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Tulsa Mortgage : ┬áPodcast 10 – Part 2

Tulsa Mortgage Tyler you go to month and then it’s in another two weeks get the perfect inspections you know it’s defensive literally got like 45 or 60 days wasted on Houston Iowa we should probably mention that the fact that I contract in a month on a short sale that’s actually a short time that is genuine running short about a short sale that’s right to just be aware that we are make an offer they looking for sexy thing going on right now here’s what sexy besides the sexy issue what you want the sexy thing right now to everybody’s like I’m getting the house that’s a foreclosure, to get a good deal on thank you to you because not all that study shows that are out there on HDTV that say you can buy a house with 300,000 make for 500 and it just you know of forcefully doesn’t always work out like that oh we just we lost her face with people we reconnected

Tulsa Mortgage so Happy to say that so make sure that if you’re going to make an offer on a short sale or foreclosure that you know what loan program you are using and you know the condition of the property so you can make sure that it does actually call if I for the loan program that you are trying to do because otherwise you want to be in a little bit of pain when you find out that your stroke and checks for ill like appraisals and maybe inspections only to find out that you can’t buy that house him it would be people dislike that was in my ears so let’s let’s let’s go on to action steps Tyler oh actions him him Kevin current is asking he’s my other brother from another mother from them the Celtics is area and he’s asking what is an acceptable bid below a certain price provided the kitchen commission the properties good 510% you I think a house is worth what someone is willing to pay for it so I think you need to have your realtor pull comparables in the neighborhood of houses there like an age size and condition so that you can determine what a good offer is obviously when you walk into a car lot you don’t just pay sticker price for younger

Tulsa Mortgage Scalia looks good so you need to come to determine based on what other houses of so for the area recently what a good offer is because just because the seller listed for 200 dozen ants work that the probability so by owner they have Artie talked to realtor the realtor told any lesser house for 200 they say you’re crazy for 220 50 so that and then you come in and make an offer to 20 think in your in the houses that you go to do your research you got a at every realtor that’s what’s important to have a good realtor that can negotiate a bulldog negotiating on your behalf not just okay let’s make right on is good deals of the outdated domain you can buy house a lot cheaper than maybe one is listed for some is a lot of factors look into the other good realtor Linda look at those things on the house on the market is it overpriced no such so yeah just you got a be informed Kevin you just got a be informed do your research because there’s lots of ways that you can research and demand that your dad calls the current and that’s and demand that your realtor give you a comparative market analysis on the neighborhood so that you can make sure the offer your making is legit doesn’t matter what they listed at really doesn’t because people are crazy about what they think their house is worth putting me in a real so no real thinker also work more than actually the pipedream 211 it’s a it’s a dream it storytime is Travis subject and Travis Szilagyi on he’s a client base watch and buddy good to see a on Facebook anyway so that’s we started with with with that action step

Tulsa Mortgage you know about when you’re when you make an offer but I think I skipped that lets making sure that you understand the contract and the loan type that you’re doing before you make an offer Because if you don’t then you can count to get things messed up like I had a couple that didn’t understand loan program and an interest in a closing cost and so when they made their offer they didn’t ask for the seller pantyhose across when they don’t have the closing cost and put them at a disadvantage because now they’ve agreed to price and now they’re coming back asking for closing cost rebate asked what if you get an inspection and then you find out once you move and the plumbing etc. is bad tough cookie homey you inspectors only as good as the time that he inspects it and the outer I get homework hope that it covers that I don’t know if it does to be because appliances but by an ape of any kind property or anything you got a just do your due diligence in and do your inspection and understand how long are getting understand what would contractor getting into you know that though again was of this before the largest financial transaction also make their life is buying a house it’s a don’t take it lightly do your research inspector property) inspector you can take your best friend

your mom your dad never been a call for an upgrade a house you want to just to make sure that the issues if there are are revealed get inspections were regular appraisal blowhole podcast on Wikimedia inspection and how it’s different than an appraisal but for now talk about what happens after you make the offer so Tyree For me the sellers know what you accept a counter or ignore you the category is your offer crap secondly whatever happened all the terms are agreed upon everyone in a sign the contract is right and then what else is The bars and write a check your to write a check for money because that is your I’m serious about this contract money your check in order to cash either cashiers check your rights require counts of its to to track it and that we know the pictures and that’s working from and then you’re always make sure that if your make an offer on any kind how some our work houses that you understand the market you understand words that you understand what it’s worth your realtor has done some type of analysis to determine what your offers to be you know what loan program you’re doing you know the condition of the property you know that whether it’s likely that its capacity inspection and making sure that you understand the contractor get into making sure that you

Tulsa Mortgage get your inspections that’s where our podcast is about today thanks for listening Steve current the Steven Tyler show we do Tulsa mortgage what’s are the website*subparts rather get cold Kate OL will only 08 11 a way of IFI 80 To five Tonawanda company Steve current to knuckle decimate the current for all you live viewers on the guns so don’t forget to check us out if you’re in the Columbia Missouri Kobe mortgage call Springs mortgage in Alamosa mortgage Bible mortgage and maybe even a Farmington more southern New Mexico check it out guys and they soliciting will be back very soon with our next episode of our podcast that will be working on this week thanks for watching if you watch online and they soliciting and Tyler Wiberg Steven Tyler show is off see