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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 13 – Part 1

This is episode 13 of the Steven Tyler show and is a time and a is is title that is what is see is a real safety guess that’s how we do have a guest tonight our guest is none other than Brian Neuwirth president CEO of Ptolemy consubstantial see mortgage and tell her where we were Tulsa mortgage Colorado Springs mortgage Alamosa mortgage Pueblo mortgage: the mortgage Farmington more in Farmington more that’s right Farmington Tulsa mortgage Farmington mortgage yeah that’s right Diego those plugs in there because it is good for the thing so that we are brining with her from Colorado Springs mortgage who is a China our episode 13 and we talk about today were talking about how much did that ratios affect how much someone can borrow will help me ask you this question, student wishes affect how much I can borrow, which are.promise significance are tomorrow hundred percent in Somerset psychology old they are 100% like that it set in stone Christopher Singh is watching live on Facebook and

Tulsa Mortgage Windows Vista hello Krista who think this is so let’s let’s owned my mind destroying more, going to see so so taught talking about that some order some things like like like why the debt ratio debt to income ratio will rise Duramax or has to someone as evident as I know I make unreconciled well if you make $50,000 a year would probably can do generally know our house well alone on the is why because of your debt to income ratio where I can afford it says you Mike Bryant this is kind of a Q&A session it’s, not that is a swatch Brian worked with the Swatch watch is a necessity when you watch I have to swatch so okay so you’re telling me that if I know what kind of money I make Brian I known, dynamic and interactive work okay so why are you to tell me what my max DTR that didn’t I can make a $500 I can make it 5000 or more true if I want to write our side jobs I mean. I don’t have the cash wise there are maxed at ratio because the federal government sets it and it says that the magic number that they pull out of the air is what you should spin on your house know what this will so Brian let’s say but I’m unidimensional so should Chennai lobby putting 10% down Chennai will be a lot of hard at ratio no Tyler negative but I’m putting 10% down good either I’ve $500 the bank is a cashless also wanted to do it in the cash I love it if it was a regular you in the mortgage business is so how much tutees cost primary dollar for multiple pretty well unit several tees for a dollar you desire 100 for 350 so so are you saying likable if I was putting 5% down but I was doing like beverages didn’t then can I have think I have more to put up prides watching live wall were life awesome double life in the Syria Tyler is not a magic number they pulled out of there and out of the error they have spent millions of dollars on the studies of what we can or can’t afford that’s what Brian Wood says that after 2008 around it might’ve been so it is so smooth trying to destroy

Tulsa Mortgage Boselli Sally do anything that everyone hello everyone I know I so else are not speaking in the Mike actually over delivering the Mike so if I did want to do about bryophytes going to FHA loan could with the what maybe qualify from our house quite possibly and somewhat your credit profile looks like blitzing me with some maximum that ratio for conventional Missouri cassette number need to be working hard toward typical typically you don’t want your 45 you would if I was doing FHA could I go to like 50 you could go at 254 to be exact anything was informed market doing this most lenders will cut you off in the skin will stick either the sorry so she sees me she online on Facebook icon expected for the same of the Columbus email Brian and overture taken and that’s very picked up now, because of people like you so, the so basically comes out to Tyler’s what talking to owner because of the low programs you are required I literally always really they wanted to the paint that they on the space always I go under the talk to lenders the ants always it’s like systems you will see with systems so different programs of different BDI requirements so you will let guys I’ve good credit I have money in the bank I’ve got now got good income can use to be a waiver and cannot tediously tacit you buy a 500,000 house forgot SIGMOD so what if Stanley are saying clear can’t I just get a waiver what are we waiting we may really on the same life life can I get only the kindest weight like of their steps good and some of my decorations 80% unit in however among anyway the lab because state my income you could always get a non-Cuban non-Cuban talk to me about that brother would be a nonqualified oh we would be talking about nonqualified mortgages hello Ms. Melissa Matthews so in a non-Colorado Colorado mortgage situation that would be your like you know that the good old days of

Tulsa Mortgage subprime year you know no doubt like no income verification those Nina Ceaser stated income stated assets type stuff correct bank statement programs I will surround there are a few coming back to the deer that he writes on him are a little high little bit box
so one there’s a maxed ATI because there is the government sets it different loan programs have different getting commercial requirements and you can’t just get away so here’s a funny thing Tyler talking about the guy you met the couple is yelled it would you tell you what he said his cohort about house and he are qualified for way more than he’d twittered they were together the innocently enough the same mimic the same I had also submit the paperwork uninsulated. Five people like that… You are correct is by the water could those watercooler talks so he said hey I actually bought a house and you can’t get what she tells sky sorry if I reviewed of you qualify for what you qualify for the while domain let’s talk about that though like when people say that their life paying like I I have a friend who makes the same amount of money that I make he had you know he has decent credit I have decent credit why does he maybe you have student loans and your friend doesn’t or maybe you have a higher car payment and

Tulsa Mortgage your friend maybe your friends done a great job with his credit and you just haven’t found this all kinds of factors in their maybe your friend got a different loan then you’re getting so anything your friend had made the down don’t exactly do not tell them that are not nonlegislative and result of a bar 200,000 our house and I’m only prefer 150 right what’s the deal so listen here I mean here’s my thing though it’s like people are full it I mean like when you’re talking to your buddy about the how she got a mean utilizing India say – David it was tough and I barely got qualified and it had to jump those who decided whatever your Morgan essay what of the mouse is easy right he even asked like the you had the now fight tooth and to get approved because your mortgage I clarified you for more than what you should a lot write heard maybe for an unknown occupant: maybe mom and dad cosign for you maybe your friends are telling you that could happen to do those we can do those funds you that Facebook