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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 141 – Part 2

We had an agent that did that one weekend and had over 100 leads it just came from sharing that property Web site because for people to watch things like the virtual tour they have to register name email phone numbers so you do get some that are bogus. But you get leads from it. All right. Next collectively we’ve done the math on how old we all are in the business. And while we’re not a company that’s been around for 20 years we’ve got a lot of experience so we’ve added up our just in our executive team. Tyler we’ve got over a hundred years of experience just between about four or five people. So we’re all veterans and we know how to get those skills and that’s important people to make things. Our tensions are communication these are two core values that we are very focused on as a company Tulsa Mortgage.

The attention to detail kind of speaks toward that TBD and right that we do because we’re taking care of the details up front and then throughout the entire process of the loan when you’ve got a client with us Tyler they’ve got every time like a loan to get submitted to underwrite and we order appraisal the loan gets approved there’s communications that are automated go out we have videos that go out to the listing the buyer’s agent and the buyer that tell you what the next step in the process is what’s happening now what you can expect the difference between an appraisal and a home inspection. The loans approved that type of stuff so we’re huge on communication. And in addition to the e-mails that go out we’re just communicate. So we’re going to answer the phone when you call and we’re going to be the lender that makes the outbound call they give you an update on a file versus having to chase us down to find out what’s going on. The e-mails that we sent are designed for you not to have to call us.

Tulsa Mortgage You know when it’s 11:00 at night you’re trying to figure out what’s happening with the file and then you remember oh I got an e-mail from TLC Oh they’re approved yay or oh the appraisals. So those updates are there and then the other big thing I mentioned in the beginning we the big CD thing right. Yes I have a closing because you go out so one of the things we do we use we issue the closing disclosure before to close. This happens a lot. In fact our underwriters are are trained that when the file meet certain requirements that they automatically will say updated approval not necessarily close but updated approval. OK the issue CD so what that means is many times we’ll get a CD out. A week. I mean we’ve had them before at Tower Two weeks before closing. And then while we have that three days for them to sign the CD and for the waiting period before they can close we can clear up other conditions. So that’s how another way that we get to that 21 day closing guarantee. Next thing on our products just like a lot of lenders we’ve got a lot of products that go to a really low credit score. So while the percentage of people that we can do with a 580 credit score. There’s all the people that qualify but we do offer them FHA V8 real development we can do down 580. Just be prepared for some we call Overleigh. So there’s other conditions that apply that ratio requirements are more strict credit requirements are more strict explanations. That type of stuff.

Tulsa Mortgage But we still have the product we can go FHA can and already down to 580 conventional 620. Next right after I close alone what are your thoughts. I have a five year follow up campaign that goes out in the co-brand with you. So that means every holiday loan anniversary e-mail communication whether it go in the mail by e-mail it’s going to co-brand with the agents in fact you will get an e-mail every time a communication goes out by e-mail or when your clients explaining that hey this was just sent out on your behalf. Every time a card isn’t in the mail you will get an e-mail communication that says hey I we just communicated with this client on your behalf. I just got about 10 of them yesterday. We had a bunch of e-mails you price on Yeah that went out yesterday that are just ongoing communication with people for five years. OK. So Will co-brand with you so that we can turn that client into the client again when they want to buy again. And then lastly we’re number one in Google in most of our markets for the terms that we want. In fact we just got. I would say number one we got to page 1. We just got on page one in Colorado Springs for for Colorado Springs mortgage. We’ve been on page one in number one or number two in Tulsa for a long time. So we refer clients to realtors. Many times we get. Clients that don’t have a realtor.

Tulsa Mortgage And so what we do is we try to match those clients up with agents that we do business with because we just like you when we refer someone out as an extension of us and we want to work with realtors that we have done business with that we can that we know like in trust right. So there’s the one sheet guy so you can see not a lot of interaction because tilers is sleep which is probably maybe the case sometimes with some realtors that you meet with. So you just have to know how to rock through the yawns and then maybe you can get this sound bite or you wake up. But you’d have to personalize one for your realtor. That’s all I got today. I’m Steve Currington daka.

Broadcasting live from that koala’s studios in Tulsa Oklahoma. You’re listening to the Steven Tyler show