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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 33 – Part 2

Tulsa Mortgage  Steve: Not until you make payments on time and until you have a history. That’s what it’s called, new credit history. When you open up a new account, you don’t have any history on that new account. So, until you have history you’re not going to get any credit for it. You’re not going to get any points for it. It’s just going to say, “You opened up a new account.” So you have to be very, very, very, very careful not to open up new credit cards while you’re in the process of buying a house, unless stevecurrington.com tells you to do that, because we just had a guy we, talked about it in the previous podcast, that I told to open an account. Because–Why, Tyler?
Tyler: Because, he needed it.
Steve: He didn’t have any credit cards. Well, you guys think that it’s a bad thing. “I don’t have any credit cards. I’m so great that I don’t have any credit cards.” If you don’t have credit cards then that’s like saying, “I want a perfect credit score.” Or that’s like saying,“I want a 4.0 in school and not taking math.” If you don’t have revolving credit, you don’t have 30% on your score.
Tyler: It mic drop.
Steve: What?
Tulsa Mortgage  Tyler: It mic drop [laughs].
Steve: I tried to do a mic drop, but it didn’t work. The mic is too tight. What did Marshall do to this thing? Hold on. I’ll loosen it and then see if it drops. Okay. I don’t remember why we’re dropping the mic.
Tyler: [laughs]
Steve: But, we’re dropping it. Drop the mic. Yes.
Tyler: [laughs]
Steve: I did it. We just dropped the mic, folks. That’s stevecurrington.com dropping the mic.
Tyler: Other way–
Tulsa Mortgage  Steve: No, I’m going to tighten it. No, I’m going to tighten it. If I tell you to do it, if your lender tells you to do it, then you might consider doing it. But unless that happens, don’t do it. NathanElsworth [sic] just jumped online. Sorry Nathan. You wanted breakfast with me this morning but I can’t, because I’m podcasting. Podcast time not breakfast time. Here we go. This gentleman that we just talked to – it was very gratifying to get his loan done. First time home buyer, limited credit. Us, getting him a credit card and then waiting for it to report and then re-pulling his credit. It lowered his interest rate by point six two five. It lowered it’s cost by five grand. It was a wonderful thing.
Tyler: And he was a veteran.
Steve: This is true, he was on the VA [unintelligible 00:00:18] and he is a veteran and a good guy too. Solid dude, deserved it just like you all out there. You Tulsa Mortgage  deserve to get a good deal on your mortgage. Listen to your lender and your lender will tell you whether or not it’s a good idea to open up a credit card in order to increase your credit score because sometimes –especially when I’ve got someone who just started the process they’re going out to find a house and maybe it’s going to take them 90 days to do it, and they need revolving credit. I have with permission opened up cards for people, literally get on the computer they’re sitting there with me. We go into Capital One or one of the places and go apply for a card, get it opened send it to him. We had it done a couple of months ago on a deal with Krista [unintelligible 00:01:08] where the girl was an RN and we got her credit card. It’s crazy because she had like a thousand dollar loan on her first card. It was good, right? It took three seconds and then we reported her credit and her credit score went up and everyone was happy and we smiled then we went home. We closed loans. There’s someone in the studio?
Tyler: I think it’s someone upstairs.
Steve: Listen if you guys don’t hear from us, something happened.
Tyler: There’s a guy in the attic.
Steve: [laughs] There’s a guy in the attic. We’re talking about applying for new credit cards for your reason. Don’t do it unless your lender tells you. Our recap of everything is, talk to your lender before you do anything. If you have a lender that’s accessible to you, then talk to him because we’re accessible. If you have a lender that is not accessible then fire him and call stevecurrington.com or Tyler Weiber. Go to Getqualified.com, get to tell some mortgage from somebody who communicates with you and explains things to you, because if you don’t it’s going to be painful. It’s going to hurt, you’re going to be mad, you’re going to be Tulsa Mortgage  upset. You’re going to be calling me saying this guy did this. We just had a guy – I won’t dog any other lenders in Tulsa –I just got a deal last night from a guy because their lender was working on their credit and I haven’t even talked to you about this shit Tyler but I think they pulled their credit every single week, every seven days since May.
Tyler: No.
Steve: Every seven days since May.
Tyler: That’s a lot of days. That’s a lot.
Steve: I guess they just thought the score would just go up just naturally. Hey Chris, Jokers, hey you better be working on my pod, just kidding. That’s Jokers down the line, Cyrus Jokers on Facebook, I should say. I know this guy is a lender, he’s not an incompetent lender, it’s not that it’s just — people don’t know credit like dot com knows credit. Listen to stevecurrington.com when you’re doing stuff with your credit because I know a few things. I’m not perfect I make mistakes. Things happen, but I know my stuff, don’t I Tyler?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: –when it comes to credit. You got to listen to me. And Zack Collins is recruiting people on Facebook to help him move Friday. That’s awesome. Anyway here’s the deal, the recap for you is don’t open credit cards, don’t open any accounts, don’t do anything unless you hear from your lender and he tells you to open those accounts. Otherwise, I’m going not to be happy with you, your lenders are not going to be happy with you. If it’s me, it better be me. Tyler is going to be mad at you. We’re going to talk about you whenever you’re not on the phone and we are going to talk about how knuckleheadish it was and then you’re not going to get approved for a loan, possibly. So, be careful. That’s all I got for today.
Tulsa Mortgage  Tyler: We’re out.
Steve: We out.
[end of audio 00:14:27]