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Tulsa Mortgage :  Podcast 3 – Part 2

Tulsa Mortgage that’s why a part-time agent might be that now if your mom or dad or best friend or whoever it is is a part-time agent they’re getting started and you want to be part of helping them get their business launched that is in a problem as long as you know the risk and what’s going in right to contact me just got to know going in what to expect that we know as but the you really have to know that at a time and be prepared so if you know what to expect and you still do it brings a part-time agent that’s your choice that’s fine but just know that headaches they cannot there’s an obese and the point of pain in your find it very soon so my second point I get a referral An Industry Nine
Tulsa Mortgage Neighbor Now Again Here’s What I Want If I’m Buying a House I Want Someone Who Sells A Lot Of Houses Who Negotiates A Lot Of Contract Somebody Who Does This Every Day Because I Think They Can Represent in the Give You an Example If I Have Heart Surgery Tomorrow and I Get to Pick the Doctor or Maybe I Don’t Maybe I Just Foam My Finger through the Yellow Pages and Say This Is One of the Heart Surgery and Tyler If the Heart Surgery and I Laid out and the Doctor Says Well When Entering This Is My First One That I Seen It on TV and Live Watch Another Doctor Cut the Guy Open Confident Are You Five Your Doctor and It’s the First Time Academy Your Heart I’m Probably Crawling Out Of That Room Downloads a Possible You Dead You Are Probably in a Dike Is a Guy Has the Relevance of and That’s What It Comes down to Take Get a Referral from Somebody That Has That’s in the Industry That Does It Every Day

Tulsa Mortgage That That You Don’t Do Your Research Guys Google’s Amazing Thing out to Be What I’m Not I Am I’m Not a Smart Bamboos Were Slight One Thing Itself Okay Google Finally Also Realtor and Do Some Research You Know How Big a House Tyler Some of the a 200,000 Our House for Easy Map What Is the Typical Commission That to Realtors Combined Will Make on That Transaction by Talking 6% Self} Local Macduff by Have That Map like Five Minutes Ago Found This $12,000 so It Uninvited Yes If You Figure Your Buyers Agent Is Going to Pay by the Soda and Necessary Caution Thing but Kind Us Consistently Factoring into the Price Paper House Then There to Make Six Land Their Brokerages Make Six Grant $6000 and so Think about

Tulsa Mortgage That Somebody’s and Get Paid 6000 Bucks to Represent You in a Transaction and Negotiate the Contract and so Just Get a Referral from Somebody That’s a Professional It Is Affirming Don’t Know If It If You’re Picking Your Doctor If You Have Heart Surgery Would You Want You Want the Guy That Says Pay Relax I Do This at a 17 These Day This Will Be so Easy You Wake up and Not Even Knowing Thing Happened and I’m Ago Thanks Talk to Sleep and Wake up with New Hardware It Is These Doing so Just Get a Referral from You Know Honestly with Us We Work with A Lot Of Really Good Publicity Teams and We Do This Everyday so for Our Customers It Doesn’t Take Me Long to Come Go through the Story Was Somebody the to Get Them Referred to an Agent That We Know Entrusted the Does a Good Job Soap Get a Referral from Someone in Industry in Guys That’s Whether You’re Buying or Your Listing Because Just Because Your Next-Door Neighbor Has a Listing Side of the Art A Lot Of Realtors to Consign the Are the Us and That’s It and They Wonder Why the House Hasn’t Sold after 18 Months or Nine Months or Six Months Were over the Term Is and Why Is It Tyler Because Those Marketing Exec into Deli Food for Thought When You’re Buying a House It Doesn’t Matter If You Take the Part-Time Agent or If You Take the Best Agent in the Area. The Dissent As I Cannot about Another Self Talk to Is Built into the Price of Work Pairing Any Agents the Seller Might Give You Better Price on the House Just Saying so Will Goods That Point to and Then That’s Get a Referral Guy, Standup Tyler Women Sitting Here Doing This Podcast for the Solid 14

Tulsa Mortgage Minutes and I Don’t If I Can Handle It Anymore but but to Point Number Three When Negotiating the Largest Contract of Your Life with Someone Who Might and Zero like I Goes Back to What We Were Just Talking about Is That That Stole Our Bulldog in My Core Negotiate a 300,000 200,000 or 100,000 Our Contract How Many $100,000 More Contracts of You Negotiate in Your Life Tyler Not Real Estate Related but Just As a Consumer SME Has Bought a House on My Own As a Consumer Rebate Bought a House before… Any Who Negotiated the Contract for the Realtor but Was Very Smart Will Get for Your Event so and to That Point If I’m an Inexperienced Buyer and If You Had If You Don’t Buy a House Every Month in Writing the Real Estate Market Binds up in Houses and You Know Even If You’re Experiencing You Bought a House in You Bought Your 7000 You You Still Are Necessarily You Don’t Have the Experience That You Would Want in Your Core to Negotiate a Contract of That Size and so Why Would You Want to Hire Somebody Who Has Less Experience Than You Write That’s Not You Know What Happens You What Happened You Overpay for the House Because You Overpay for the

Tulsa Mortgage House of Just What Happens Your Overpay for in Your Find out until You Go to Sell It in the Urine Ago Was That Agent in Your Find out about It Is a Single or Their Dog or the No Longer around and You’re Stuck in a House Because You Were Paid for and the Person That Biden Has a Good Agent That’s Negotiating a Good Deal for Their Client Which You Never Got the Opportunity to Do so Don’t Negotiate the Largest Contract in Your Life with Someone Has Done None of Them Seem to Realtors in Addition Contracts Are about People Are Just Call the Arts on the Radio One They Represented by Listing It, That You Know Then You Interview Them You Don’t Know How Qualified They Are Looking to Start This on Your and Guess What They Represent the Seller People Probably Don’t Know If I’ll Homeowner Podcast We Can Get into about Calling the Listing Agent and All the Rules and the United States Different Models of Being a Single Party Broker or Being Representing Both Sides of Becoming Transactional We Can Go to That Entire Rabbit Trail No Question about That but Just to Recap for You Guys That the Three Things Is to Talk about the Realtor and They Realtor for Our Email to You Are Not Realtor Recently Decided or Rule Realtor Real Pork and Ha Ha Why Picking a a Part-Time Agent Might Be Bad Getting a Referral from Someone in the

Tulsa Mortgage Industry Not Your Next-Door Neighbor and the Negotiate Large Concert Joyfully with Someone Who’s Maybe Done Zero of Them Is Probably Not the Best Idea Will Also You Just about Idea so I’ll Just Be Pretty Blunt with You and Saying That in in Tulsa the Mortgage That We Do for People We Make Sure That Our Customers Are Represented by Real Estate Agent That Is Experienced That Knows Their Job That I Can Negotiate a Contract Not to Be Little Time I Want a Bulldog in My Core I Want to Soda Come to the Table with Money If They Have To and Guess What from Your Lender to You from

Tulsa Mortgage Secret.com the You I Will Represent One Person’s Transaction That’s the Person Who’s Getting a Mortgage for Me I Don’t Care about the Sorrow Care about the Agent You like about Less Pain for You If You Have Less Pain for You You Listen to My Three Taken a Realtor to Take a Part-Time or Can Referral from Someone in the Industry and If You Get a Referral for Some Industry Then You Will Have Some You Negotiate the Contract Which Is the Largest of Your Second to the Next Session by and They Will Done A Few of Them and They Can Represent You up and That’s What We in Our Office Work Daily to Do Just to Make Sure That There’s Less Pain Tell You Anything to Add That Not Enough I Think the Current Best As I Added Everything That Needed to Be Added You Haven’t… And Then Some… So They Soliciting Today Guys When We Can Find a Set Get Qualified.com That’s GT KO a LIF IED.com or Secret.com Worked for Lending Concepts Tulsa Oklahoma Missouri New Mexico Colorado River Guys so Check Us Out@stakeorigin.com or Get Qualified.com