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Tulsa Mortgage :  Podcast 1

Episode one of the Steven Tyler show is very common in is is is is is is.com here with Tyler: one is in labor wyvern that is what comes like why Bowman you rutted out sometimes they in your credit report they had you love him I’m sure top police officers how many of you sooner or you but our first podcast ever in Transamerica and wanted to take an opportunity to write is fearfully are doing and Tyler told about yourself, well I’m a chick Springs resident/Tulsa been in my entire life and they’ve all real estate one shape or form since 2010 79 somewhere in the neighborhood now nondrinker and were trigger for a while and is your favorite thing to do or mortgage banking grow” that’s right whatever) everybody is happy to have a 70) so the company here in Tulsa is: concepts we are in several markets New Mexico Oklahoma Missouri Colorado Kansas Illinois the right or states thing it comes to learning concepts and TLC mortgage.com: concepts are carving all of our.com’s arms to current.com the people call me.com

Tulsa Mortgage I’m famous for nothing and emerge business since about 2005 spent most of my adult life in the and the credit business was a collector for years and now on the credits of Minden money; experts comes from the part of the credit side of things in Minden and was cut it and see what credit scores on and help people use their credit to get qualified for homeowners but the company we are a business small-company compared to a lot of my Tyler tires worked with me now for this go-round with a guess little over three years now been together you do things aren’t so really with a focus on a topic for the we like it or not for some homebuyers as we get that’s what a lot of work business models geared toward taking care of him as well as self-employed people so you’ll find a lot of our content that will talk about here about podcast will be geared toward helping first-time buyers as well as helping people in general prequalify with a focus on the seventh of people originally people that need to get a little handhold need some direction in the and the mortgage process but I think really talk about bios Bixby

Tulsa Mortgage America resident to kids Ethan and Emma Sally life of the on the 16 years now is in 17 it was 13 and that I do mortgage that’s pretty much my my stick on his close loans and excited to be part of that share that experience with the customers fact I think will do a lot to share some of those experiences that we have day-to-day with customers we talk a lot about the mortgage process and help customers control of so reminiscent Tyler talking about the company about the company totaling concepts/PLC so with a concert reminder in her name alone that every customer needs and The threat so that’s one of our unique traits I would say like he said that were fairly small in comparison to other mortgage companies so we get things done quickly and we answered very quickly because online communication software number people were noble. What else once when was TLC formed so today is April 27, 2016 and we are about a for your company for for a half years maybe we been doing the soap

Tulsa Mortgage Pestalozzi the care we originate underwrite and fund all of our own loans we do not service loans this point but will sometimes future we are really good it’s getting people from the application to the closing table and then we let the big big guys do with their good at click payments and we just focus on taking care customers better than email scanned with the focus on the tender loving care and part of our in in part of our marketing efforts you will see our our new favorite thing that were pushing very heavy is get qualified and we you check us out@getqualified.com that’s KO a LIF IED circuit call for.com and more about: it’s because clients are wonderful animals and they make people smile to work closer with and without everyone literally everywhere I calls in my truck it only ordered a bunch of old plus koalas with our with jackets on that seek limit consubstantial succumbing in Friday can’t wait the front of them were tracking that package with your 44 big hot meeting with the with the Clark but the history the company we got three owners but Jim about O’Brien new worse Greg
Tulsa Mortgage who’s in Missouri and myself Steve Carrington.com yohimbine referrals of Luther persons to conduct audits a problem that them out of the house to do it and we have a very decentralized set up we don’t have the traditional set up or you got a handful of underwriters and processors and Walters at all in one place Tyler how we set it up with unique about our process of our decentralized approach down means you get the remote processors you got remote underwriters are making an ordinary case not killed by gunmen it’s like everybody only is now misbegotten minutes got a minister are terrible.org Ottoman sorts they got a minute actually no government they don’t know if it would office Id al-Adha, so definition get things done quickly because they can have that ability them a knocking on the door every five minutes a day and whiskey do this for me to do this weekend? So they just work and do well I like the concept of Jim Collins good great where he says you thought people a bustling inability to the bus nothing if you get the right people they don’t need to be under the watchful eye under the thumb of management they are producers and they work and they get things done than they can be there from anywhere else which will truly cool you we spend the the USA pretty much we don’t have many on the Scotia that you are from

Tulsa Mortgage California Colorado New Mexico Kentucky I guess would be Eastern we got any out there is working from California is when is in California and we have RM office in Colorado Springs and then when and where the works from home coprocessors at work from home and with the technology that we’ve got prematurely’s about people us and we can do about anything from anywhere and we don’t have to have people in that you had suggested traditional way of of having a three-story building that stack. People like you definitely that takes and maybe some getting used to house had been for you to take can understand how it works it’s an accident nice actually by settling just get answers when you need him so that always available and loving is always the branch of the phone you you can communicate which is our number one core values just communication if you can communicate correctly and get a hold of the people immediately when you get a hold on the the the matter from the office next door to your qualm to people that they could be on better that are not the office next door us to sit on your qualm is have you ever looked at it on the map it outside of America job it’s only with salt that kind you guys a little bit of a history into the company that we work for who we are and how were set up multiunit about our mentionable small-company but because we close a lot of drones we are able to be nimble and get things done quickly but also be very competitive comes

Tulsa Mortgage the written terms and offer clients competitive rates compete with the the big guys out there while still knocking the socks off of him when the communication department and the tender loving care department and so far our tagline other than get qualified we have totally concepts home loans with a little TLC and that’s what our focus is we really excited when we get to help a client get clear closing house we personalized video for a nice couple leg up their falconer close yesterday that’s closing next Monday and that’s really more about me know about helping people attain the dream of homeownership rate Tyler yes and they can be a pretty stressful thing to do with for many people the largest financial transaction that the lab are having their life but were really good at it so I saved elite were also get a helping people maintain the dream of home ownership and talk about that we need there’s revising on the eldest you sound so surprisingly that they can refinance within Roscoe years having but regardless are still refinancing or rates so anybody has a hiring right now still a great talk to you about that will so and when you say maintaining that home ownership of think that’s what the financial peace of just get smart about how you’re spending your money and we talked with a lot about you for me say privately published two schools of thought on that in the 130 to 15 doing whether the refinance went to so we are excited that will help people human gut a going on a is

Tulsa Mortgage completely remodel his house and help them targets in the process these urban through before you know is not for some buyer easel handholding and we can help without so think as as a company individually work were a working together to just tell people and that’s really what I think what my focuses but that I think that’s the of think that’s the give you guys a pretty good history of New York Colorado you are a moment note step outside of this little bit just ask you because you know would be really weird for me to to describe what I think my mom also matter my streak so that you talk to anybody that might be listening about why you work with me and him being on on the tin the Wolman and what you find to be the the value that that I’d are going to team up to a customer to mortgage RSA strong leadership pressure goes a very knowledgeable in the business and wanted to get a

Tulsa Mortgage compliment of last feel I can see ahead going from a very knowledgeable in the business and really helping people outside of just dealing with the customer the guidance has been tremendous and other places wall’s consent people up and expect that they can do everything in video but you train outside of just mortgage you really guide into one of getting me the ability to do things on my own outset so you you help me figure things out the set of just showing me time and time again but is similar customers because we really give them information overload outset more than any instead of just not enough and so we try to call us as we possibly can so communication is key talking to people about every aspect on so would rather have them tell us stop calling than a one comment on this flight and I know this when I get an email we really information overload people and I you boys than our customers I would say whichever works partially will people appreciate that so I just you know I believe if you can learn how to communicate with

Tulsa Mortgage people and communicate us a bad news these the trouble faster the good news but if you just communicate clearly and often especially in a stressful process like this were your moving in plan approval of the company will go thanks for sharing that you know what I that you talked a lot about really communication and we… Are just being a part of who we are as a business and how we handle our customers and I think I can win every single day just by communicating better than the next And it’s really many, sad state of affairs in our industry if the for claim to fame is that when people call we call back and I would call back in a timely manner and we just communicate our customers because for some reason that seems to be the exception not the rule in our industry and I don’t think that in that regard that were anything special we just communicate with people in up better fashion are quicker fashion than other people do so such goodwill in today hasn’t about Tyler the reason he’s with us Tyler you can’t there’s nothing you can give him that he won’t handle or figure out it doesn’t in these us are going to three seconds but there’s never been a thing that I of the given him that he hasn’t

Tulsa Mortgage completed the touchdown of the passer taken it to the end and that’s a real great quality you have in some of its work on your team is just being able to hand him the the baton so to speak and carry the of the torch all got all these analogies coming to Florida marathon and you have a baton but now it can put porch not in the Olympics so just serving those we are not officially endorsed by the Olympics officially officially endorsed by the Olympics but the there might be five rings on the table it to help you find a more about that later you exactly soak you having somebody on your side that can figure things out and is resourceful and problem solving and canned take a casket that they know nothing about and loan it just yesterday morning and a new disclosure system that really has become a pen in my neck be able to delegate that to us what Tyler has been pretty amazing so as you find as we do these podcasts you rule out your address reference that resourcefulness about problem solving and communication those values that we believe our

Tulsa Mortgage key to the mortgage industry key to helping people get qualified for houses and help them close and say qualified only will you see I got correct month will you correct them a bit have to correct myself: qualified not qualified it’s KOA not to you if so anyway that’s a think good for our first podcast that’s a good breakdown of the good history of the we are were about to give you some insight into Steven Tyler that’s a little moniker Steven Tyler that has been if anything between us but to to now have our Steven Tyler Moore show Steve – — Tyler mortgage show.com will go by the developers we get Staten Island about that know me, I’m sure we’ll have it within the next the outlook for five minutes will find out some will sigh all thanks for listening don’t forget to visit stinker.com to learning concepts hormones with a little TLC and get qualified.com if you want to get qualified for mortgage to guess