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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 157 – Part 1


Tulsa Mortgage This is the Steven Tyler show episode number one fifty seven.

To Steven with Steve Curry Tom and Tyler wife. And daughter. Are. Very smart.

Good for you. They’re talking about everything you need to know. No one knows what it’s like to get ready.

Here’s Steve.

This is Tyler Wyvern of the Steven Tyler show. Steve will be in here momentarily. In fact there he is.

Today we’re going to be talking about. Can I increase my credit score overnight. Yo what up PayPal’s is Steve Currington dot com.

Tulsa Mortgage That’s had a toddler start. He’s here. Ticker’s not ticket. Oh what. Tick tick tick bro. What a replay of the intro. Yeah guys I came in late. I just got here. I was I was in Guam and now I’m kidding. What are we talking about Tyler.

Can I increase my score. And I gotta figure that out coming in from Guam because I was in the future.

Or you heard me because you’re behind me.

Right. So. This is kind of a pet peeve of mine. Now I will tell you if you can see this on the video I am the 13th most patient more professional so I show a lot of patience all the time. That’s my bronze eagle trophy that I receive from the Canadian NBA. But I have a hard time. You know. Having patience with people who think they’re going to. Fix. The seven or eight or 10 years worth of stuff they’ve done to their credit or it might not happen.

So. This podcast could end right now because the topic is can I increase my credit score overnight.

Tulsa Mortgage What is the answer to that. Nope no no no.

Over a couple of nights. Now actually I take that back there too. Oh there’s a way. There’s probably going to go to jail. What is it. Well you just go by somebody else’s Social mittimus.

Oh yeah I’ve done that. Just kidding.

I had art over a highly illegal and you could like create a whole new profile which by the way we had a client this last year that had two social’s because his parents immigrated here and they got him a tax ID number or something.

And then apparently use that and then when he was a certain age he got. A. Social and now he has to credit Proyas software. So you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to do that.

Tulsa Mortgage But there are some ways we call it a rapid rescore that I can increase your score to get you the optimum rate or to get you the loan program that you want. It’s not necessarily overnight you got to go make a payment. We’ve got to we call it a rapid rescore we have to order it through the bureaus and it only does it for us because we’re paying for it. So if for example tiler someone comes in they’ve got a sick 15 credit card to be at 6:30 and I tell them what if simulator run it go pay 300 bucks on this credit card your credit score is going to go to 640. OK. So I do that. We do the rapid rescore we pay for what is. We pay. 35 bucks per bureaux per trailer. So if I wanted to increase the score on two bureaus which typically LA Times what you’re going to need. Then I’m going to pay 35 bucks per bureaux so that $70. Per trade and so 70 bucks one trade 70 bucks if I had to trade lines I’d update that’s going to be 140 bucks a day in my head by the way. No calculator. So then you go make the payment. You show me that you’ve made such said payment. I go to my credit vendor and I say hey go verify this has been done and give me an updated report with their new scores. OK.

If you said Ha I don’t even like I don’t like Currington I don’t even like tiler those guys my.

Now that I got my credit rescored I’m going to go to a different lender and to show you. Not necessarily going to happen. Now

if your creditor has reported those payments and it just happens to be like a pretty good timing thing. Then. Your score might anchors. But something very important Tyler if we did do that. We said Hey. Go pay these things let’s restrict the I learn this with one client one time. Hamlet when to when we got the rescore back the balances were higher.

Do you remember those things. Do you remember that. Are you talking about. And I was like what Sam. I was like What.

How was. Balance higher. That is. What so I called him. A Bob or whatever and I was like Hey so. MEMBER We told you to pay down that cap one card to $312. Yeah. And we told you to pay down that one other card to X you up and then we’d pay like 200 whatever. I mean was a lot it was like 200. But I mean with three trades it was like a big deal. He’s like. Like the balances are higher like on all. Is it. Get ready for it. He said. Oh. I don’t know that I couldn’t keep using them.

Tulsa Mortgage And drop them like cows right now. But. You know what I learned from that. Shit isn’t it. That’s my fault because I didn’t tell the guy. Don’t use the cards until I get the rescore back. So guess what we did. He paid it down again.

We paid the money. Had it rescored and then we went on down the road and some of the loan officers out there that are watching on television to be like oh that guy isn’t any.

And why do it. No it’s your fault you’re the professional. You should have told them. It’s your fault. It’s not the client’s fault.