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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 170 – Part 2

Tulsa Mortgage I want to try to find a way to get you approved. So what you need to do is full disclosure. I’m like your doctor. I’m like your attorney. OK. You tell me stuff where this attorney client privilege thing right. It’s like your mortgage maker client privilege. Just tell me. Because if you tell me that I can advise you the right way instead of you screwing it up and doing it the wrong way and then me having to come to fix it which is what.

Go ahead. You can’t prescribe a remedy if you don’t know what the pain is.

Yeah. Can’t prescribe the pain. You just have to tell Yeah you have to tell me what’s up. Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish. But here’s my problem. Ok cool. Figure it out and there’s always a way to figure it out. I mean there always is a way to figure it out especially if you can plan for it right. Yes because then it’s just time. You know it’s just when you want to close will only close now will that work because X but we can in 40 days or whatever.

Tulsa Mortgage What if someone’s wondering why it’s bad to change jobs if they’re moving to a job with stable pay it’s not commission base it’s consistent.

Let me preface this by saying it’s not bad to change jobs. You need to know it’s bad to change jobs if you’re in contract on a house and your your. Next week is probably not a good idea to change jobs. But people say this all the time Robert they’re like well yeah I want a way to apply because I haven’t been on my job for two years and I know you have to be on your job for to you for my house Mullarkey. That’s not what the guidelines say the guidelines say that you have to have consistent employment for two years. It doesn’t even say you have to be in the same industry. It doesn’t have any long breaks between now you can even have long breaks in between jobs. You set up a two year work history so give me an example lady stay at home mom for five years.

Tulsa Mortgage She gets a job. She’s working for a year. Someone could say well she only has one employment. Well not really because before she was a stay at home mom she had a job.

Tulsa Mortgage So we went back and documented her 1 year of employment prior to being a stay at home mom. And the guidelines actually have a spot in them that talks about when a spouse leaves the workforce to go raise kids or be a stay at home parent with her husband or wife. Not judging anyone if you’re a stay at home husband out there. But there’s guidelines for that. It just says you have to document a to your work history if there’s an extended which they don’t really define. Extended gap in employment that typically going to make sure that people are back on the job for six months. But that’s nothing. We have something right now that’s in contract that isn’t going to close until July 10th because they need to be on the job six months and that’s when they’re going to be at their six month. So again you’re prepared for that. We are because they told us so we just knew. And so it’s all about setting the expectation. And if you are a client and you’re listening to this and you think that you’re going to pull the wool over the eyes of the lender and you’re for it you’re going to have pain it’s just going to come later. It’s going to come in the form of a surprise. Nothing that you can hide. Right. Because when one day it’s going to come up and you going to be like. Dang it I know you’re getting. I know you ate a big mac right. He said you’re going to be big. We’re eventually going to figure it out.

Tulsa Mortgage ¬†And I’m just saying. I’m suggesting to you. This Tulsa mortgage guys suggesting hey like just tell me tell me so that I can deal with it. It’s just like you said about a diagnosis. You know if you can’t go to your doctor and be like bro I need Vicodin like well why do I need it. Because I can’t really tell you. I mean like I just need it you know. So if you will just tell your mortgage to say here’s what I’m dealing with then I will help you if you are a person out there that has told your mortgage guy something and they were all judgmental like. And then they tell you they can’t help you then call me because I’ll tell you how to go do it. Legal more ethical and get approved. How to get it done instead of kicking you down the road and saying hey you’re a knucklehead and you messed up and therefore I’m not going to help you. So the key is I don’t care if you change jobs I care if you communicate what you’re doing because I can figure it out. It may not be in the timeframe that you want. It may not be the perfect scenario but we will figure out how to get it done. It’s just how it goes when you’re in the process of buying a house. I’m in contract. I have a closing date. Do not under any circumstances if you can avoid it like you don’t like. If you can stop it from happening don’t change jobs. I just had a guy last year.

Executive chef at a nice country club in town and he was looking for another job. He was looking well. The new place that he interviewed called his current employer for a reference and messed it up.

Tulsa Mortgage I mean obviously he’d only been there for like a not that long. They were not happy with him because they’re like obviously you’re looking for another job. Right. They fired him. Now he plans to hire him. No the place hired him. We figured it out. We got it closed. He had great credit. Big down payment everything else added up and we figured out how to get it done but could have been a bad. That’s a perfect example of somebody he wasn’t even intending to but he was just looking for a job and wires got crossed and the hiring manager thought it was a previous employer. They called to get a reference and then it was like What do you mean. He still works here. So just be careful that’s the message if you’re getting a Tulsa mortgage. Be careful. About. Trying to change jobs when you’re in the process of buying a house. That’s all I got for today.

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