.
Steve: Or your finger.
Tyler: No, then your finger will do like this.
Steve: No, then your finger will do like that.
Steve: Alright, so hey, we’re a little crazy sometimes, but we get your Tulsa mortgage done. Jonathan in the studio, what’s up, dude? And we want you to go to stevecurrington.com or tylerwiberg.com, get qualified. Go see our beautiful koalas that help us close Tulsa mortgage loans. Getqualified.com.
We’re your Tulsa mortgage lender that don’t quit. And we can help either credit, don’t forget that. This is the Steve N’ Tyler Show. Thanks for listening.