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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 141 – Part 1

This is Steve Currington dot com and the Steven Tyler show episode number 141.

Steven Tyler would sleep in Tyler one. Ashton Kutcher is very smart.

Good for him. They’re talking to own. No one knows what it is like to use Steve Tulsa Mortgage.

Tulsa Mortgage What is happening. Tyler why Obama. So we’re here in the Thrive time studios and Jinx America and we’re going to quickly and competently present the one sheet. Now this is one sheet presentation for everything not Oklahoma right to you because there’s a little difference in our one sheet that is outside of Oklahoma so I want to make sure we’ve done this before but I want to make sure that we do it again because I think we’re really good until we do it again and then the next one is better writer. So it’s. I will tell you that I’m going to present the one sheet in the order in which it shows up on the one sheet which is what I would recommend that you do. But what you’re not going to have in this presentation is anybody. Asking questions back which will happen in real life. And what I mean by that is I can present this in ten minutes eight minutes going just flying through it right. But you’re going to say something like we have a 21 day closing guarantee and that’s going to prompt a question from a realtor. So it doesn’t exactly go like this in real life. But what I want you to do is is try to own memorize whatever you want to call it the the way that I present the things that I present to make sense to you. So it has presented this in person before right. Yes. And so you know what I’m talking about. It’s not it doesn’t go like well I’d like to go through these two knives and here they are.

Boom boom boom boom boom.

Tulsa Mortgage By the time you say X they will go oh. Talk to me about that. So you need to have a little bit of knowledge obviously of of who we are as a company so that you can elaborate on these points on everything. So number one. So Tyler you’re my realtor I’m seeing now it’s coffee time high time is going. Good. Good. Well I’m doing good man. So listen the reason I want to be with you today I wanted to take an opportunity to talk to you about what I call the TLC difference like what makes us different than other lenders. One is we have a 21 day closing guarantee and that’s pretty big now because a lot of lenders are extending their closing times because of trend and this whole closing disclosure thing that has to go out and I’ll talk about more of that in here in a minute. But we guarantee you when they close. And so what that means is if I don’t meet that 21 days and it isn’t a title issue appraisal something that’s out of our control we will pay for the appraisal for the client. So what we do. So that’s number one. Secondly what are the ways that we get there as we pretend to write every file. We issue a lot of people a lot of us before you even get in the car and show them a house. So what I want to do is pre-approve your clients but then I’m going to go a step further than most lenders.

Tulsa Mortgage And I’m going to actually collect their income documents their W-2s their pace that all that stuff that I need and I’m awesome and I’m not running and get an approval based on what we call a TBD. So to be determine property address. Right. So what that means Tyler. Is you’re going to have a full blown credit income assets approval on your client before you show my house maybe not before you show the house but at least she’ll know it’s in the works when you’re hunting. So a lot of times when people bring us a contract this just happened yesterday. Weirdly have a lot to prove. We just have to update it with the property address order title order appraisal in Iraq. So next we’ve got a marketing company that will create a website for you and I so a lot of realtors we’ve learned don’t have a good website. They have a for example K.B. Dotcom for us your work agent for its last hollowed out wire. Right. And it’s like a landing page that is like has your contact info right in it and it lives on the KW site so if you go there you can get back home and then you’re all of a sudden you’re with a different lender or a realtor. So we can build a customized Web site. We have a company a third party that does that at no cost to you. It’s pretty easy for them to do. And so if you’re interested in that let me know a lot of agents already have their own site.

Tulsa Mortgage But if you need that we’ve got it. Next we have a service called Listening booster. So this is a really cool service for. People that have listings. So if your realtor has listings this system will once we set it up every time you have a new listing it’ll create a personalized website for your listing. It creates a we have a link that we can share that has a a tour of the house maybe it’s got Talor tell me I’m missing the words. It’s a like a. They stitched all the photos together. To make a tour of the home. Right. What is this virtual tour. I can see the term pretty well hey if you’re pursuing the one she write down virtual tour. You know so. So among other things it could be I mean it it it basically creates a personalized website for every single one of your listings and we have these sign writers that go on with the tax code that people can text in and when they text in this code we capture their phone number and. We we send them the information on the property. So they get the original the property we get their phone number we call them you call them it’s a really good deal for both of us. And once it’s set up there’s really nothing that needs to happen. It’s just it connects with the MLS. If a house goes off the market we get notified if really any activity happens with that house. We don’t know if that’s a lot of agents have been successful in sharing the property link of that Web site.