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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 149


Tulsa Mortgage This is Steve Currington dotcom and the Steven Tyler show episode number 1:49.

Steve. Steve Kerr and Tyler. Smart

good for you. There is no one knows what it is like to get ready.

Tulsa Mortgage Steve Tyler Tyler the man we’re recording in a pod cast and right before right before. We’re close. So we just figured out today we’re talking about building your dream 100 list. So you’re a loan officer you’re watching on total ending you maybe you’re a consumer and you’re like What the heck is a dream 100 list. Well Guaranteed Rate we are very specific. Rather than have a shotgun blast of marketing we have a sniper rifle right now. Yes.

So what we do is we target top producing real estate agents builders CPS accountants people that run into our people that buy houses right.

Tulsa Mortgage That would be good referral sources and that are top British or so and in the beginning when we started the dream 100 Tyler what did we see some of the dream 100 list. What was on them like what people were there. People it shouldn’t be the people that shouldn’t be there. That’s right. Because people they really understand what a dream $100. So we wanted to do this podcast and video so that you could kind of understand when when your new loan officer or an old one and you’re building your dream 100 list what does it consist of. Case I’ll tell you like I told one of our loan officers in Missouri. This is not a dream. One hundred people I know list. Right. Right. It’s a dream 100 list which means it’s a dream. It’s it’s not a I know 100 people. Like that’s all it is. So the idea behind it is to find let’s say for a mortgage guy a good referral relationship would be with a top producing realtor or a top producing team right like the Hawken seem like we have here. So if I worked for a different company and I was already working with J.B. and her team she might be on my dream 100 list because she’s somebody who I know sells a lot of houses has a lot of clients that need mortgages and could potentially be a good referral source for me to do a lot of mortgages with a lot of people. Right. So I want her on my dream 100 list because I want to do business with her.

Tulsa Mortgage The reason it’s important for you to find top producers is because there are I mean we prices at many times are somewhere between 3000 or 4000 realtors just in this market that we’re in. We’re in Tulsa Oklahoma don’t know where you’re at but it’s probably about the same. It’s just a lot of agents and our Realtor Association estimates at 10 percent them do it for a living and it’s pretty common. Tyler used to be a realtor we talked about the Prius but guess so you know Tyler how many realtors that you dealt with when you were a real estate agent sold a bunch houses. Very few. Tyler worked on a team where they sold a ton of them. But even on that team there were some realtors that didn’t have very much experience that also didn’t sell any house that they just did. They didn’t laugh. They didn’t last very long. Right. So if you were going to tar so just saying about like this if you were going to target somebody that you wanted to do business with would you want to target someone who sells 100 houses a year or two I would want 100 Yes.

That person would be more than I want to do.

You are the person that when you call they say I’m really busy. How is that right now coming. I’m really busy somehow around the community. You know that person that’s on it.

If they actually are selling them. Right. But here’s the thing. You know we’re in the age of the Internet the inter-webs. And there’s lots of services out there that provide production information for real estate agents and how many houses a builder builds and all kinds of stuff. So I mean their services list reports is a big one were it. I mean you can pull reports that will tell you how many houses someone listed and how many what percentage of them sold. You can have how many buyers they were. I mean there’s like a hundred different ways to find out if someone’s a top producer or not. Not because they have a billboard. OK. Because there’s there’s teams in Tulsa that have billboards they’ll sell the houses they did.

So that would not be the indicator. It’s not like a billboard. Oh yeah. The drillers. They’ve got a big ad at the driller’s. They must be big time. They’re big time in it.

Yeah they are big time and with a big check to be on the driller’s ad you know. But the drillers are our baseball team in Tulsa and cushion them the whole stroller. So. You don’t necessarily right Tyler want to just target someone because they’ve got a big truck or a big ad you know it might be likely but it isn’t necessarily true that just because they advertise in said magazine or on billboard or whatever that they’re like about your houses. So you really want to get maybe professional referrals people that know that know people that know that they sold materials and people that know that they have experience that they’re selling about real estate people that could maybe get you information on how many houses they sold in the last two three months 12 months whatever. And these are the people that you’re going to build your dream 100 list.

If it was easy to get a top producing agent and team Tyler what would happen anyway that everybody would do it.

Everybody would. So if it was easy everybody would do it. So you have to be persistent and diligent and you just have to go after. I’ve got a builder that’s in town that I’ve wanted to do business with. So guess where they’re at. Tyler on my dream dream my dream 100 list. So they’re all my dream 100 list and therefore. They get called they get appointment set. They’re constantly on my radar. For somebody that I want to do business with and we’ve done some business with them some but it takes time. You know if you could walk into it a builder that sells 300 houses a year and just be like hi I want to be your preferred lender. Right. And they were like Oh God. Man.

It’s. Funny that you you’d walk in right now because we’d just fired all our preferred lenders and we’re just hoping that someone walk in the door and offer to be our Berliner.

Tulsa Mortgage No they’re not going to be like buy. I’m busy. No we already had two preferred winners. You’re not going to be on a preferred lender list. No. We don’t like you. Nope nope nope. Go away.

And then one day you know what happened to that lender can’t do something and they can’t get it closed. And so what they did they sent it to me and then I got it.

So the dream 100 is designed for you to target top producing realtors and refer reporters not for you to target 100 people that you know they should be uncomfortable for you they should be people that you don’t know people that you want to know people that you.

Just OK three days ago someone totally unrealistic said hey this agent I know said stubborn and fix. And I’m like OK who is well.

Tulsa Mortgage And he told me that it felt like she’s one of us. I’m not going to suffer going to Cookie’s. He’s like well you know she she has a Sutherland’s she works with and all she does is take that box of cookies and she takes it to her house and she a target. And like cool she can keep taking it and giving it to her kids. Follow me. Funny thing about it is I’ve dropped off cookies without agent I don’t know six months maybe it it’s been a while. I haven’t. I mean I know what it is. I dropped it off in a long time but I dropped them off for a long time. I mean I was on top of them for ever. They’re still my dream but they’re still getting calls. They’re still getting someone’s calling to set appointments with them but they’re talking about it right.

Here’s what’s happening. They’re still not meeting with me by the way. She’s on my list but she’s not meeting with me but she’s talking to other people that I know about the fact that she’s not going to meet with me. She’s having those discussions.

My name is in her. Conversations every day because I’m targeting her. You know she’s I’m to be on her list. So the win win loss or so all of us was on her list. That’s what you’re supposed to put on your dream 100 list. How long did it take you to build your dream 100 this time.

It took me a little while.

Tulsa Mortgage I mean when I really bogged down on it like most people find it like Tyler and he didn’t do it for months like there was no dream 100 list for months and then it was like Make your last and that was like make. And then it was like automake. And then finally when he like literally sat down and focused on making his list. He got a good 100 list and then you know we went through it. We killed a couple of people that are on there we took them off because they just weren’t good ones maybe or they tended to not working out so now you have somebody in your dream. You think is great. And they’re they’re not and so you just take them off sometimes you have people that in Colorado Springs we had a loan officer that basically they pulled production and they split this list Tyler based on the top producers and on the one loan officer he had they had basically told to go jump in a lake like the people who homes. His whole list was read. So I did the only thing that is reasonable and I told him to just make the whole list why to get in or calling him again. And you know what he got. He’s getting appointments with those agents now because he’s being consistent. You know what you’re getting 10 nos from the same person and so was on the 11th one you’re going to get to yes.

So when you’re building your dream 100 list make sure you build it with people that are producers that are top producers so that you can grow yourself and your business not necessarily somebody that you just know. Devon Devons in the house.

Tulsa Mortgage That’s all we got today guys broadcasting live from the koala’s studios in Tulsa Oklahoma. You’re listening to this entire show