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Tulsa Mortgage :  Podcast 3 – Part 1

This is episode three of the Steven Tyler show Tulsa mortgage home loan show in common is is is is is is.com and on Tyler Wiberg by: Tyler Wiberg on because is kind of a bond but not really many years so they were to talk today about ticket realtor for your mortgage process and really a few topics that all cargo thrown at those three guys right now the people that pick a part-time agent how the mighty definitely if you pick a part-time are a lot of people get a referral from issues are goes I crack up as a result of my next-door neighbors cousin sisters moms brothers friend is a realtor and I just cringe and third negotiating the contract the largest contract

was someone who might have done zero were not so or two so they talk about why part-time agent by the bad pinafore from some of the industry dynamics labor and negotiate that largest contract the most litigation life second to the next house so Tyler will talk about that you have a lot of experience with your arrest yourself also just talking to some perspective from the real estate side of some of some things about it happened when you were terrific yourself actually before you too deep cannot clarify the word here this realtor good at us a realtor WGR focus on the patient is listening it is realtor real tour the realtors call themselves realtors, realtor real work Re: AL to your realtor Tulsa mortgage so those questioned the question is with pay attention brother I asked the question you have to have to run with it right but my question was your realtor before you so what would kindly experience you have with Otto know that you know without sugarcoating it incompetence in and the real estate process you are you are therefore you are an incompetent realtor wonderworking a list… I was lucky enough so that I joined the team whenever I started a very successful team in our area so I had a lot of guidance and help when I needed it and I delve into a full-time.

Tulsa Mortgage Funding part-time it at all went straight in and I said this is limited luckily I had a guidance behind me had I been a hard time agent and I don’t thought would part-time agents are now selling houses and I can say them in many reasons why that can be difficult special negotiating contracts a man you will that stopping there with retirement is a tripartite mother that thank you guys my reviewers to keep Tyler on topic because he will jump into like how big his truck is in the second of the watch that stuff is technically dinners now you there’s what

Tulsa Mortgage but so thinks he is a big truck by the but losing my the truck going to love those of Facebook page because the current and upcoming the gloomy United picture-in-picture you felt anyway why a part-time agent part-time agent part-time just bad people I know they like the way jerks no no no I think part-time agents had to start somewhere but by the St. John Fisher part-time agent after 30 years then why will it is a part-time agents alike what does that mean like they have another job exactly for what I would say sucks I have something that takes their attention away from what the focus is beyond during the online process really they need to be available to you at all times I we say the realtors work when other people don’t so that their days really don’t is super busy till probably 5 o’clock whenever you’re enough work the weekends the sides of being so they got other things they have to do then they’re not getting their attention and not showing you houses are not negotiating for you are not doing what they need to do when they

Tulsa Mortgage needed a lesser armadillo this allotted so customers call and they say as I mentioned earlier at the start of the podcast I say will be a realtor and they say only my sisters best friend has a girl that sold her house before that we think we want to use and I disco casework and then I googled the moment, and then I find out that the don’t have a webpage the don’t have you can’t find them I mean they just and it tells me immediately that they if you did real estate full-time in you made a living by selling houses then I can find you pretty quick but just yesterday just found one hour and actually recognized her name and I can learn either email or phone number about 13 seconds because she’d does it for a living she doesn’t do it for a hobby so I think that’s my point in and when it comes to way of a particular drug anyway will statistic here okay will stat for your messages based on some information in our market here in Tulsa Oklahoma but the couple years ago – it’s probably a portion cinematography is a lot of with our their their the realtors Association and in our area estimates that there’s someone in the neighborhood of about 3000 realtors and amendment of come down menus 4000 thought and through December pick a year 900 of them had subnormal houses and that’s all problem look if you get your essay licensee combined so your property and you can help your friends and family and all that great that’s awesome but if you work at the local command store 4050 hours a week and then you so will sit on the side IRD know this is even a I assume that you’re out of practice it I know because I adore them and so again Robert people it’s like if you have a part-time agent that there there even mean or anything like that they just you know if if I was a part-time owner’s guide don’t usually I’m probably a mass

Tulsa Mortgage opposition to be some piece of the the deal that that you don’t understand that I can explain to you because I haven’t done it before so it is our market they estimate that 10% of the gross agents that have licenses actually do for living really you first fact (living like ROI get up every day I could pay my bills by selling real estate and the other 90% do other things for living and they thought of you really collided with the real estate license OR soccer moms may be no offense to soccer moms a lot of people that just have other jobs got a got a story about either girl that her mom works at an oil and gas company and she said well my mom has resources and Sony is somewhat okay on just warning you this is can be very painful for you because moms at work all day and working on your lower than we need the contract will of course it was a nightmare luckily I’ve been doing this for of those able to help her and walkers the process even though she was misrepresented and upcoming about answer mom but she knows she’s doing so

Tulsa Mortgage there’s a lot of the pieces of the puzzle it the buyer didn’t understand there’s a lot of things that were missed a lot of things worked on and it really is what it hurts and you don’t know till it’s too late that’s what the people once you cross the threshold right offer any realize that your realtors incompetent it’s now too late because you’re stuck with them because you’re in contract on how she Fire at the point in Utah you can and you can make a more than like work for you anymore but when it closes a sugar you paid exactly not happen a lot to me times we had a losing agent just take over everything last three weeks jet exactly just had a realtor that never even walked in the house with the client had never met the client hadn’t didn’t even when chief about the

Tulsa Mortgage contract she filled out the contract with her as the listing agent and with the listing agent is the by buying agent and it was a what a competent lender because the diehards to come to.com is a part of them don’t at all just so since I’m so competent and there was another Richards been doing this for a long time it out but it still you know what kind of defeats the purpose of a person get in a pretty hefty commission on our own when the summerhouse or should say when them they haven’t done any work and soap