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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 12 – Part 1

Episode 12 of the Steven Tyler shows Steven Tyler Moore show in time and I is is is that the it Steven Tyler fellow Tyler this you and our special guest L Presidente we call him Brian Neuwirth Steve Friday within from Colorado Springs mortgage Tyler where we query Tulsa Tulsa mortgage water are other locations we got like what Columbia mortgage we got the Warmington mortgage we Pueblo mortgage Alamosa mortgage 10 about than an almost direct its right we get the crystal bunting Dameron window Pueblo mortgage we are Colorado Springs mortgage we get this mortgage only with, like taken of the world I’m you get qualified mortgages can get qualified does anyone like Wallace that are holiday hydrolysis if you always listen to talk and and tonight about debt ratio Tyler were decorations were actually that’s private question for Brian Knowlton stovepipes on weekly salary‚Ķ

Tulsa Mortgage The presidency of the president ratios are the of the ratios that it’s the percentage of your income that is used on a monthly basis to pay your debts and that’s would be considered credit cards bank cards car loans and what things they report to your credit not including child support that factors in Christ a debt ratio issue this is correct so as a lender we look at the front and ratio Tyler the backend ratio and then we want to know what’s included like Brian just said that’s what’s included in your debt ratio but now both income and debt right can still think that’s my debt ratio Melanesia debt ratio as compared to your monthly income sorter front and backend ratio state of art so this is the front of my iPhone and this is the back of so fun and ratio would be the front how to further people in my not knowing about if you had the front of a car that would be where you’re facing in the best note that is not present we do not I’m I’m confused so what is the front end in the backend Well of the debt ratio the front and ratio is the mortgage payment compared to your income in the backend is the mortgage payment and all your other debt compared here in So if you make $10,000 a month then you rich so congratulations because you make under 20,000 year and can be happy we want alone for you as you make a human Anniversary, and related resources can be also so if you make orphan that for 584 finally we can do that ~by the courts were so if you make 120,000 your 2000 month and your mortgage payment is $2500 Tyler what is your debt reach front end product in beside case I was totally on I’m not place isn’t this out by lot Tyler’s like 80 were to show it is our Kerman confused that were doing a show but Tyler’s like oh would show like I should listen to the guy on the like is a 2580 every I THINK THEY CUT OUT I FELT TO BY EVERYTHING RICH MAKE 10,000 MONTH BUT IS 2500 WITH MY DEBT RATIO 25% WHILE THAT Did THE Identification ALL AT TO A Is Tyler Knows How to Do Simple Math so) When He Listens. So Here’s the

Tulsa Mortgage Deal Say Let’s Say That I Have a 500 or Carping of $500 Other. So Two Copayments to Cart a And I Have a $300 in Total Debt on All My Credit Cards What’s My Ratio Now Tyler 13% Only a 13 so Now That I Added Debt My Debt Ratio It down All You Added That I Thought You Were Changing up on It with the 2500 and I Only Found in Customizing and I Used Cars Today I Don’t Mr. Jones and Resolution I Remember My First Podcast so It’s Okay so Let’s Have a 2500 or More Usually Got 500 or 500 or Call $300 in Kirkland out with My Total Debt Ratio Might Combined Running in Backend 30% of China from the Button Hit Because That Was Really Good Money after We Coached You to the Answer You Got It Right You Are You That’s Just like the School System in America Today Just If You Don’t Know the Answer Looks Coaching Do It Than They Did so in the and Negative Participation of Which by the Way Is Stupid and Having English You Participated That I Think You Should Deservedly so When We Talk about What’s Included in the Front and Ratio to Clear the Backend Ratio Is Included in the Total Debt Ratio I I Put Notable Quotable Destroyed out” More like a Just an Unknown the People Think and That’s That You Can Always Use Overturn a Call Co-Author for Houma Have We Run into That Recently Tyler Yes We Had Actually

Tulsa Mortgage Double Times Recently Were Named Watson Says When the Actual She’s Is 30% and She Added up before You Did She Actually Doesn’t Do This for a Living Process That She Will Participation Ribbon We Might Want to Take Away His I Watch Me Its Capacity That’s Much of the Distraction You He Does This to Me at the Office to His I Got Listener What Okay Golden so Tell His Mom Called Me Once She Wants Him to Know That She Wasn’t That Was Mother’s Day Yesterday Sure, She Made Chicken Waffles Right so I Forgot Tyler’s like We Can Highly Use When You Got It for Relays a Minute Brian When Can I Use Overturn Assess the Presidency Affairs There’s A Lot Of Variables That Typically a YC Overtime a History Overtime over the Last 24 Months of Drought Ever However If You Look at the Guidelines for Certain Programs If You Are an Industry Where Overtime Is Mandatory and It’s Needed to Keep Your Job You Can Count or If You’re on Commission Commission and Overcome Are Very Similar Correct Visit Similar Are Legit in the SIM You LER Not Specifically Similar but Similarities with Singulair so Yes so That Goes on Our Statistic Commission and Other Personal Income

Tulsa Mortgage That Is in Stable Cannot Be Used in All Circumstances to Qualify so Recently We Had a Client Who Is Your Receiving Commission Tumor Tell You What Happened Than We Can Count Why She’s Only Been Having That Commission Encounter Marmont Setting Yes Oh She Went to from a Salary to Three Commission Really a Call Started I Had to Dismiss the the Phone Call Summons Calling in the about Mortgages and We Had to Shut down Kevin McMahon Said Deborah yet What about a Minutes or so Actually Shorts at Efforts Are Still She Been There for A While She Was Making You 20 Bucks an Hour to Choose between Now and She Decided to Be a Salesperson Which Is Pretty Good at Cheesemaking Good Money but Brian I Mean We Need to Prove This