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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 12 – Part 2

Tulsa Mortgage Alarming She’s Been Making over like Commission for Three Months or You Approve That Is a Guarantee Commission Just like When She’s Really Good at What She Does Know That She’s Sells A Lot Of Furniture Understand in Two Years She Can Buy House Okay so That’s the Lesson Folks Is It Has the the Work You Go Get a Job Making Nine Euros for the Grandeur Salary That Is Guaranteed That One Story Right She Does Connect Her Hourly Job and Then Get Qualified by House and Go Back to Steps You Should That Would Be an Option If You Want It Sounds Painful yet It Would Probably Hurt It Would Probably Hurt for Her Because She’s Artie Made That Switch Tyler Shorty Switched over to Commission so Here’s a Lesson It’s like You Can’t Always Use over Time You Can Always Use Bonus but You Can’t Always Use Commission to Qualify You Can’t so Be Careful and Talk Your Underfunding That Seems to Be like Alaska Podcast Even Timeouts like You Talk to One or Other Hairy Situations Are People Have Is the Storytelling so As a Person Telegraphing Recent Will Have Some Storytime Storytime over Again Okay Sorry Much Tighter I I Have Us Onboard I Can’t Help It Assembly of the Same We Are Serious a Clear All I Wish the People Facebook Could Hear the Okay That Is a Downloadable and I Really You Originally Having Problems with PSM Were There Is Quite so Listen Were Talking about Storytime You so Mr. Smith Said Three Jobs in the Last Two Years the Footage Outcries Immersed in Hardly Overtime to Uses Overtime This Requirement It Is Required You Can Use It We Can Mean If His Employer Says Your Overtime Is Part of Your If Your Hourly Schedule and Correct If It If Your Job Is Contingent on Your Overtime Can Count the Overtime but the Employer Needs to

Tulsa Mortgage Write That That’s That’s All about Presentation Eric Smith Just Joined from Oklahoma City Area Welcome Welcome Eric Smith Okay so so Tyler in That Storytime He’s at A Few Jobs Maybe He Sells Cars Right to Maybe He Says Forwards Anyone Is from 40 or 40 of 40 and but He to Base Its Overtime These Mechanic There like a Limited Are Our Shift Is 55 Hours a Week That’s the Shift in That Situation Room Include If You Just Sporadically Get over Time. Are Your Schedule We Don’t Know When You Get Then What Happens Can Count to Your History and Maybe One Year and Some Sentences Right Correct You Can Maybe Get One Year If You Got Other Yelp Peers of His I Look at It If You Got Good Credit You Got Decent Down Payment Units Money in the Bank You Got Some Compensating Factors and Oh by the Way for Your Debt Ratio Meet What We Need I Need to Check Your Time You Have Been Doing for Your What Kind of Same Principle of You Know What I Want to Buy House on Mobility, Second Jobsite Qualify for This House Keys I Think Ari, Clarifying or, Wall If I Qualify Okay Sorry Yeah Yeah Exactly Right You Can Discover like I Need $500 More Month in Income Somberly Go Get a Second Job so I Can Now Qualify Cool: That Designer Is Not Never They Could Work Eventually after You Listen to When You Talk about like How I

Tulsa Mortgage Know My Funny Ratio Out Of Iraq and Ratio Was Included in the Ratio How I Calculate My Day I How I Get There Is Your Average Consumer to Know How to Cock Later Derivations Negative I’m Sure Most Sophisticated Consumer to Be Able to Check Later Derivations in My Get Close Management on a Job Depends on What They Do When They Might Think I’m Self-Employed People Have the Biggest Problem with Tackling the Narration Object Hierarchy Actually As Decoration Ratio yet of Income to Calculate Unit Ratio Is As It Has No Income and Then Bet and Hang Him yet Know Actually Not Sanitary Negative Though like Negative Decoration You Can but Your I Qualify for a House with Her Sure You Might Qualify for Box That Would Be Better View so I’m Getting I’m Kind of Getting Not Really That Much Engagement from Facebook White House Hoping That We Would Get in Our Little Better in the in the View There Were More Dedicated and Alan Bromley Will Report It so Charming Ensuring Number of Artist Dave We’ve Had People with Overtime in Town More Commission Encounter Per Diem Income and Then throughout the Process Attorney Can Improve Alone Their Income Changes of Because They Think They Can Just Change the Contracts We Can Qualify, While the Federal Not Normally It If Your Company Just Goes to a Change of How They Pay

Tulsa Mortgage You Are They Change in Ownership or Something like That Happens and I Don’t Think That’s a Problem Necessarily but When You’re Changing Your Pay for Increasing Your Pain Order to Qualify the Commit so Listen the Here’s the Downloadable a Disorder but It Was No Petition to the Here’s the Thing You Got to Talk to a Lender That’s Qualified to Tell You What Your Debt Ratio Is How Many Times Is That Happen Week by Your File Some Installment of Grover Many Times and Why Because Their Lenders Incompetent Because Adding Income Correctly in Because They Were like You Did Inexperienced Well Inexperienced or, I Don’t Know… Have a Nice Word but Just There’s Some That That Is Nice with Inexperienced but I’m Just Saying, Say Something More Negative Than That but There’s People out There That They Don’t Know That They Are Notes Called Unconscious Incompetence They Just Don’t Know What They Don’t Know so When That Happens It Unfortunately If You Have Gone to a Lender Who Has Told You We Just

Tulsa Mortgage Got One Last Week Who Went to a Very Reputable Lender and They Told Him That There That Wishes Were to Our Normal Ejaculate and They Were so the Guest on the Second Thing You Notes, If You Go to the Doctor Today and He Says He Got Cancer You Dine Three Days I’m Pretty Sure You’re like Good Doctor and Get a Second Opinion since It’s Something You Will Just Make Sure You’re Getting Somebody Who’s That Knows What They’re Talking about Going to Do That If You Get Somebody That Says Jump like You Are Qualified You Think You Should Should Call Someone Else That’s That’s Just My Opinion but I Just Do This for a Living Part-Time Just Getting That Your Realtor so so You Do Those I Don’t Know What That Meant but Does It Appears As without No and There’s People Facebook Commenting about Me for Dinner I’m Busy so Used Your Alexa Vega Bring a Center You Can Bring Us to Because Your Toll Forever Please so Paid That Is When We Talk about Front and Backend Told That Ratios and You Should Be Aware of What It Takes to Qualify for a Mortgage That’s Tulsa Mortgage Signing out