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Tulsa Mortgage : Podcast 139 – Part 2

Speaker 1: He was excited about buying this car and then he realized that its not even the real actor’s car. Well we got like, all excited about buying this car. And it was dark, and then we bought it and we drove home and then the next day, we realized that there were cigarette burns in the seats, there are scratches all over it, it literally was like beat up, so what do you think happened. We have buyers remorse, but we just got caught up in the excitement of it, it was like “oh this is cool. This is good deal” so you have to amputate that emotion from a transaction, because otherwise, you’re going to get Tulsa Mortgage emotionally attached and then when the seller does wake up on a Tuesday and decide they just don’t want sell their house anymore, they just walk even though they know you can sew them and they just don’t care, because the likelihood of you doing it is pretty slim. Then you don’t get all bent out of shape. My friend Jim looking at a brand new beautiful house, he gets the whole view. How long has he been working on this? For a while.
Speaker 3: Yeah.
Speaker 1: We’ve tried to refinance his house for like, Jim will love it that I have shared this, but anyway we have been working on loans for him since August or something like that its been eight months or something because he keeps like “I think I want to do this” so I haven’t told you this but, he’s the whole … and on one hand I love how he did it, and on the other hand, its kind of sucks I guess if you’re the seller who he is negotiating with. But he is very unemotional about it he’s just like, yeah if I can get the deal. But the seller really wants to sell their house to him, that’s what … they keep coming back to Tulsa Mortgage him and saying buy this house, buy this house. So his wife hasn’t seen it, she has never seen this house. He’s been talking to them for I don’t even know how long, a long time, got the whole deal negotiated and here is what he said one thing, what do you think it was? “My wife hasn’t seen it and the only way we are buying it is if she wants it.” Totally unemotional, totally disconnected, transactional, it’s a good deal, we like it, but if my wife like the house I’m buying it, if not you’re not selling it to me.
Speaker 3: Nice.
Speaker 1: So guess what happened, she didn’t like the house. So they’re not buying it. So some people … I did this in my first house, I picked out the house, let me tell you something gentleman, if you’re out there and you’re married or you’ve got a significant other and let me just give you some advice. Let her pick the house, maybe if you are the budget person, and you make the money, or you manage the money in the family, maybe you’re the husband or the wife or whatever, it doesn’t matter. Let her pick it.
Like me, I paid for it, I am fortunate that my wife gets to stay home, and she does help with at TLC and she does work a little bit. But I’m the provider and I’m proud of that. I’ve always provided for my family but I learned after I bought my first house Tyler, that let her pick the House. I picked the budget of what we can afford because I manage the money, but I let her pick the house because if you get emotional … and this is my deal when I’m buying something, especially when I was buying a house I was like “this ones perfect lets buy it” “*fakes women’s voice*” “lets just buy the house, it’s a good deal, lets buy it.” So the first house, we lived in it for nine years … eight years, nine years something like that, and it was literally, like any time something went Tulsa Mortgage wrong with the house it was like “it’s the house you picked, this is the one you wanted, this is the one you picked.” So ever since then, she picks the house, and I’m just like “Okay” because I don’t want to hear it.
Right so, for me its very unemotional, but for Sally maybe not so much, so you’ve gotta be careful that you don’t get too emotionally attached because things can happen, repairs can come up, we talked about that previously, appraise value can come in low, the seller can just be nuts, I mean they just can it happens, people … I mean you’re dealing with humans, humans can just be crazy, they just are. Tyler is crazy half of the time, I’m crazy, Sam I think is crazy. He’s crazy, certifiable. You guys don’t even know who Sam is, he’s not even on a camera, he’s not even on the podcast, but I reference him all the time so I’m just telling you Sam is crazy. So, if you don’t want the seller to back out of the contract then its pretty easy, you just have to meet their demands, I’m not suggesting you do that, but if they say “jump” then ask them “how high?” If you want the house that bad, if you’re that desperate to get it, you just gotta … you won’t have the upper hand, but you just gotta give the seller what they want and they will probably sell the house.
Tulsa Mortgage But if not, the answer to the over arching question of can the seller back out of the contract, yes, and for what reason, any reason they want. Any reason. The sun came up today, I think I am going to back out of the contract. The sun didn’t come up today I think I’m going to back out of the contract. I need to use the restroom, I think I’m going to back out of the contract. So there is just, you cannot control that right. So find a house, understand the risk is, you might not end up buying it because something might happen and the seller can back out, that’s all we have got for today.
Speaker 2: Broadcasting live from the Koala studios in Tulsa Oklahoma, you’re listening to the Steve and Tyler show