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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 168 – Part 1


This is Steve Currington dot com in the Steven Tyler show episode number one 68.

Steven Tyler with Steve Currington comment. Tyler why. Do negotiate in conflict. Are. You

pretty smart. Good for you that they’re tough to go home. No one knows what it is like to get ready. Here here’s Steve.

Tulsa Mortgage Yo yo what’s up. Podcasters Hey if you’re watching on total ending you’ll you you’ll notice there is no tie we kick Tyler out. But fly tither we brought chop chop who is a business coach for thrive 15 dot.com. That’s me as well as if you can see him over here the legendary Robert Redmond rabbit of Robert. So they’re going to you know kind of like they were in the studio it was like Hey Bruce let’s hop in let’s do it let’s do this thing OK. So today so we’re in our series we’re talking about the do’s and don’ts. This is a big hot topic with clients because people do it all the time or they do the things they’re not supposed to do. They do the things that they’re supposed to do don’t. So today we’re talking about your Tulsa mortgage lender Steve Currington Dotcom is going to talk about missing payments. So that’s a don’t that’s a don’t miss pay wait wait wait wait. You’re saying Don’t miss your payments. So if you are trying to buy a house if this is your thing like Steve help me get into a house this is the most important time in your life for you to make all the payments of everything that you owe on time always.

So insurance car payment every everything on everything whether you whether you think it’s reporting on your credit or not unconfuse you can’t miss payments. Robert Redmon doesn’t make any payments anyway so he doesn’t have any cash. I thought it meant no payment so.

But seriously though this what happens. People say Oh man I got so busy like working and we’re doing inspections and we you know we’re doing all this stuff and I forgot to make my credit card payment want will do it it’s really no big deal.

Your credit score just dropped from a 680 to a 580 and now you don’t qualify so qualify you don’t qualify for your Tulsa mortgage anymore.

It’s not a big deal. It’s not a big deal to get a loan.

Tulsa Mortgage Not going to qualify. But listen if you’re a loan officer listening or watching or your client that’s listening. If you don’t have this conversation with your client. Then you’re going to have pain because it’s going to happen. So we have a do’s and don’ts that goes out with every loan disclosure package and it can often be passed over because people are just like electronically signing and they’re just moving on. But I make it a point to pull that document out and throw it up in front of the client in fact with it. It’s a real it’s a real thing. So we want to look at it’s not just to add a piece of paper like literally we have so many dumb disclosures like for example to yesterday we got an e-mail that said that we had a new disclosure that was going to be required and some of the states that were in that said that someone had to disclose any domestic partnerships that they might have. Got this stupid. Ok this is the dumbest disclosure in the world. Ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of people are going to blow right over it sign it and move on. It’s what but the do’s and don’ts is not a dumb disclosure that’s there and it’s really not a required document that we even need to get signed. It’s a document that’s designed to pull things up to the surface so that people don’t have pain because when you miss a payment we’ve had it. We’ve got a client right now that’s currently in credit repair. Guess why is the payment. Yeah they’re in contract.

And it’s it’s interesting the dynamic jump between humans and you know married people because the wife or humans and married people are we talking about like married people they like married people. No I think like really that people are humans but then adding humans that are married is like a whole different element Gotcha. So husband wife right. And the husband is literally like if we don’t get this house I’m divorcing you. Like literally it’s like a big deal. I love you. But we have to get this house or I don’t love you more.

Tulsa Mortgage Yeah and then and then when the when the wife doesn’t make payments on like four different accounts while they’re in the process and we do a pretty close credit I mean they’re done. And their credit score drop fell like 75 points and now they don’t qualify. And you’re like literally we had this discussion in the office and it’s like. Is divorce her because he’s like been very adamant about this. He’s like I’m not doing this with you anymore because if you don’t and it’s like you said that’s a tough tough tough. But the point is is it that everybody gets busy in the loan process because there’s a lot going on.

Tulsa Mortgage OK. You’ve got a job your move and maybe the kids are changing schools. There’s all this stuff that’s going on. Maybe you’re working out how to forge your mail and you’re getting excited about the move and you’re setting up the the new utilities and you figure out how do get water on the day that I start. How do I get my lecture city working how do I get all that stuff right. And then therefore. Something gets missed so you know if you’ve got a credit card what I would recommend if you’re not set up on like the text alerts and the the get the app on your phone alerts and all that is like when you’re in the process of buying a house set up every freakin alert that you can’t put a calendar reminder for every single bill that’s possibly going to come due.