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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 15 – Part 1

Tulsa Mortgage This is episode 15 of the Steven Tyler show I’m still trying to.com and is a time and I is is hello people I was talking to the people limits the charts are about this mortgage and global mortgage and almost more junior like act like I’m talking to you Arlington mortgage loan studio okay Columbia mortgage is not in the studio different spirit is below mortgage in student almost a mortgage industry guards find more ensure your life on Facebook but the connection is very weak so it says and I don’t know why it’s not connecting but I’m cancel it coordinate go back up in the second okay those of you watching live on Facebook who won’t hear this right now, said anyone we are broadcasting live with episode 15 and worrying a backup source on metadata today we’re talking about islanders use monthly tax and insurance payments and debt ratio why do they mean Have to do what because it’s a lot vastly that is calculated in the monthly debt Taxes and insurance like mortgage insurance while I can have it to their document accident or so what kind of insurance of the some same homeowners what homeowners also known as hazard insurance hazard insurance’s the insurance is in place if anything were to happen your home like what like a tornado in doing tornadoes in Oklahoma definitely want

Tulsa Mortgage to use an image doctrinal video action I’m not kidding when we been really aren’t coming of the tornadoes of been crazy Oklahoma they item not getting regularly 45 minutes ago eight, doggone it went southwest of us went on the TV and assorted guard so what is that mean when you talk about monthly tax and insurance payments will the taxes and insurance are only do once a year and normally different times machine alone in December but in a that we have to calculate that as a monthly payment so that way there’s enough money and something regarded on the physical escrow General Yeah I got to work on the money is in the escrow account what is that comprised of want to reserves for your taxes and insurance so they can get paid when there do annually so we break it down see the cannot pocket a full however much as in a be every year is coming a smaller payment every month in an escrow account seven… What is the final Alaska will you have that option get 20% under well defined between percent on a desk or like

Tulsa Mortgage I have to have an escrow, such between personnel you didn’t to required in interesting escrow is not a bad thing at a costing more money now a cost you zero more money zero dollars dollars how many dollars as a costly zero I’m adding it up right now seems like it’s constantly dollars the second daughter so would like what they do with the money like every night every night as I make my mortgage payment I have a problem entertainment and then there’s a portion of that because my taxes apportioning is my insurance that money sits in an escrow account for you all your toes become due but don’t charge me to they do not board is a money to your taxes and insurance alert is set the holier sits in an escrow account with like so just a account it’s in an account with Virender and then they went how they get notified when something’s do I have a no one to pay my taxes and insurance while your insurance is due entirely to his life and say they’re all for the most part unless you and also allude to our regular load in less remotes is arguments unless he will change their insurance during the life of the loan so maybe June For the most part your insurance enemy do every single June 20 by adolescent renews this restaurant policy renews I get it unless you change of life in owner you buy a house in June and five years from now you getting your insurance policy and August packaging since I got cheaper insurance I got it in all artists so my than my renewal date change is at Dutch exact blood taxes that are due in December for everyone so when you like if I’m out looking for a house with a realtor in the right book this house is on an €50,000 repayment it’s $980 on including that move had including the taxes and insurance and that likely become electrolytic you can buy a house for nine or New York Alex really do it while doing that there is like his are using some like online mortgage decorator that doesn’t actually taxes and insurance probably just a principal and interest actually, as well as common on you’re going to find so whenever you Google but how much I knows it is even madder at me like my mortgage

Tulsa Mortgage payments 980 on the online daily bopper with my mortgage payment with taxes measured about 1 million how much more can be in a distant then summarily every house is different, you were since the most it can be Tyler Green like 200 bucks can depends where that is a house in the middle of nowhere is out right in the Senate there’s not a lot of closer something that I can be more amateur taxes that are very warlike average like Obama does or how psychometry do estimate for taxes like what 1500 year 1800 you like zero year 500 I wish I could give in average to legitimately estimate buying 190,000 our house and I think the taxes are $100 a year but hereby the same house right in the smack dab in the middle of Tulsa Index Rongen of the 2000 actually so 2000 I 12 O 2400 R 12 is 200 so my pain is 980 principal and interest then when you add taxes now it’s 1180 the run insurance and helping more so I My browser insurance agent so he’s always going to be cheap insurance Jerusha followers administrator area death by you have an F rating with the interest wall giving worst of breaks I have to make a claim so absolutely and totally play along here because many just joined and I was laughing that but listen guys on in the the point is in that little exercises that yet your insurance is your insurance is a managed it can be expensive so you shall be prepared for the fact that your insurance can be expensive and if you’re cackling

Tulsa Mortgage principal and interest payment only at 980 even your you might as well be cackling your interest payment at 0% interest rate exactly sites will irreparably with no interest will be a lot different than what would be with interest right and added taxes and insurance to it and by the way if you want to govern alone have to have a escrow You required to have it interdimensional not necessarily required out of the day make you pay do not have it and liability that online calculator and they determine that there am today no kidding are going on it you’ll find an email from the other day that said I’m doing this math and I This pain about things right please tell around a wrong when the user onto front was weekly and accident will recall that the ITI PR ATI principal interest taxes and insurance on the Gessler page Chandler Hudson what’s going on labor were just doing live podcast from Riverwalk so let’s go on to our next level in the that the mystic this statistic will kick you in the mystic by 99% of all people have an escrow account and it doesn’t cost you any more money to do so that is