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Tulsa Mortgage : ┬áPodcast 15 – Part 2

Tulsa Mortgage completely made up what is probably pretty close richer just like all of our statistics were Gessler Ricky we make up our statistics and you shouldn’t know that treatment like to work but correctly I think I need it to there we go the path of that’s the hot source social let’s thought sauce we have hot sauce and O Chana wants to be on the show sometime so a Chandler we can W Jones show sometime you can talk about baseball I could stuff going on right now come actually like ready come down on a and you get on the show I doubt become this, Facebook weaving that Ricky was sorry for you podcast listeners we are on Facebook live in people are commenting about the Mike covering my face my politics you talk directly into my we have to speak directly in the micro doesn’t work so 99% of all people have an escrow counted as a call to do so that’s completely made up but it’s really not so there’s a lot of people that have an escrow account correct Tyler just how many ones of you closed in your lifetime where they did not escrow I can probably count one hand I think of I you I know how many loans Tulsa closed and your product on zero and scope those rude those rude but seriously having occupied, one or two hands and articles on loans like hundreds thousands won’t most people just escrow because it’s easy right so but here’s a link to his like grumpy last like why do you have to include that in your monthly debt ratio requirements

Tulsa Mortgage January you okay that’s better so I think that my debt ratio requirement was because as part your monthly outlay partier payment that you got to come up with every month I mean what why would that be any different than anything else to get the pay monthly I have to casually that a near payment because it’s part of your monthly payment so therefore it is required for me to calculate and your monthly payment like the lifts the benefit of escrow compared opting out of gas there is no benefit in less you’re one of those people that I just think if you’re taxes and insurance are 1012 50,000 bucks a year and you can put that money into a savings account or money market account make interstellar Tyler that the my make sense your while I counted the people dissing about this taxes are due in December right was a taxes or $15 your stroke of 1500 or check in December was a taxes or 8500 bucks okay X because he was this gigantic house on topics we consider 8500 bucks what else is in December

Tulsa Mortgage Christmas Christmas dearly one-stroke and 8500 R check around Christmastime Rowand is to buy that up over 12 months make it a little bit easier on yourself make it manageable now nothing new became manager but understanding is a laborious thing he’s saying the 70s is an opponent and him in an escrow account its interest-bearing and they make money from your money to all probably but the alternative is that if you individually on a choice a few documents alone you have a choice but if you’re taxes and insurance app we do at the same time in your taxes like Rick or 8500 bucks a year because he which Rich Rick then your stroke in the world attacked or the inch if your insurance is 3000 your taxes are either hundred you’re literally good at 11,500 art expect one check but to write your stroke your member the other members out yet that feeling to service in your bill but you also have to remember to paint so that’s statistic that we just broke down for you guys is that 99% of all people escrow which is completely made up so’s handling yet simply made up its completely made up its completely made up so I think at this point it might be time for

Tulsa Mortgage summer and I Rick said that’s a big check to stroke it might give him a stroke via Google will estimate the dynamite is stroke and you might pass out so listen here’s the story so we we talked up his long time so Rick being a realtor you know this we have people that say my realtor told me that my payment was in the X and we submitted offer house and they were online they did my bike in the Later Bela Loblaw and they call me because they’re in contract of house and the night till in the roping writer didn’t think that’s like a festive that’s what it’s like what what payment is what anywhere and then it sounds like we are the bad guys because they didn’t have with the payment was right and right now but it’s not us that’s the bad guy it’s that you should never been talking to your realtor about what your monthly payments were because your realtor doesn’t do your mortgage document are aiming Tyler setting in that’s it very similar to what happens when you’re in church you say amen similar very similar so why to at they try to be the Noel I don’t I really don’t they’re not bad people do not a bad people but they make mistakes because they are not professional mortgage lenders were Gessler said it’s better to be the second realtor to help those people after the first one gets fired for trying to catch the statements the in whatever that happens we’ll gone to such as I was tired into the shock answer anyone tell is an answer

Tulsa Mortgage anyone began that something guys it’s like your realtor why are you talking them is using answer if you while your potential taxation just you want to know if you have to have an escrow account when an escrow account is due this torture lender know what your principal interest taxes and interest payment is see you know how much your loan cost you monthly instead of writing it offer on a house that maybe you can or can’t afford and whether you cannot is really immaterial because we talked about this a previous podcast it’s not about what you force about what you’re comfortable with kissing you talk yourself into a higher payment because your realtor talk to them by not telling you what the payment is coming by misinforming you of what the payments and everyday cultures nothing but the truth not half the troops have the truth is this anti-hybrid pork repurchased on I wrote was my insurance quote of older waiting on that boat on getting alive call from Nathan Ellsworth who Nathan Nathan, I live

Tulsa Mortgage on a podcast for now be of a mortgage question during podcast/we can help you eventually said he has a poor 70 credit score and easily neutralized and he wants to know what rating on the 60 your mortgage what’s reassess will on the tell you out time when calling asking that that’s oh just want on I just the industry our new that anybody so the listen that guys about as crazy as anybody that goes up find house Alyssa Sirota Robert yet there’s nothing wrong with each of what guys if you can get a house that’s three times as wide as a matter house get think that’s trouble might but if that’s the case and interest just do your thing but don’t talk this if you don’t go to the younger the pharmacist like is this cancer know you don’t you go to the doctor so you don’t go to the realtor and say that’s my payment because Allender that’s the lesson the afternoon about PFT a payment see no amateur loan loans are cost that’s a lesson today folks illness around when the time for that anyway that’s a guys that’s our Pacific today enjoy having