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Tulsa Mortgage : ┬áPodcast 156 – Part 1


This is Steve Currington dot com and the Steven Tyler show episode number 156.

Tulsa Mortgage To Steven Tyler with Steve Curry tom tom and Tyler while. Negotiating partner. Is. Very smart.

Good for you that they’re talking about you know. No one knows what it is like just get ready. Here’s Steve.

I’m Steve. That’s Tyler. There’s kind of a big deal.

What’s happening. It’s the Steven Tyler show. Welcome to podcast. Today we’re talking about what’s a credit simulator talent. I just talked about this like off the air. And so I am ready for a fight. Ok I’m ready. Hey you’re watching on total ending you just remember today. I’m not going to tell you the day because I really don’t want to date us but this is the day. That I really should tell what this is going to be. I told him I said do you come at me like that on air I dare you. So if you’re watching turtling and you were talking about a credit credit simulator so a lot of people say what that is that I really understand what it is. If you’re a consumer just say you know your lender. Can run this simulator that tells them how they can apply funds toward debt that you have on your credit or collection accounts or whatever to increase your credit score. So we just had a client today that really needs to come a private 15 20 points. We will do a conventional loan. And. Here’s the interesting about it specifically because you know if I’m talking about so we’re going to cover something in our own brains here. Once they do get to that then they still have to get in a privileged rate. So it’s not like. You can do that and then it’s just like guaranteed.

So you came in to run it through to find out until or right so the reason why this was a little contentious let me I think it’s like Stuart you know the reason why it was kind of like contentious right there with Tyler because Tyler was like. I said well you know I wasn’t specific I asked you to run the credit simulator and not the what ifs. To which Tyler said. Sam do you remember Tyler said Tyler. Would you say oh it’s only.

On one say on one side and one you push one button it tells you exactly what to do with your credit score. We want to do the same. The other one let us get a Jaquith and you get it. Manipulate the numbers and take 10 minutes.

This is like a button. This is going to be deadly. Everybody get ready. To go. Good for you here. All right.

Tulsa Mortgage So a credit simulator simulates if I had a certain amount of cash in this case I don’t know if you noticed on the simulator but it said if you had $5000 in cash. So it’s assuming that the client has five thousand dollars in cash to go increase their credit score. OK. And if the client does have five thousand in cash they will tell you specifically what to do to get the best optimization of your credit score.

You think the what if simulator literally says well what if I took this amount of money.

And applied it here. What if I took this amount of money and applied it here. And the reason why they’re different and I see him is two different things is because first of all not everybody has fiber and apply to anything. So doing that and sending that simulator to the client when they do they don’t have five thousand bucks to apply to those things really is is pointless because they don’t have the five grand in first place and on the simulator I can it is tedious and tilers right. You have to go through and change stuff around.

Tulsa Mortgage But I have found that I can get credit score increases on the what if simulator that the. Analyzer that the analyzer didn’t get. It because It to play with it and I’m going to tell you how. OK so I had a lady had a. Share a show like it’s an 800 credit score on one bureau and she had a 698 and like a 7 0 6 the only thing she had. Was to collection accounts. She had two collection accounts and they were medical. One was $70 almost 32 bucks. It is ridiculous. What what. So. When I did the what ifs me later and I said because this is what the the analyzer won’t do. The Analyzer won’t say delete an account because it’s it can analyze that it doesn’t have a brain. You know it’s like well those accounts here if you pay this so all the analyzer would say maybe pay off that medical.

I can go to the simulator and say get it delete it. Pay for deletion letter get something that. And what does it do. Just because I want to know what effect is this collection account really having on our score it isn’t reporting to Experian and she’s an 800 but it’s reporting to changing and Equifax and Sheezus 698 and 5:53. Well. What does that collection of. So I delete one of them because what if I let you do that. Just didn’t want to done changing.

Tulsa Mortgage I mean I think she got 10 points. When I deleted both of them. She was talking to her. I mean all her scores were in line. So then I knew because then I could tell the client hey if you pay this because here’s the deal if you pay these off it’ll get you eight points and it’s going to change the rate or anything.

Tulsa Mortgage If you are able to call which we’ve been very successful doing this in the past because medical stuff that 70 bucks or something you can call the company pay it.