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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 142 – Part 1


This is Steve Currington dot com in the Steven Tyler show episode number 142. Steven Tyler and Steve Cochran and Tyler while negotiating aren’t are good for the Smarts Tulsa Mortgage.

Good for him that they’re tough on them.

No one it is like to get ready. Steve jojo. Tyla what. Today we are. I got a competitive quote from another winner. I have a client who said hey somebody else is giving me a better deal. How do you handle that happening recently.

A lot yeah.

Tulsa Mortgage At least two in the last week to talk about that. Honestly whenever you’re talking to somebody if it’s a lead or whatever and they’re like I’ve already got a quote from somebody else.

Well at that point you have nothing left to lose.

Nothing. I

mean worst case are you going to say where they’re at.

So for them.

Worst case for you. Yeah.

Tulsa Mortgage I mean you just get their quote so do everything you can to tell them. I mean we will be absolutely competitive. We will beat them and rate we will beat them in cost. But the important thing is is people will tell you oh yes I got the I got a call and they gave me a. Actually they’re paying me interest.

It’s like a negative 2 percent rate. And I’m being sarcastic but it’s bull crap. Like people will say that consumers that are out there listening.

OK a lot of people blow smoke. They tell us Oh man yeah because they think by just saying that they got a 2 percent interest rate that we’re just going to be OK we’ll match that.

The fact of the matter is you didn’t get a 2 percent interest rate now because they don’t exist. So we know that because we do this every day.

Right. So what I do and what Tyler does is we get a copy send us the quote right. That cuts through the bull. You know it just does when it overcomes I mean more than one objection. There can be multiple attached to that honestly because it can be one of Marty pre-approve.

I’m going to go well I want to be competitive. I mean your quote.

Well I don’t mean to pull him out.

We don’t have to put your quote.

Tulsa Mortgage I mean if you’re experience enough you should be able to look at somebody else’s quote and get a general idea of where they are credit wise and everything else. I mean it’s pretty pretty easy to decipher that. So you don’t necessarily have to pull credit again and you will after you beat their quote you can. But but the we’re the proof is in getting the quote because it just like a lot of times people this just happened to me they were like well I don’t really I just have an email from them that just says what the terms are ok I will send me that e-mail. So they sent me an e-mail that was just some loan officer that had like typed in an e-mail that he thought the rate might have been X or I knew right knew or didn’t do so. Well it’s always o’clock come on Brian. We’re doing our podcast. You got to come in and contribute. Can you get in the queue is Mike up that middle one. You don’t want to. All right.

So. Welcome to the show Brian. We’re talking about overcoming objections like whenever someone tells you they got a quote from from another lender. I got one already. Thank you. Brian brought energy drinks to the house.

So yeah. And I said I think the best part about it is you overcome multiple objections right then and there. If you can get their quote right.

So hey brian come now if you come around here we’ve got video recording and we’ve got your mike cued up so you can contribute a little bit if you want to.


Tulsa Mortgage What we’re talking about Brian is like hey I talked to somebody and they said well I’ve already got a quote from another lender you know. And what Tyler is talking about this has happened a couple of times in the last week. Where is he where he’s had to compete with that quote and how do you handle that. How do you overcome that and what what we were just talking about is just getting the quote just getting a copy of it so that you can prove that they’ve actually got a quote. And many times people have just gotten a verbal over the phone from someone else or that they’ve called or they got. Well I was just talking about I got an email where they typed it in there what I do and Tyler and I just talked about this last week I had a guy who’s doing new construction you know talking about.

Tulsa Mortgage Stand up guy. And Stan found me. It was referred to me by somebody and he said My house has to be done about six weeks and I’m chopping around from my permanent home. Great. So what I do is I encourage people to get multiple quotes. I just do because I think it’s a good idea for you to do as a consumer especially when you’re this guy who has a less than 80 percent loan is going to be about 70 percent loan to value. He has about 780 credit score. He is. I told him this. Anybody that wants. That. Or every single lender in town will want to do your mortgage because you’re the perfect customer. You’re your 800 credit score below 80 percent loan to value. It’s going to be a slam dunk easy your W-2 you know incomes perfect everything’s perfect so anybody. Wants you as a client. And so do I. So I’ll quote you and I’ll be super competitive and all that but. Definitely worth your while for you to get other quotes. How many other quotes did he get. None zero.