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Tulsa Mortgage : ┬áPodcast 5 – Part 2

Tulsa Mortgage that’s what I’m expected to do you go do something that doesn’t follow rules and Steven Tyler have to fix and we don’t want thanks really fixable to think I’m pretty much just time time time because you know why I him a other lenders about them but I know for a fact that it was a one-time gift from his dad Kevin said good there’s rules for that I had a document yet so it can be a one-time gift of cash from your dad the network so now it’s in there with solicitor for 60 days Kevin and I could just sit there and will be seasoned and maybe then we can figure out how you lament for sometimes I can’t even see things though so Tyler Beck said you can make a $10,000 deposit his account holder for your thoughtful people that to just wire to sticker

Tulsa Mortgage to.com and out old for you maybe maybe I’ll put it on black at the casino maybe I’ll put is not in Oklahoma but I spin rolled so if if you do these bad things like opposite of what your lender tells you to do okay you are just going to make the process harder and no one wants to make the process harder today they want to make the process easier Kevin said it was driver a holiday in Colorado we actually get out we actually have battle for I don’t make it when he’s in Texas so it in our mail, yacht we do have there is a provision in underwriting guidelines about marijuana related businesses and leader not that is something is coming up because there are businesses authorized to make the money so but anyway you make the process harder

Tulsa Mortgage especially if it’s cash from any business with your Holland junk of your Holland junk or or not or let’s say Holland junk in your hauling in thing that Scalia mowed lawns you doing that stuff it’s just can be tough for us to first documents are just keep that in mind because if you do these things it’s not that we can’t go in and fix images can make the process harder and harder and harder and harder every time you do something silly and we do have people that no matter what we tell them related to run a defensive they do they hide the they lie cheat they still they not steal those bad people running some people still do not she they don’t cheat they just think that they need to hide information and that Ryan find out the window finding out or they end up doing something silly sometimes I tell people “annotated do it do it but when I don’t just be careful don’t do knucklehead stuff okay that’s all building knucklehead is a good one is easy and simple if you if your knucklehead underplay the senior your everyday blanket 6 AM and I’d like to wake of the letter and that’s a three second airborne the feels like 20 minutes a like that are of
viewers can see that Kevin has switched it from drug money to his French modeling career is where really got the cash from so painless if you if you are self-employed and we can fairly document that them is not really know it’s definitely comes that so okay so what I would call like an action step for something that was always good for anyone with you again were talking about water loan conditions where they come from and they come from you in your life and the different stuff that the that comes up in the process of getting qualified but I wrote on here be proactive in getting anything and everything that is asked for you to your loan officer immediately it will make you smile and guess what when it makes you smile it makes me smile every closes our house and make it on time and the most annoying thing for me with a customer is when I call and I say I need ask and they say no or walk writing in Hueneme why why why we need to pay need I need no will master something that we didn’t need that deserted charter, context, so it is okay to like that gets it could move out at second top so yes so you want to make me smile make you smile the best way to do that is to just get stuff no

Tulsa Mortgage complain about gas tank you give it to me anyway on a call every time I end up getting here’s the thing results I am a perfect answer to anybody that says want why do you need that will Mr. Smith the drone the making of names him what he needed her $47,000 to ourselves and to which they answer 140 single source cash to which I answer I know that’s why need that document and they say okay alternative bring out her voice and those are cash or give Steve this piece of paper where they picked up the phone paper and 99.90 999999% off people say I just can’t there’s no way I can get what happens they get it get it up to get it so just don’t fight fight a fight with me about a document that you’re getting because it am asking you to get

Tulsa Mortgage because that is good and really just the just delays the process so obvious Tyler set on a previous podcast if I’m so static Monday Llosa said Tuesday in the to the terms and a Friday and then you know or five Acer your closing and you’re stressed out because you don’t know if her files proposing your work or about whether Nichols on time and that I’m just like every time I asked you for a piece of paper at the beach up to get it to get like 10 days to give me a paystub that silly don’t do that enough though to that because if you do that and rent bill because you won’t be own home so so to recap loan conditions or we start with the reason why we don’t get loan conditions is because we provided at a time so if I submitted your loan file to underwriting without your pay stubs or you choose I would get a condition that I need to know so much that stuff we collect we talked about on the front and Debbie to space does bank statements all I get stuff that we need a divorce decrees and child support orders and all that stuff is there because we know the

Tulsa Mortgage underwriters can you do it come on a been doing this for a long long time so since I been doing it for long time no address for so we just are you that a front right tire as often as possible and then how much more is while under grass for a Masters much as I need so trust me no one in on you and asking for stuff without legal to have one of those like that, nothing went wrong we have no that wasn’t in the and we’re so when I just can they keep bugging you and asking for crap that we don’t need to just keep that in mind people were to ask you only for the things that we need to get your loan done but

Tulsa Mortgage be in over provider if that would be okay with you being over provider and then is the underwriter about person we talked about and we want in order to be your best friend and working ask you for stuff that we need an underage help you get approved not the other way around guys are right so that’s our podcast for today Steve Curry to.com Tyler wyvern totaling concepts and we are a Tulsa mortgage company were Missouri Columbia Missouri mortgage company were Colorado Colorado Springs we do mortgage all over so if you need a mortgage don’t forget to visit our website you go to TLC hundred.com you can go to get qualified.com you can go see card to.com we get lots sites were markers of several what you think Tyler we also sites a ton that’s the deal at all of the neck show guys adios