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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 170 – Part 1


Tulsa Mortgage This is Steve Currington dot com in the Steven Tyler show episode number 170.

Steven Tyler with Steve Curry Tom and Tyler. Why. Should.

Potter. Be smart. Good for you. They’re talking about everything you know. Nobody knows what it is like to get ready. Steve. Yo

yo podcast land what is up. Mom I know you’re out there listening we’re talking about the Tulsa mortgage do’s and don’ts when you’re trying to buy a house. So here’s what happens here’s our topic today. Today we’re talking about changing jobs. You want to change jobs often. Wallbach Yes. What you should to see now what you should do is once you get into a contract on a house you should change jobs and careers and go into a commission only jobs or become self-employed. Obviously if you’re listening out there or being sarcastic Steve’s mom we’re not serious about we’re being sarcastic so this has happened I’ll tell you a funny story this goes back to like I don’t know 10 years ago probably but I had a guy super nice guy by a very modest house like 80 grand. Super nice dude. He works at Village and he’s a fry cook he’s been there for 12 years.

Awesome dude. Three days before closing. Everything that were like closing recalls in three days. Well what all Linders dooen everybody does is this was unusual years ago we do it now. To this day is we do a precludes credit report. We look at credit again make sure they. And then we do a in a verbal employment verification pay religion. Does Chuck still work there.

Maybe because that’s your name that Rachele if you chuck up or Steve. No not at Civa they do.

I was walking out yesterday and this new guy. Reason to start working there says Badami goes by Steve.

Tulsa Mortgage Oh I thought he was calling you know those are. He was very calm so we see how Steve we have to see how long we can keep that up but anyway. So just like does Chuck still work there and they’re like now he quit.

He quit his last day which was last Friday. So I call him and I’m like pro you’ve worked at Village Inn for 12 years as Africa is now the best tool that I was making 10 15 hour whatever. And he’s like Yeah man. Ruby Tuesday opened and they offer me like 50 cents more an hour and I got to bring my whole family to the soft opening. And we got to eat for free like three different times.

Awesome. Now you can’t get a house right.

So here’s what happened. He closed 30 days later because Currington the Tulsa mortgage guru figured it out. He had to since he was hourly employee at the time he had to be on that job and get a 30 day post up. That shows what is. How many hours he worked the average hours and what his pay was and he got a raise so it wasn’t a problem. He went into the same industry. So it wasn’t a problem but timing wise it was a problem. And here’s the thing. I can’t control what you do after you close but up until you close. Don’t change jobs. It’s a problem people don’t they just don’t. I don’t know if people just don’t think about it or they’re confident enough to know that they’re going to be able to pay it. So they just don’t think or I think it’s ignorance but they just assume in you know ignorance isn’t bad it’s just if you don’t understand it. But that’s why you got to have these conversations loan officers are watching don’t tell them you have to have these conversations with your client. You have to take our do’s and don’ts list and go over that with your client in detail to make sure that they don’t make this mistake because people just do it. They’re like well they offered me three bucks for an hour I got this dilemma What am I supposed to do. And so I just had a guy from my my brother’s best friend growing up I’m doing his loan and soon to be alone. And he got this.

Tulsa Mortgage We’re in a refinance so it’s not a huge thing. It wasn’t moving or anything but he got this. Kind of like irresistible offer for a new job and he calls me we’re literally like a week away from closing. He’s like I can’t pass this up and I’m like dude take the job. Yeah. But he communicated that to his mortgage guy. Right. He called Steve Currington dotcom and said bro do I do. And then we made a plan and figured it out because we knew under the V.A. guidelines there was a way that you could get a non-negotiable contract. He could actually close before he even starts his first day there is his whole way to do it right. But here’s the overarching point of all the don’ts. OK. Especially job changes specifically we’re talking about this. I am going to find out everything. So do not think that we’re na├»ve and we’re not going to figure out that the day of closing you decided to quit your job. We know we’re not going to know it’s going to happen. So you’re better off just communicating that to me because I I’m not the type of guy and I don’t really know Erlinder that that works like this by the way case anybody. No. I get paid when I close don’t we don’t get paid to talk and have conversations about people about loans. That’s like like hey man I built two 15 hour. So I just had like 10 conversations today with 250 types 10 hours. Let’s get paid.

We get paid when we close loans so to the extent that it’s legal moral and ethical there’s really not a whole lot that you’re going to tell me that I’m going to let you go. Well ma’am.

Well no. I turn this guy’s loan down. No no no.