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Tulsa Mortgage : ┬áPodcast 140 – Part 1

Steve Curringto: This is and the Steve N Tyler Show, episode number 140.
Speaker 2: Welcome to the Steve N Tyler Show with and Tyler Weidner.
Steve Curringto: Who negotiated the contract for you?
Tyler Weidner: A realtor.
Steve Curringto: Oh. You’re pretty smart.
Tyler Weidner: Yeah Tulsa Mortgage.
Steve Curringto: Well, good for you, man.
Speaker 2: They’re talking about everything you need to know about mortgages, home loans and more. Nobody knows mortgages like these two. Get ready because here’s Steve and Tyler.
Steve Curringto: What’s up, Tyler [inaudible 00:00:36]
Tyler Weidner: Good morning.
Steve Curringto: What’s happening? Hey. Subject today. Is it stressful to buy a home?
Tyler Weidner: It can be, but it shouldn’t be.
Steve Curringto: Oh. It can be, but it shouldn’t be. Sometimes I would say the answer is yes. Actually, it might be stressful for your lender when you buy home depending on how needy the client is. If you’re watching right now [inaudible 00:01:03] and you’re like, “Oh my god, I just had this client call and scream at me because they are freaking out about there’s screw on the back wall that needs a quarter turn and how are we going to get that fixed before they close Tulsa Mortgage?”
Maybe they’re calling because the appraisal hasn’t been done yet. Maybe they’re calling you because they don’t have their loan approval yet and they’re worried. Maybe they’re calling you because the seller has threatened to back out of the contract if they don’t have something done by this date. Maybe they’re calling you because they’re realtor is mad that you sent the title order to a different title company then what you wanted.
Maybe all those things are happening. Maybe, just maybe, you have a bad credit score and you’re nervous about the home buying process because your credit score is low. That happens. Nothing wrong with it. Just is what it is, right?
Tyler Weidner: No.
Steve Curringto: I think we can all agree that those things can cause stress. Right?
Tyler Weidner: Right Tulsa Mortgage.
Steve Curringto: Would you agree, Ty? By the way, if you’re watching on [inaudible 00:02:06], you might notice that Tyler and I are going through a growing phase. We’re both growing our hair out. Tyler is growing big long curly locks, Sam. I don’t know if you noticed, there is picture of Tyler that is on the inter webs somewhere that is with his hair really long and curly. Reminds me of Brian Norse. I hope Brian Norse listens to this. You know my friend, Brian Norse. He’s like that. He’ll grow out his hair and you’re like … It’s a whole different person.
Tyler becomes an entirely different person. He looks like a surfer, don’t you?
Tyler Weidner: Yeah.
Steve Curringto: Is that the look you’re going for though?
Tyler Weidner: No. No. Not necessarily.
Steve Curringto: Tyler is going for the surfer look. He’s like, “Hey, ladies.” Now, Tyler … just a little fact while we’re talking about home buying stress. Tyler likes to go to the lake. The man … If we could get a mobile office on a cigarette boat on Lake of the Ozarks and he could just work from there, that would be a dream. Wouldn’t it, Tyler?
Tyler Weidner: True.
Steve Curringto: Tyler needs a cigarette boat. We ought to just close our office and get a cigarette boat. Now, in the meantime before we have a lake to put it in, we’ll just put it on a trailer and then get wifi and then we’ll be good, right?
Tyler Weidner: Yeah Tulsa Mortgage.
Steve Curringto: Get your two screens going. Get everything going. That would be the perfect situation for Tyler and his hair growing out. You know why? Because that makes him not stress. Right? That’s what I would tell you. I go through that story to tell you that if you are stressed about the home buying process, you got to find your happy place.
Tyler Weidner: Yeah.
Steve Curringto: What’s your happy place? Right?
I think this is probably no surprise to anybody that knows me, but I try to bring a little humor to the home buying process. I try to have a little fun because I think people appreciate that. People are freaking out. They’re stressed. They’re worried. Things are happening.
Hold on. Somehow my soft little mat under my feet gets messed up every once in a while.
People are stressed Tulsa Mortgage so I try to bring some fun to the process. Sometimes it’s not wanted. People don’t appreciate my fun-ness. Listen, if you are finding yourself stressed, it’s perfectly normal because there’s a lot of things going on, right?
You’ve got a job because you have to pay for this house that you’re buying. You’re managing that. Maybe you’ve got kids and the kids have their stuff. None of that stops because you’re buying a house. You still have the games to get to. You still have this. You still have work. Then, maybe you’re getting inspections on the house. You’re going and looking at houses after hours and on the weekends. You’re dealing with the negotiating of the contract while you’re at work maybe. You’re back and forth with your realtor. Your boss is giving you that look like, “Hey, dude. I’m so excited for you to buy that house. Take it home. Don’t do it at work.” That’s what I would say.
Right, Tyler?
Tyler Weidner: Yeah.
Steve Curringto: Leave it at the door.
All these things are going on. There’s no question that any normal human being that isn’t like a stone, emotionally, would be stressed. There’d be some added stress. There just is. Okay? There’s just going to be. Get use to it. You’re not going to go through the process without being stressed. Trust me.
I do loans everyday. I’ve done thousands of loans and the last times I’ve bought a house, I felt like a little child. I was so stressed out about it. Now, I was doing my own loan too and I know all my problems and my great things. Try getting yourself approved for a loan from your own company. Like, “Can I get approved? I don’t know.”
It worked out, but it’s just stressful. Yeah, you know? You’re trying to decide … Here’s what to me is the stressful part. If you’re a man and you’re the provider, here’s the stressful parts. Paying for things because it’s like things come up. It’s like, “Well, we need an inspection. Well, we need an appraisal. That’s $500. We need an inspection. That’s $500. We need [inaudible 00:05:58]. That’s another $1,000, $2,000.”